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The Presidency College Magazine 1940 - Vol. 27 (No. 1, 2)


Academic year: 2024

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A history of the Presidency College and of (its predecessor) the Hindu College, and a list of the staS of these Colleges;. Students, old Presidency College men and members of t h e Staff of the College are invited to contribute t o the Magazine. A history of the Presidency College and of (its predecessor) the Hindu College, and a list of the staff of these Colleges;.

Students, old Presidency College men and members of the Staff of the College are invited to contribute to t h e Magazine.


These prospects depend upon the relation between the expected future earnings of capital goods and the ruling rate of interest. For the rate of new investment will be pushed to the point which equalises the expected profit from such investment with the rate of interest. Thus the rate of investment is governed by prospective profits compared to the rate of interest.

It is easy to see that the inducement to invest can be largely increased by reducing the rate of interest.

The policy of full employment will involve an extension of the traditional functions of government. 34; I t is not the ownership of the instruments of production which it is important for the State to assume. If the State is able to determine the aggregate amount of resources devoted to augmenting the instruments and the basic rate of reward to those who own them it will have accomplished all that is necessary.".

It is also the best safeguard of the variety of life which emerges precisely from the extended field of.

His death is mourned by the College and the members of the Bengal Civil Service. The historical Krishna is the descent of the supreme Love and Puissance embodied in the Eternal Krishna. Chaitariya propounds the conception of the Eternal Krishna, as the supreme Love and the supreme Bliss.

The senses and the mind spontaneously give them- selves up to the harmony of the spirit.

In fact, psychology means psychology of the Unconscious, for the Unconscious is the determining factor of the Conscious. Human mind is like a vast sky, where states of consciousness shine like stars against the dark background of the unconscious. Since the business of the psychic organisation is to hold intimate connections with the environment, from the racial or.

The whole of mythology is a projection out of the "Collective Un- conscious " ; this is why the myth-making tendency has not passed away.

The relation of the mother and the child is here one of identity in common unconsciousness. Freud is of opinion that the mother- complex at this stage is a sexual one and betrays the presence of CEdipus in man. But everyone acknowledges the fact that this "participation mystique" must cease and the mother-complex must pass away if normal development is to be attained.

During such frustrations, the libido regresses backwards to the mother and tends to compensate its failures through phantasies.

MOKSA 31 rejection of the Conscious and seeking security and rest in the Un-

F o r a short summary of t h e points urged in defence a n d criticism of the settlement refer t o a a article bv t h e writer in The New Review, September, 1940. We have the theory of war economies and the application of the theory to actual conditions. The Cabinet Committee for Defence, instituted at the beginning of the war, was therefore completely reorganised.

England and France tried from the beginning of the war to push the economic offensive far and near. Many of the specific transactions and decisions involved, however, had their precedents in the history of British banking. The subtle conception of the theory can be compared to the imagination of a great artist alone.

In other words, Einstein suggested that the paths of the planets round the sun are paths described under. Such a picture of the universe would of course be revealed to a being placed in the fifth dimension. It is not in the nature of Napoleons to welcome their St. The life of Trotsky is one of the most chequered and exciting in the history of this century.

The different paces of the two men, made for wide divergencies in pohcies to be followed. Aslam's contribution has immensely enriched the Urdu literature ; he is an artist of the first rank. Three problems are discussed: (i) t h e changes t h a t have taken place in t h e volume of Germany's foreign t r a d e during post-war years; (ii) changes in the direction and orientation of Germany's foreign trade; (iii) the probable effects of the import and export blockade.

CLARK, Toward a Concept of Workable Competition: (an i m p o r t a n t article; concludes t h a t standardised products may lead to ruinous competition a n d extreme quality differentials t o monopoly; b u t more moderate difierentials m a y be workably competitive if substitutes grow and buyers' knowledge of quaUties increases). reviews some of the problems t r e a t e d in the monumental treatise).


Anutosh Mookerjee, speaking for the motion, pointed out the financial aspect of the problem, Mr. The writer dealt with all the aspects of the problem of jute in his highly comprehensive paper. The crux of the whole problem is, therefore, the nature of the elasticity of demand for jute.

Aroon Kumar Ghose of the Foiurth Year Class read a paper on " The Future of Monetary Policy.". He showed t h a t all these changes in democracy are the result of changes in the controlling authority of the economic system. In the end he made a brief survey of the working of dictatorship, and remarked t h a t the future is rather with democracy.

Gouri Sankar Bhattacharyya of the Fourth Year Class read a paper on " The Place of Feeling in Religion.". Guha of the Fourth Year Class read a paper on ' Role of Philosophy in t h e French Revolution." Prof. Vairamuttu being absent, his paper on " Ceylon " was read by another member of the Institute.

Sen then read an interesting paper on the "Evolution of the Modern Elephant " (in Bengali). A discussion followed in which Dr. The size of the Journal had to be reduced due t o the curtailment of expenses this session.


The Secretary takes this opportunity t o thank the officers in the Accounts Department of the College and in particular the College Cashier for the ready help rendered by them in recovering loans from scholarships and stipends. As he concludes this report, he thanks sincerely all his colleagues and hopes t h a t members of the College will continue their sympathy and kind patronage to t h e Fund. And this was most evinced in course of the election of representatives to the various committees.

No sooner had the elections been announced, than a section of the hostel was galvanised into action. Our social life started with t h e customary celebration of the Fresher's Day, which came oS on the 27th J u l y. The function started with the address of the Superintendent who surveyed last-year's activities and examination results which were not unworthy of our rich tradition.

Then in a fine little address, a distinguished old- boarder accorded a hearty welcome to the new-comers on behalf of the elders. The function was rounded off with a few practical instructions from the Principal as to the ways of the College and t h e hostel. There are, however, the same old, time-worn furniture full of bugs— . bugs that baffle all strategy by retiring to the impregnable fastnesses of the cots.

There is, a t the present moment, a strong move- ment for the revival of the extinct Autumn social and permission, has akeady been_ secured from t h e Principal. While writing this the writer cannot divest himself of the gloomy prospect of the impending separation.


The typical discontent of the modem man is reflected in the unease and self-distrust of modern poetry. Poetry should be an expres- sion of the nobility of man and the infinity of his soul. It is impossible for the deaf to form any idea of the nature or significance of music.

There is something too drab and dreary in the hard ccirtainties of the communist metaphysics. Prasun Sen have been appointed to various services on the results of the Indian Audit and. It is the enjoyment of the rarest of man's gifts, the disinterested life, the life of the spirit.

In the first place it requires that the emotional energies of the race should be brought to a focus. Indeed, obscenity, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder ; it is not a quality of things, but of people's attitudes to things. This is not only a solution of the problem of unemployment but also an ideal worth living for.

The obstacles to the carrying out of the various programmes that I have suggested are .various. We have also had the privilege of co-operating in the work of the Benares Hindu University in many ways. The field work was done in the most difiicult season of the year during April, May and June.

Professor Fisher has acknowledged the Institute to be one of the two most important centres of work in this subject in the whole world.


The assassination of the father is the unconscious obsession that in later period caused the origin of totem-worship. Everywhere in the history of the world, religious fervour is always preceded by the unconscious obsession of some such original sin. This life-wish is the result of fear of vengeance of the father, who was killed and dethroned in the patriarchal society.

Perfect adaptation or Samadhi is the result of the separation of the two, i.e., the sacrifice of the mother. But the self, due to ignorance or maya cannot realise itself as the Brahman and thus believes in the manifold character of the world process. Mayi, as we have already shown, is nothing but an expression of the wish for immortality or the mother-wish.

In a sense, the history of the medieval Holy Roman Empire offers much thought-provokitig material. The answer is, perhaps, to be found in the peculiar susceptibility of the medieval mind to the memory of a dying civilisation. Almost invariably some trading companies took possession of the coastal towns and the great ports.

This cardinal point offers a clue to the understanding of the subsequent happenings in European history. The Industrial Revolution became an accomplished fact in English life by the first quarter of the nineteenth century.


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Nevertheless, we should know "that, though it may sound paradoxical, it is true that in the human world only a perfect arrangement of interdepen- dence gives rise to freedom," and in