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Rohingyas : The Emergence of a Stateless Community


Academic year: 2023

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Of the total Muslim population in Burma in 1872, about 65% lived in Arakan province. Sahana Basavpatna's report addresses various aspects of the legal situation of Rohingyas in India. In line with the above comments, this report attempts to outline various aspects of the Rohingya issue.

Maritime Ping-Pong’: The Rohingyas at Sea 1

Sucharita Sengupta

It was after 32 shallow graves were discovered on a remote and rugged mountain in the border district of Sadao in Songkhla, Thailand, in 2015 that the enormity of the problem was revealed by media activism.2 The migrants were a mix of Rohingya and Bangladeshis. He further states, "The most dangerous part of a search and rescue operation is the moment of rescue. Munir, IOM's protection officer in Cox's Bazaar, who is also responsible for working with unregistered refugees in the temporary camps in Teknaf, says: "The process of transporting Bangladeshi nationals along with the Rohingya in boats has been going on since the last ten. to twelve years.

Where do #ibelong? 1 The Stateless Rohingyas in India

Sahana Basavapatna

The term "camp" in its classical sense denotes some organization and management of the refugee population. Slums/illegal colonies occupy densely populated government or private land that is central to the city's imagination. See a set of research papers on the Center for Policy Research website under their 'Cities of Delhi'.

A copy of the petition was available on the Human Rights & Law Network website (www.hrln.org). The Indian government has implied an RSD system, a function in the exclusive domain of the UNHCR in the absence of an existing RSD system, which is a "default operation". Full details of the reasons for leaving the country of origin and the version of the foreigner making such claim;

However, an analysis of the executive instructions does not show any 'refugee determination process' that complies with the principles of natural justice and fair hearing. Further, can these directions be challenged on the ground of violation of the principles of justice, natural justice and the right to be heard under Article 14. The legal status of 'stateless' is no different from ordinary aliens who are treated under Aliens Act, 1946.

87 Sitharamam Karkala, “India and the Challenge of Statelessness, A Review of the Legal Framework relating to Nationality”, National Law University, Delhi, 2012.

The Stateless People: Rohingyas in Hyderabad

Priyanca Mathur Velath and Kriti Chopra

Abdul Majeed Madani and Mohammad Jawad, now living in Hyderabad as refugees on identity cards issued jointly by the Indian government and UNHCR, recalled, “Attacks and killings of Muslims in Myanmar have become the norm. In between, they are also working to donate rickshaws and vegetable bandis to the male members of the refugees for survival. In the Balapur camp, however, Rohingyas said they had faced water problems in the past, but thanks to the efforts of the Salamah center, a borehole was installed to solve the problem.

Abdullah, a Rohingya who came to Hyderabad in 2012, says: 'The local people told us about the blasts. Pisharody, 'After Terror Threat in Hyderabad, Cops Step up Vigil on Rohingyas', The New Indian Express, 23 July 2015. Only 461 Myanmar refugees have been issued refugee cards – they are being processed.34 Until the UNHCR issues cards to everyone – the COVA will the local police station helps to get Rohingyas staying in their area registered and get details of families, SIM cards/cell numbers, Aadhar cards, voter identification cards, ration cards, driving licenses and other forms of documentation.

Communal violence has become an everyday part of the lives of the people of Myanmar and has created fear among the minority group. For example, the Rohingyas live in fear that the government will eventually commit genocide against them. Pro-democracy organizations believe that the Rohingya are not a Burmese ethnic group.

The recent humanitarian crisis, revealed by reports and images of thousands of Rohingya Muslims trapped in rickety boats on the high seas, fleeing persecution at home and unacknowledged by Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, has turned the world's eyes against 'most persecuted people'.40 Yet the Rohingya remain stateless and unwanted.

Rohingyas: In Search of Life

Suchismita Majumder

4 As of 1992, in accordance with the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, the prisons in the state are known as correctional houses. Ayesha Bibi, twenty-one, and Ushnara Bibi, twenty-two, had been in Kutupalong camp since childhood. She was in Nayapara camp and had a refugee card in Bangladesh, but none of her children were registered.

Rohingyas who have recently arrived in India continue to move to Jammu due to the pre-existing community networks in the area. He returned to Bengal thinking that his brother might be in the border area from where they entered. They were subsequently detained at Jalpaiguri Central Correctional Home and now they want to be transferred to another correctional home where they can live with fellow Rohingyas.

Other Rohingyas in the detention center said it was well known that he used to help people reach Jammu and Delhi after crossing the border. Kharesh are two Rohingya men who have been in the Dumdum home for sixteen months on trial. Their children were also separated, some staying at the Dumdum home and some going with their mothers.

Family members can meet once a week if they are in the same re-education home, but there is no such arrangement for wards in separate re-education homes.

Table No.1: Age- and Sex-Wise Distribution of Respondents
Table No.1: Age- and Sex-Wise Distribution of Respondents

The Limits of Belonging

Rohingyas in Bangladesh and India

Madhura Chakraborty

The Bangladesh government seems to have no will to improve the fate of the Rohingya in any way. Parnini, "The Rohingya Crisis as a Muslim Minority in Myanmar and Bilateral Relations with Bangladesh", Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Vol. One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of people on boats is Bangladesh's strict stance against accepting new refugees from Myanmar.

While Southeast Asian and Bangladeshi governments want to separate the Rohingya from Bangladeshis, the boat people are often grouped together on the international stage, much to the anger of the Bangladeshi government. Based on this analysis, I would argue that the creation of a Bangladeshi victim requires the erasure of the Rohingya as a victim. C]is there a politics of hospitality, a politics of kindness?... The artifice and impossibility of the question naturally indicate the need for a dialogic approach to the issue of care and hospitality.

In its coverage of the Myanmar crisis, the Indian media has been fearlessly critical of the Myanmar government. The Rohingyas again made headlines in July 2013 in the context of the Bodh Gaya serial attacks. The report's second line stated that the Rohingyas were "allegedly" tortured by the Buddhist majority.

63 Se for eksempel Parnini, 'The Crisis of the Rohingya as a Muslim Minority in Myanmar and bilateral relation in Bangladesh', Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Vol.

Major Observations and Recommendations

That Bangladeshi migrants and Rohingyas have continuously merged in this mixed and massive population flow in the region, making it difficult for the Rohingyas to access refugee rights. That Australia does not allow refugees and asylum seekers to come to their shores, but instead detains them in offshore facilities, weakening the international regime of refugee rights and the fundamental principle of non-refoulement and directly affecting the boat people, especially the Rohingyas who travel to the coastal seas, in the region. The UN system, including UNHCR, must give the global community and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in particular the upper hand to resolve the crisis inside and outside Myanmar.

That Bangladesh should continue a policy of protecting refugees and stateless people and stop the policy of forcing the Rohingyas to leave. That India should end the policy of detaining asylum seekers and unwanted migrants in prisons or severely restricted places. That local authorities, especially the police and paramilitary personnel, should be made aware of the refugees carrying UNHCR-issued refugee ID cards in order to avoid their detention and imprisonment.

That the Rohingya people currently imprisoned in West Bengal be provided free and quality legal aid by the state. That Indian Navy should be directed by the Government of India to proactively rescue boat people and provide humanitarian assistance in the Bay of Bengal. There should be presence of women paramilitary/police personnel in case of detention and arrest of Rohingya women at the border and due process of presenting the arrested before the Magistrate should be followed.

That the state is responsible for the reunification of imprisoned refugees with their children and other family members after serving their sentence and that an appropriate procedure must be established in all such cases.

2013) 'Rohingya Refugees in India: Tales of Endless Persecution, Torture and Exploitation', Countercurrents, 13 July, http://www.countercurrents.org/rajpurohit130713.htm accessed 24 September The Rohingya Refugee: A Security Dilemma for Bangladesh, Journal of Immigrant. Burma Partnership (2015) 'The Rohingya, the Law on Citizenship, Temporary Registration and Implementation of the Rakhine State Action Plan',. http://www.burmapartnership.org/2015/04/the-rohingya-the-citizenship-law-temporary-. registration-and-implementation-of-rakhine-state-action-plan/, accessed 24 September 2015. n.d. Matters India (n.d.) 'Rohingya Refugees in Hyderabad', http://mattersindia.com/rohingya-muslim-refugees-in-hyderabad/, accessed 1 September 2015.

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Press Information Bureau Press Release titled "Teams to visit identified districts to expedite LTV/Citizenship issues", Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, 23 December 2014, http://www.pib.nic .in/newsite/erelease.aspx, accessed September 1, 2015.


Table No.1: Age- and Sex-Wise Distribution of Respondents
Table No.2: Educational Qualification of Rohingyas  Education  Rohingyas
Table No.3: Marital Status of the Rohingyas
Table No.4: Rohingyas at the Times of Mass Exodus


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