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26,100/- (Rupees Twenty Six Thousand One Hundred) mentioned above only is absolutely mandatory and should be drawn along with the tender in the form of FDR/Call Deposit in favor of Assam University, Silchar from a scheduled only /nationalized bank, failing which the tender will not be accepted. Tenders must be valid for 90 days from the date of opening of the tenders and may be extended further if deemed necessary by the University. No Telefax/ Telefax/ Telegram/ Email of the Techno commercial and price bid will be accepted.

All offers in which any of the specified conditions are not met or any condition presented by the tenderer, will be definitively rejected. The contractor shall also comply with the provisions of the Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 and other labor laws. Any failure to comply with this requirement will trigger the penal provisions of this contract resulting from the resulting non-performance of the work.

Tax at the higher than prescribed rate or 20% will be deducted on all transactions liable to TDS, where the permanent account number (PAN) of the deductee is not available. The decision of the sole Arbitrator will be final and binding on both parties. Those bidders, who accept the above terms and conditions, may submit their tender along with all relevant documents and a copy of the above terms and conditions of the tender duly signed.

After careful inspection and reading of the notice of invitation to tender, tender documentation and all other attached documents related to tender no. Au/Engg/Maint/Civil/81/2016 dated……… I/We tender for execution of the works specified for Assam University, Silchar in the documents as per the conditions mentioned therein.



In case of non-acceptance of tender, but in any case not earlier than the expiry date of the period for which the tender is kept open, the Earnest Money will be written off. The tenders received and accepted will be evaluated to determine the best and lowest workable tender in the interest of the University for the complete work covered under the technical specifications and documents. The contractor will be provided free of charge one certified copy of the contract documents, except standard specifications, Schedule of Rates and such other printed and published documents, together with all drawings that may form part of the tender documents.

The works to be carried out under the contract will, except as otherwise provided in these conditions, include all labour, materials, tools, plant, equipment and transport which may be necessary for the preparation and for the entire performance and completion. part. The computerized measurement sheet should be submitted by the concerned contractor for i/c verification at the site and to the Executive Engineer before finalizing the bill payment. The University will retain a 10% deposit of the invoice value, which will be released after two years from the date of completion of the works.

The release of security deposit will be after 24 months from the final acceptance of the job by Assam University, Silchar. However, in extreme circumstances where subcontracting of a portion of the work is unavoidable, the prior written permission of the Client shall be obtained from the Contractor.



PROFORMA - 2 (a)






Price Schedule of Quantity

Preparation of RCC surface on roof slab, chajja, terraces, sunken slabs, septic tank, OH tank, raft slab, walls etc.



Name of Work: Renovation of roof including roof treatment to control seepage from roof of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Library Information

Estimated Amount: Rs.21, 32,529.00




A Central University Constituted under Act. XXIII of 1989)

Name of Work: Renovation of roof including roof treatment to control seepage from roof of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Library information



A tenderer is expected to have full knowledge of the location whether he inspects it or not, and no additional charges will be allowed due to misunderstandings or otherwise. The tenderer is responsible for arranging and maintaining at his own expense all materials, tools and installations, water, access to electricity, facilities for employees and all other services necessary for the execution of the work, unless otherwise specifically provided for in the specification documents , and he himself has made sure that he is aware of the scope and specifications of the work to be done and of the terms and rates at which shops, tools and factories etc. 42,700/- (forty two thousand seven hundred rupees) alone mentioned above is absolutely mandatory and shall be submitted along with the tender in the form of FDR/Call Deposit drawn in favor of Assam University, Silchar, from a scheduled/nationalized bank only, failing which the tender will not be accepted.

If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or issue of acceptance letter, whichever is earlier, or makes any amendments to the terms and conditions of the tender which are not acceptable to the University, the University will, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be free to forfeit the said Earnest Money Deposit. The successful tenderer/contractor, upon acceptance of his tender by the University, must, within 15 days from the fixed date of commencement of the work, sign the contract agreement in standard form consisting of the notice tendering, all the documents including additional conditions, specifications and drawings, if any, constituting the tender as issued at the time of the invitation to tender and acceptance thereof together with any correspondence resulting therefrom. In the event of delay in completing the work within the stipulated time due to reasons attributable to the contractor, Standard Liquidated Damages @ 0.1% of the tender accepted value for each day of delay shall be recovered from the final bill or part thereof . up to a maximum of 10%.

The contractor shall obtain a valid license under the Contract Labor Act (R&A), 1970, and the contract labor central rules 1971 at the commencement of the work, and shall continue to hold a valid license until the completion of the work. We will treat the tender documents drawings and other records related to the work as secret/confidential documents and will not disclose information obtained from them to any person other than a person to whom I/we are authorized to do so. communicate or the information in any way that harms the security of the University. Tenderers are advised to obtain the same and familiarize themselves with the provisions of the above contract conditions.

The full name, postal address, telegraphic address and telex/telefax/telephone number of the tenderer must be written in the lower left corner of the sealed envelope. If the tender is submitted by a firm, it must be signed separately by each of its partners or in the absence of any partner, it must be signed on his behalf by a person with a power of attorney. The tenderer will be deemed to have independently obtained all necessary information for the purpose of submitting the tender and his tender as accepted will be deemed to take into account all contingencies that may arise as a result of such information or lack thereof.

The Contractor shall be deemed to be satisfied before tendering as to the correctness and sufficiency of his tender for the Works and of the rates and prices quoted in the price offer which rates and prices shall cover, unless otherwise provided, all his obligations under the Contract and all matters and things necessary for the completion and proper maintenance of the works. If there are different or conflicting provisions made in a document forming part of the contract, the Executive Engineer, Assam University shall be the deciding authority as to the purport/interpretation of the document and his decision shall be final and binding on the contractor. . Any error in the description, quantity or rate in the bill of quantities or any omission therefrom shall not vitiate the contract or relieve the Contractor from the execution of all or any part of the work contained therein in accordance with the drawings and specifications or from any from him. obligations under contracts.

Subject to any deduction to which the Employer may be entitled under the Contract, all payments to the Contactor for the Work will be made on completion of the Work to approved specifications via digital mode by direct credit to the Contractor's bank account d. satisfactory completion report and signature of the computerized measurement book and bill of site (i/c) of the proposed work and Executive Engineer without which payment will not be released. This certificate is issued without warranty or liability of the bank or any of its officers.


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a) Unless otherwise required by the subject or context the terms herein below shall have the following meanings. The Contract means the documents forming the tender and

a) Unless otherwise required by the subject or context the terms herein below shall have the following meanings. The Contract means the documents forming the tender and

a) Unless otherwise required by the subject or context the terms herein below shall have the following meanings. The Contract means the documents forming the tender and