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Academic year: 2023



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To qualify for the award of the M.Tech Degree, the candidate must fulfill all the academic requirements of the courses, as per the course structure. Once a candidate has met the requirements set for the completion of the Diploma and has the right to be awarded the M.



Exclusion from the examination hall and cancellation occurs in this subject and all other subjects that the candidate has already taken, including practical exams and project work, and he is not allowed to take the remaining exams in the subjects of this semester/year. Cancellation of this course and all other courses the candidate has taken, including practical exams and project work of this semester/year.

Introduction to Web Services – The definition of Web Services, the basic operating model of Web Services, basic steps for implementing Web Services. Concurrency control: serializability and recoverability – Introduction to lock management – ​​Lock conversions, deadlock handling, specialized locking techniques – Lockless concurrency control.

Internet Technologies

Create a web service in Java that takes two city names from the user and returns the distance between the two from the data available in a table in MySql. Write java and C# clients that use the above service. Write a Python program that prompts the user for the name of a file and then prints the number of characters, words, and lines in the file. 10. Write a Python program that implements the binary search method to find a key in a sorted list.

16. Write Python programs that use recursive and non-recursive functions to traverse the given binary tree. 18. Write a Python program that counts the number of occurrences of words in a text file and displays the words in descending order of their occurrence. 19.Write a Python program that prompts the user to enter a directory or file name and displays its size.

21.Write a Python program that prompts the user to enter a directory and displays the number of files in the directory. Write a Python program that prompts the user to enter a password (string) and displays whether it is a valid or invalid password. 23.Write a Python program to calculate n. 24. In data compression, a sequence of strings is prefix-free if no string is a prefix of another.


Fundamentals of Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Frank Adelstein, K.S.Gupta et al, TMH 2005

Cloud computing has evolved as a very important computing model that enables the provision of information, software and shared resources over a network as an on-demand service. This course provides an insight into what cloud computing is and the various services that the cloud can provide. Computing paradigms, high-performance computing, parallel computing, distributed computing, cluster computing, network computing, cloud computing, biocomputing, mobile computing, quantum computing, optical computing.

Basics of Cloud Computing: Motivation for Cloud Computing, The Need for Cloud Computing, Defining Cloud Computing, Definition of Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing is a Service, Cloud Computing is a Platform, Principles of Cloud Computing, Five Essential Characteristics. Four Cloud Deployment Models . Architecture and Management of Cloud Computing: Cloud Architecture, Layer, Anatomy of the Cloud, Network Connectivity in Cloud Computing, Applications in the Cloud, Management of the Cloud, Management of the Cloud Infrastructure Managing the Cloud Application, Migrating Application to the Cloud, Phases of Cloud Migration Approaches to Cloud Migration. Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms by Rajkumar Buyya, James Broberg and Andrzej M. Distributed and Cloud Computing, Kai Hwang, Geoffery C.Fox, Jack J.Dongarra, Elsevier, 2012.

Securing Wireless Systems

Part – B exercises should be performed using various software tools/utilities mentioned 1. IP address and domain identification of log entries – DNS, RIR, etc tools b. Information collection from a website: WHOIS, ARIN, etc tools. Banner grabbing: Netcat, etc tools 2. SNMP enumeration: SolarWinds IP Network Browser, www.solarwinds.com/downloads. Building Trojans, Rootkit Hunter: www.rootkit.nl/projects/rootkit_hunter.html b. COMPUTER NETWORKS & INFORMATION SECURITY) I YEAR II SEMESTER.

Vehicular Adhoc Networks - IEEE 1609 WAVE, Basic Safety Message (BSM) protocol according to J2735 DSRC, Interface with SUMO for road traffic simulation. COMPUTER NETWORK AND INFORMATION SECURITY) IN YEAR II SEMESTER. To perform the following tasks for the laboratory, internet facilities and open source tools should be made available. See page no 115 of text book 2 (Foundations of software testing by Rex Black, Erik. Van Veenendaal, Dorthy Graham) for the described scenario and observe the given ii.

Test the following using JUnit and CPPUnit

During the life cycle of the mini-project, you must create the various test documents* and the final test report. Write an R program to read n numbers. i) Total number of odd numbers (ii) Sum of all odd numbers 6. Write an R program to obtain. i) sum of two matrices A and B (ii) subtraction of two matrices A and B (iii) Product of two matrices. Write an R program that uses both recursive and non-recursive functions to implement the Factorial of a given number, n.

Write an R program to implement "Execute Scripts" written in notepad, calling the R console. Write an R program, Reading data from files and working with datasets (i) Reading data from csv files, data inspection. ii) Reading data from Excel files. Write an R program to implement Charts. i) Basic high-level charts (ii) Modifications of scatterplots (iii) Modifications of histograms, parallel boxplots.

Write a scala program to implement method overloading(Function Overloading)

Write a scala program to implement (i)single inheritance (ii) multi level

Write a scala program to implement method overriding

Write a scala program to implement Hierarchical inheritance 10. write a scala program to implement traits

Write a scala program to implement multiple inheritance 12. write a scala program to implement abstract classes

Write a scala program to implement from collection : LIST

Using SHARK Remote Administration Tool for system hacking, Trojans and backdoors, viruses and worms. Attacking a System - Using the SYSTEM Account - System Hacking, Intrusion Detection - Avoiding IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots. -Based Hacking Servers and Applications for Exploitation with IPv6 – System Hacking, Denial of Service, SQL Injection – Hacking Web Servers, Hacking Web Applications, SQL Injection, LaunchingaBuffer Overflow – System Hacking, Buffer Overflow.

Course Objectives: - Students will be able to:. learn to demonstrate a critical understanding of key concepts in disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response. critically evaluate disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response policy and practice from multiple perspectives. develop an understanding of humanitarian response standards and practical relevance in specific types of disasters and conflict situations. gain critical insight into the strengths and weaknesses of disaster management approaches, planning and programming in different countries, especially in their home countries or the countries in which they work. Risk Assessment Disaster Risk: Concept and Elements, Disaster Risk Reduction, Global and National Disaster Risk Situation. Risk assessment techniques, global cooperation in risk assessment and warning, people's participation in risk assessment.


  • Exercises on Productivity Development
  • Exercises on Personality Development Skills
  • Exercises on Professional Etiquette and Communication

To train students in group dynamics, body language and various other activities that increase their confidence levels and help in their overall personality development. Importance of oral presentation - Determination of purpose - Analyzing the audience - Planning outline and Preparation of the presentation - Individual & Group presentation - Graphic organizers - Tools and Multi-media Visuals. Introduction –– Types of values ​​- Personal, social and cultural values ​​- Importance of values ​​in different contexts.

Raja Yoga or Conquering the Internal Nature” by Swami Vivekananda, AdvaitaAshrama (Publications Department), Calcutta. COMPUTER NETWORKS & INFORMATION SECURITY) I YEAR II SEMESTER.

Ethereum - Ethereum Virtual Machine ( EVM) - Wallets for Ethereum - Solidity - Smart Contracts - some attacks on smart contracts

INTRODUCTION AND HANDWRITTEN CHARACTER RECOGNITION Introduction – history – types of biometrics – General architecture of biometric systems – Basic operation of biometric matching – Biometric system Error and performance measures – Design of biometric systems – Applications of biometrics – Advantages of biometrics versus traditional authentication method recognition – characters – System overview – Geature extraction for character recognition – Neura;. FACIAL BIOMETRICS & RETINA AND IRIS BIOMETRIC Introduction – Background of Face Recognition – Design of Face Recognition System – Neural Network for Face Recognition – Face Detection in Video Sequences – Challenges in Facial Biometrics – Face Recognition Methods – Pros and Cons – Design Performance of Biometrics Retina Biometrics – Iris Segmentation Method – Determination of Iris Region – Experimental Results of Iris Localization – Applications of Iris Biometrics – Advantages and Disadvantages. Biometrics Using Vein Pattern of Palm – Fingerprint Biometrics – Fingerprint Recognition System – Minutiae Extraction – Fingerprint Indexing – Experimental Results – Advantages and Disadvantages – Basic Principles of Hand Geometry – Sign Language – Indian Sign Language – SIFT Algorithms – Practical Approach Advantages and Disadvantages.

Cryptographic Algorithms – Introduction to Multimodal Biometrics – Basic Architecture of Multimodal Biometrics – Multimodal Biometrics Using Face and Ear – Characteristics and Advantages of Multimodal Biometrics – AADHAAR: An Application of Multimodal Biometrics. Introduction – Data Hiding Methods – Basic Framework of Watermarking – Classification of Watermarking – Applications of Watermarking – Attacks on Watermarks – Performance Evaluation – Characteristics of Watermarks – General Watermarking Process – Image Watermarking Techniques – Watermarking Algorithm – Experimental Results – Effect of Attacks on Watermarking Techniques – Scope and Future Market of Biometrics – Biometric Technologies – Applications of Biometrics – Biometrics and Information Technology Infrastructure – Role of Biometrics in Enterprise Security – Role of Biometrics in Border Security – Smart Card Technology and Biometrics – Radio Frequency Identification Biometrics – DNA Biometrics – Comparative Study of Different Biometric Techniques. Biometrics - Identity Verification in a Networked World - Samir Nanavathi, Micheal Thieme, Raj Nanavathi, Wiley - dream Tech.


Cyber Security Essentials, James Graham, Richard Howard and Ryan Otson, CRC Press

Maximum entropy classifiers and their application to document. classification, sentence segmentation and other language tasks UNIT V. Maximum entropy Markov models and conditional random fields Part of speech tagging, noun segmentation and information extraction models combining maximum entropy and finite state machines. 34; Speech and Language Processing”: Jurafsky and Martin, Prentice Hall 2. 34; Statistical Natural Language Processing” – Manning and Schutze, MIT Press. IMAGE PROCESSING FUNDAMENTALS Overview of image processing techniques – classical filter operations – threshold techniques – edge detection techniques – vertex and interest point detection – mathematical morphology – texture.

HOUGH TRANSFORM Line detection – Hough Transform (HT) for line detection – foot-of-normal method – line localization – line fitting – RANSAC for straight line detection – HT-based circular object detection – accurate center location – velocity problem – ellipse detection – Case study: Human iris location – hole detection – generalized Hough Transform (GHT) – spatial adaptive filtering – GHT for ellipse detection – object location – GHT for feature collation. APPLICATIONS Use: Photo album – Face recognition – Face recognition – Own faces – Active appearance and 3D shape models of faces Use: Surveillance – foreground-background separation – particle filters – Chamfering, tracking and occlusion – combining views from multiple cameras – human walking. Jan Erik Solem, "Programming Computer Vision with Python: Tools and Algorithms for Analyzing Images", O'Reilly Media, 2012.


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Course Objectives:  Introduce operating system concepts i.e., processes, threads, scheduling, synchronization, deadlocks, memory management, file and I/O subsystems and protection