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The Presidency College Magazine 1916 - Vol. 3


Academic year: 2024

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Oxon), contvi- butes a Foreword commenting on the various incidents which culminated in the closing of the College by order of the Government of Bengal. We now come to the Battle of Jutland, the most important naval engagement of the war.

Some Considerations on the War

Holland Rose, The Causes of the War (Cambridge Press); Why we are at War (Oxford Press): Gilbert Parker, The World in the Cru- cible (Murray): Seton Watson and others, The War and Democracy (Macmillanj. Nel- son's History of the war in shilling volumes (twelve have already appeared) brings the story up to date.

National Service, I9I6

A Socratic Dialogue


I t is well known, my dear Socrates, that, exactly like your questioning exami- nations produce a state of perplexity.* ". For example, the flute-maker has his gaze on the Form of the flute while he constructs one.".

A Song of Britannia

The staff she is, t h e crutch By whom weak lands arise Who nourished in her eyes. Like fond words from afar Hers are the winged sails O'er ocean : words are they Which in a moment bring Her brood beneath her wing;.

34;An Eighteenth Century Bengali Manuscript."

This is the origin, as nar- rated in the poem, and as partly confirmed by historians, of the Mah-. The poet tells us practically nothing of the doings of the Mahrattas before their entr3^ into Bengal proper.

Lord Kitchener of Khartoum

June the 5th, I9I6

Jottings from Japan

Another thing that is most surprising to us is the extensive use of the telephone in Japan. There is no such idea of "bossing" on the part of the employer; it would not be tolerated for an instant.

Nadia and its Antiquities

Old Vaisnava poets h a v e sung of the glory of Nawadwipa of t h e fifteenth century and even later though in its decline.*. Basu in his discussion of these traces there is mention of a capital of the Sens at Nadia \^ikranipur, but no mention of Nawadwipa as a seat of the Sen Rajas.

Treitschkc and the War

His a d m i r a t i o n for Aristotle was unbounded, and Machiavelli he revered as t h e first modern writer t o understand t h e t r u e n a t u r e of the S t a t e. Treitschke's glorification of w a r as such is accompanied by an all-round denunciation of the s a n c t i t y of international treaties and obligations.

Breeding of Maize to Increase the Sugar Content

He reports that in his experiments, the cane sugar content rose considerably after removal of the unripe ear, then it began to decrease gradually. He says ' this is prob'ably due to the fact that thu leaves after drying cease to assimilate, while the still living stalk respires a certain amount of the sugar.

The Practical Utility of Economic Science

Further it is to be noted that the practical usefulness of economic theory is not in private business but in politics. On the other hand such knowledge of economic theory is apt to make him overcautious.

University Notes

On the 27th Maj' last a number of appointments have been made by the Senate on the staff of the University College of Science. During the last few months the question of the constitution of an Appointments Board came up more than once before the Senate.

Library Bulletin

Library Bulletin

Hostel Notes

Seminar Reports

The average in the pre-war period was 27 crores a year, of which, ultimately, two- thirds went into hoards and the balance, in about equal amounts, was devoted to the making of ornaments and use as internal currency. From the second fact also a number of important inferences follows—(«) The total quantity to be removed is determined by the point of maximum aver- age return per unit of expense.. This means that a mine is not ordi- narily worked up to the intensive margin, [h). We may go farther and say that mining is subject to the law of increasing return or to the law of diminishing return or to both alternately according to the quality of the successive veins.

About Other Colleges

The Historical Lyceum of the American College (Madura) celebrated its anniversary with much eclat under the presidency of Mr. Two of the subjects taken up by the students were (i) the Industrial future of India, (2) the social and moral environment of the college. The new Swimming Bath of the Sind College (Karachi) was opened the other day by the Commissioner, the Hon'ble Mr.

Athletic Notes

School Notes


The validity of t h e a r g u m e n t s p u t forth may be open to controversy, b u t t h e article contains u n m i s t a k a b l e evidence of t h e painstaking intellect of the contributor. Presi- dency College, which counts among its members some of the finest in- tellects of the University, surely needs a Debating Society of its own;. It is to the interest of the Education Department that students should be allowed to read both the M.A. and B.T. courses at the same time.

Presidency College Magazine Committee, I9I6-I7

Presidency College Magazine

Statement of Accounts for the Session I9I5-I6

Presidency College magazine





They have the best wishes of the College in the still harder struggle they are about to enter upon. Ivastly, Maulavi Hasan, I^ecturer in Arabic and Persian, of this College, has been appointed to act as the Principal of the Chittagong Madrassa. Before the proceedings commenced a portrait of the late poet Nobin Chandra Sen was unveiled by the Principal.

Of Gardens

Two of the most resourceful of the German Generals, Von Mackensen and Von Falkenhayn, were accordingly appointed to command the eneni}' army against Rumania. Mackensen met with rapid success and overran Dobrudja occupying the Rumanian port of Constanza and securing the line of the Danube. Then came the sowing in the deep-delved earth, and we made almost a ceremonial ritual of the process.

A Pica for an Economic Interpre- tation of the Jatakas

34; I n a village there were just thirty families, and one day t h e men were standing in the middle of t h e village transacting t h e affairs of t h e village. They doing good works, always in the Bodhisatta's company, used to get up early and sally forth, with razors and axes and clubs in their hands. 34;Joy, too, caused a water-tank to be dug in the same place, covered over with the five k:ind,s of lotuses, beautifnl to behold." Such is the picture of the organisation of village life in Ancient India pre- sented in Jataka No.

34;Et i\os in Arcadia."

34;Old Presidency College Men"


In the same year the Bengal Branch of the British Medical Asso- ciation was established and he was elected its first secretary. As has already been mentioned, he is the only medical man who has been thus honoured in the annals of the University. Mahendra Lai was enthusiastically in favour of the latter and he ultimately carried his point.


The Principle of Relativity

The Boy Scouts Movement

Here we take the liberty of reminding our readers of a story which was published in the columns of the Statesman nearly five years ago. At the outbreak of war the ever-ready Scouts were called on and immediately volunteered for service pending the mobilization of the Territorial Army. This, in brief, is the history of the origin and development of the Boy Scouts Movement.


The Function of Traditional Moral- ity in the Free Development of

Now, all this implies that the moral ideal is implicitly present or realised in the very beginning of the moral history. We have endeavoured to show, so far, the pecuUar nature of the moral life and its free development. Now, what purpose do such general rules serve in the scheme of the moral life, which is always in the process of developing.

A Short Research on Zero

It shows that the rich and the poor are moving towards the same goal, not of their own accord but according to an imposed plan. Zero calls out to man to rise above his environment and solemnly declares that there is " a paradise within thee—happy and fair.". It is also the great destroyer—it sends the rich and the poor alike to the abyss abhorred "from whose bourne no traveller returns." This the mathematician shows in the symbols 999999 x 0 = 0 and x 0 = o;.

The Story of Chand Rai

A tragedy scarcely loses its hold on the imagination by reason of the lapse of time and Chand Rai's end was tragic in the extreme. In the midst of the doleful silence that hang about Chand Rai's deserted mansion a mysterious band of little. Chand Rai is reported to have once a large tank near Daksinpara on the Krishnagar-Hanskhati Road.

Social Gathering at Presidency College

The village women in taking their baths could faintly hear the count- ing of coins by Jaks at the bottom of,the water of the jhil. The images of the deities engraved on the bricks of the temple at Baganchra are masterpieces of Indian art. We are not, sure whether this Chand Rai was the kinsman of the famous Krishna Chandra of Nadia, as has been the inference of some from a line '• fa"?r'5atf^ W^t^tet ?'tg' i t w t ^ in Bharatchandra, the court poet of Maharaja Krishna Chandra.

Inaugural Meeting of the Bengali Literary Society

The following volumes have been added to the Library since the issue, of the last Bulletin:—. Rajmahal:—To study the Rajmahal trap rocks ; mainly for the benefit of the senior students. The subject for the day was ' The Duties of Students.' The President and several other teachers of the school delivered short and instruc- tive lectures.

Presidency College (Ijagazine

T T is on the eve of a great day in the history of the College that we. It has been attempted to give a special character to this number to commemorate the centenary of the College. For the purposes of these deHbera- tions, they will be members of the War Cabinet.

A Short Message from One at a Long Distance in Time

The inclusion of the Secretary of State for India is a fit recognition of her great sacrifices and has greatly appealed to the Indian imagination. One advantage of the sraallness in number was that almost every student received individual attention from the professors. I shall conclude by offering my hearty congratulations to the students and the staff of the Presidency College on the brilliant success which has attended their efforts to maintain the good name of this great institution.

On the Centenary of the Presidency College

Or God's blue, o'er humanity For all to breathe in: so divined Ours, building earthlier, that mind I/ike soul (that catholic lesson) is. Prophets, the large imperial bliss To be now, when earth's peace is spilt By a worse madman, rose and built- This structure of a hundred years.

The Beginnings of English Education in India and the Foundation of the Hindu College

The present building was opened for the reception of the two institutions in the month of May 1827. At this point in the history of the institution a wealthy noble- man presented to the school a donation of Rs. The Arabic and Persian classes of the Institution at the same time mustered less than two hundred.

A Brief Account of the Develop- ment of Presidency College

In the same way, when additional means of instruction were provided at Dacca, the number of pupils rose at once from 150 to upwards of 300, and more teachers were still called for.

In his Resolution on the Educational Report of 1874-5, Sir Richard Temple said: " t h a t the engrafting upon our educational system of t h e study of the natural sciences is among the urgent needs of Beno-al." The modest beginnings of practical scientific education in. This is shown by the Report of 1893-4, which states: "The new chemical laboratory was finally completed, with all its fittings, shortly after the close of the year, and is now in full work. They are the words of the Commission appointed by the Uni- versity to inspect systematically the colleges under its control.

Progress, I906-I9I6

The College Council and the Governing Body.—A College Council, con- sisting of members of the teaching staff representing primarily teachinj;^. The influence of the College Council in college administration has been far greater than its recognized powers. These have been found most useful in the o P rtunities they afford of carrying out inner improvements at the discretion of the Governing Body.

Kasi Prosad Ghose and the Hindu College


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