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QUESTION PAPER JULY 2019 | Central Teacher Eligibility Test | India


Academic year: 2023

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Bg nwpÒVH$m _| 20> _w{–V n•> h¢ü& narjm nwpÒVH$m gߪ`m

This Book let con tains 20 printed pages. Test Book let No.



^mJ IV & V / PART IV & V narjm nwpÒVH$m gßHo$V

Test Booklet Code

In struc tions for Candidates :

1. This Booklet is a Supplement to the Main Test Booklet for those candidates who wish to answer EITHER Part—IV (Language—I) OR Part—V (Language—II) in SANSKRIT language, but NOT BOTH.

2. Candidates are required to answer Parts I, II, III from the Main Test Booklet and Parts IV and V from the languages chosen by them.

3. Questions on English and Hindi languages for Part—IV and Part—V have been given in the Main Test Booklet.

Language Supplements can be asked for separately.

4. Use Black/Blue Ballpoint Pen only for writing particulars on this page/marking responses in the Answer Sheet.

5. The CODE for this Language Booklet is I. Make sure that the CODE printed on Side-2 of the Answer Sheet and on your Main Test Booklet is the same as that on this Language Supplement Test Booklet. In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for replacement of the Language Supplement Test Booklet.

6. This Test Booklet has Two Parts, IV and V, consisting of 60 Objective-type Questions and each carrying 1 mark : Part—IV : Language—I (Sanskrit) (Q. Nos. 91–120) Part—V : Language—II (Sanskrit) (Q. Nos. 121–150) 7. Part—IV contains 30 questions for Language—I and Part—V contains 30 questions for Language—II. In this Test Booklet, only questions pertaining to Sanskrit Language have been given. In case, the language(s) you have opted for as Language—I and/or Language—II is a language other than Sanskrit, please ask for a Test Booklet that contains questions on that language.

The languages being answered must tally with the languages opted for in your Application Form.

8. Candidates are required to attempt questions in Part—V (Language—II) in a language other than the one chosen as Language—I (Part—IV) from the list of languages.

9. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in the Test Booklet for the same.

10. The answers are to be recorded on the OMR Answer Sheet only. Mark your responses carefully. No whitener is allowed for changing answers.

narjm{W©`m| Ho$ {bE {ZX}e :

1. `h nwpÒVH$m _wª` narjm nwpÒVH$m H$m EH$ n[a{eÔ> h°, CZ narjm{W©`m| Ho$ {bE Omo `m Vmo ^mJççIV (^mfmççI) `m ^mJççV (^mfmççII) gßÒH•$V ^mfm _|

XoZm MmhVo h¢, bo{H$Z XmoZm| Zhtü&

2. narjmWu ^mJ I, II, III Ho$ CŒma _wª` narjm nwpÒVH$m go X| Am°a ^mJ IV d V Ho$ CŒma CZHo$ ¤mam MwZr ^mfmAm| goü&

3. AßJ´oOr d {h›Xr ^mfm na ‡ÌZ _wª` narjm nwpÒVH$m _| ^mJççIV d ^mJççV Ho$ A›VJ©V {XE JE h¢ü& ^mfm n[a{eÔ>m| H$mo Amn AbJ go _m±J gH$Vo h¢ü&

4. Bg n•> na {ddaU Aß{H$V H$aZo Edß CŒma-nà na {ZemZ bJmZo Ho$ {bE Ho$db H$mbo/Zrbo ~m∞bnm∞BßQ> noZ H$m ‡`moJ H$a|ü&

5. Bg ^mfm nwpÒVH$m H$m gßHo$V I h°ü& `h gw{Z{¸V H$a b| {H$ Bg ^mfm n[a{eÔ>

narjm nwpÒVH$m H$m gßHo$V, CŒma-nà Ho$ n•>-2 Edß _wª` narjm nwpÒVH$m na N>no gßHo$V go {_bVm h°ü& AJa `h {^fi hmo, Vmo narjmWu Xygar ^mfm n[a{eÔ>

narjm nwpÒVH$m boZo Ho$ {bE {ZarjH$ H$mo Vwa›V AdJV H$amE±ü&

6. Bg narjm nwpÒVH$m _| Xmo ^mJ IV Am°a V h¢, {OZ_| 60 dÒVw{Z> ‡ÌZ h¢ VWm

‡À`oH$ 1 AßH$ H$m h° :

^mJ—IV: ^mfm—I (gßÒH•$V) (‡ÌZ gß0 91–120)

^mJ—V : ^mfm—II (gßÒH•$V) (‡ÌZ gß0 121–150)

7. ^mJ—IV _| ^mfm—I Ho$ {bE 30 ‡ÌZ Am°a ^mJ—V _| ^mfm—II Ho$ {bE

30 ‡ÌZ {XE JE h¢ü& Bg narjm nwpÒVH$m _| Ho$db gßÒH•$V ^mfm go gÂ~p›YV

‡ÌZ {XE JE h¢ü& `{X ^mfm—I Am°a/`m ^mfm—II _| AmnHo$ ¤mam MwZr JB© ^mfm(E±) gßÒH•$V Ho$ Abmdm h°/h¢, Vmo H•$n`m Cg ^mfm dmbr narjm nwpÒVH$m _m±J b|ü& {OZ ^mfmAm| Ho$ ‡ÌZm| Ho$ CŒma Amn Xo aho h¢

dh AmdoXZ-nà _| MwZr JB© ^mfmAm| go AdÌ` _ob ImZr Mm{hEü&

8. narjmWu ^mJ—V (^mfm—II) Ho$ {bE, ^mfm gyMr go Eogr ^mfm MwZ|

Omo CZHo$ ¤mam ^mfm—I (^mJ—IV) _| MwZr JB© ^mfm go {^fi hmoü&

9. a\$ H$m`© narjm nwpÒVH$m _| Bg ‡`moOZ Ho$ {bE Xr JB© Imbr OJh na hr H$a|ü&

10. g^r CŒma Ho$db OMR CŒma-nà na hr Aß{H$V H$a|ü& AnZo CŒma ‹`mZnyd©H$

Aß{H$V H$a|ü& CŒma ~XbZo hoVw úoV aßOH$ H$m ‡`moJ {Z{f’ h°ü&



Bg narjm nwpÒVH$m H$mo V~ VH$ Z Imob| O~ VH$ H$hm Z OmEü&

Do not open this Test Book let un til you are asked to do so.

Bg narjm nwpÒVH$m Ho$ {nN>bo AmdaU (n•> gߪ`m 20) na {XE JE {ZX}em| H$mo ‹`mZ go nãT>|ü&

Read care fully the In struc tions on the Back Cover (Page No. 20) of this Test Book let.



gßÒH•$V _| {ZX}em| Ho$ {bE Bg nwpÒVH$m H$s n•> gߪ`m 2 d 19 XoI|ü&

For In struc tions in San skrit, see Page Nos. 2 and 19 of this Book let.

Name of the Candidate (in Capital letters) Roll Number (in figures)

(in words)

Centre of Examination (in Capital letters)

narjmWu H$m Zm_ (~ãS>o Ajam| _|) :

(e„Xm| _|) : AZwH´$_mßH$ (AßH$m| _|) :

narjm-Ho$›– (~ãS>o Ajam| _|) :


Ï_Y"pz T"s[_O"@°pY"pz 20 T"wŒ>p{S" _"[SO"°$ T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°p-_"z@u°O"@°X"o








Y"p\"fl" @°PY"uO" O"p\"O"o ÚY"z T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°p S" ÏS"p\"ZNprY"p°$

Ï_Y"p# T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# T"wŒ>p\"ZNpY"pu# (T"wŒ>u 19 Ô\"z 20) T"¯Qf"p# {S"QuÍpp# RY"pS"T"t\"Í@z° T"K>S"rY"p#°$

T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"# S"pX" :

(pVQu^"s) : ÏS"s@¯°X"pä># (Ïä>u^"s) :

T"Zrb"p@u°SÁX"o :

T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"# `_O"pb"ZX"o : {S"Zrb"@°_Y" `_O"pb"ZX"o :

T"Zrb"p{P"ÍWY"pu {S"QuÍpp# ó

1. ÚY"z T"s[_O"@°p X"sAY"-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# Ô@z° T"qZ{pÕ>z O"uWY"# T"Zrb"p{P"ÍWY"# Ï[_O" Y"u IV W"pBp_Y" (W"p^"p I) ÏP"\"p V W"pBp_Y" (W"p^"p II) T"Zrb"pz _"z_@w°O"W"p^"Y"p QpO"s{X"EF>[SO", S" O"s üY"pu# W"pBpY"pu#°$

2. T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# W"pBp I, II, III W"pBppS"pX"o Ìf"Zp{Np X"sAY"-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pO"# QuY"p{S" Ï{T" E" IV O"P"p V W"pBppS"pX"o Ìf"Zp{Np O"v# {E"O"p{W"#


3. ÏpzBìW"p^"pY"pz {`SQrW"p^"pY"pz E" T"¯S"p# X"sAY"-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"pz IV W"pBpu O"P"p V W"pBpu E" T"¯Qf"p#°$ W"p^"p-T"qZ{pÕ>p{S" W"\"{¨# T"wP"@o°O"Y"p Y"p{E"O"sz p◊Y"SO"u°$

4. Ï[_X"ST"wŒ>u E" {\"\"ZNpX"o Ïä>{Y"O"sX"o Ìf"Z-T"e"u E" {E"¢X"o Ïä>{Y"O"sz @u°\"ìz @w°^Np/S"rì-V"pì-T"pÚSJ>-ìuA"SY"p# T"¯Y"puBp# ÏS"sX"O"#°$

5. Ï_Y"p# W"p^"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# _"z@u°O"@z° I \"O"ÍO"u°$ ÔO"Ç" {S"∆"uO"\Y"z Y"Q_Y"p# W"p^"p-T"qZ{pÕ>-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# _"z@u°O"@°X"o Ìf"Z-T"e"_Y" T"wŒ>-2 ÌT"qZ T"¯@°p{pO"uS" _"z@u°O"uS" _"pXY"z W"G"{O"°$ ÔO"Q{T" {S"∆"uO"\Y"z Y"O"o X"sAY"-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°p_"zAY"p Ìf"Z-T"e"_"zAY"p E" T"Z_T"Zz _"pXY"z W"G"uO"u°$ Y"{Q E"pe"

{@°X"{T" ÏSO"ZX"[_O" O"Qp F>pe"uNp {S"Zrb"@°X"`pW"pBp# _"XT"¯pP"ÍS"rY"# Y"O_" {üO"rY"pz W"p^"p-T"qZ{pÕ>-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pz QQpO"s°$

6. Ï_Y"pz T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"pz üpv W"pBppv _O"# ó IV O"P"p V, ÔO"u^"s 60 \"_O"s{S"Œ>p# T"¯S"p# _"[SO", T"¯OY"u@z° E" Ô@°X"ä>z R"pZY"{O"ó W"pBp# IV : W"p^"p I (_"z_@w°O"X"o) (T"¯S" _"zAY"p 91 O"# 120 T"Y"ÍSO"X"o)

W"pBp# V : W"p^"p II (_"z_@w°O"X"o) (T"¯S" _"zAY"p 121 O"# 150 T"Y"ÍSO"X"o)

7. IV W"p^"p I W"pBpu 30 T"¯S"p#, V W"p^"p II W"pBpu E" 30 T"¯S"p# _"[SO"°$ Ï_Y"pz E" T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"pz @u°\"ìz _"z_@w°O"W"p^"p_"XV"´p# T"¯S"p# _"[SO"°$

Y"{Q W"p^"p I ÌO" \"p W"p^"p II ÚOY"uO"Y"pu# W"\"O"p _"z_@w°O"-Ï{O"qZòu° W"p^"u {E"O"u, O"Qp O"QoW"p^"p_"XV"´p T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°p Y"pE"S"rY"p°$ Y"_Y"p#

Ï{T" W"p^"pY"p# T"¯S"pS"pX"o Ìf"Zp{Np W"\"O"p T"¯QrY"SO"u, _"p W"p^"p S"tS"X"o Ïp\"uQS"T"e"u ÏW"rÕ>W"p^"p{W"# _"` _"z\"QuO"o°$

8. T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# W"pBp# V (W"p^"p II) @w°O"u, W"p^"pO"p{ì@°pO"# _"p W"p^"p E"Y"S"rY"p Y"p O"v# W"p^"p I (W"pBpu IV) {E"O"pY"p# ÏW"rÕ>W"p^"pO"# {W"fl"p _Y"pO"o°$

9. ZU° @°pY"| T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"pz {S"R"pÍqZO"_P"pS"u Ô\" @°pY"ÍX"o°$

10. _"\"pÍ{Np Ìf"Zp{Np OMR Ìf"Z-T"{e"@°pY"pX"u\" Ïä>S"rY"p{S"°$ _"p\"R"pS"X"S"_"p E"vO"Qo Ïä>S"rY"X"o°$ Ìf"Zu T"qZ\"O"ÍS"pP"| \"uO"-Z˝"@°_Y" T"¯Y"puBppu {S"{^"´#°$






ÏWY"{P"ÍS"# E"O"sP"ÍW"pBp_Y" (


) T"¯S"pS"pX"o (T"¯0 _"z0


) Ìf"Zp{Np Q¸s#, Y"{Q O"v# _"z_@w°O"z

T"¯P"X"W"p^"p (


)-·°T"uNp {E"O"X"o°$

Candidates should attempt the questions from Part–IV (Q. Nos.

91–120), if they have opted SANSKRIT as Language—I only.


Part—IV /



Language—I /



Sanskrit /


ÏWY"{P"ÍS"# E"O"sP"ÍW"pBp_Y" (Part–IV) T"¯S"pS"pX"o (T"¯0 _"z0 91–120) Ìf"Zp{Np Q¸s#, Y"{Q O"v# _"z_@w°O"z T"¯P"X"W"p^"p (Language—I)-·°T"uNp {E"O"X"o°$

_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"pS"pz T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 91–105)

{\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

91. Y"Qp F>pe"p# {\"ZpX"p{Q{E"¢{\"^"Y"@°@°pvpì\"R"ÍS"pP"|

{p{b"O"p# W"\"[SO", O"Qp O"uó

(1) _\"_Y" Ï{R"BpX"@°pvpìz _"s™M>z @°qZ^Y"[SO"

(2) ìuA"S"ps´O"pz T"¯pT_Y"[SO"

(3) _"XW"p^"Np@°pvpìz \"R"Í{Y"^Y"[SO"

(4) _\"_Y" _"wG"S"pOX"@°O"pz \"R"pÍT"{Y"^Y"[SO"

92. W"p^"p{pb"Np@°bY"pY"pz ZE"S"p\"pQ_Y" (Construc-

tivism) ÏP"Í# W"\"{O"ó

(1) F>pe"p# {\"{\"R"-Ï_"X"pS"™Õ>pSO"pS"o (Dis-

similar samples) T"{K>O\"p _"s™M>z _"X"pR"pS"z _\"Y"z T"¯pTS"s\"[SO"

(2) F>pe"p# @u°S"{E"O"o ÏRY"pT"@u°S" _"`@w°O"p# W"\"[SO", {\"{W"fl"X"pRY"X"pS"pz (Medium) _"pÂuS"

_\"@°îY"z {_"´pSO"z \Y"\"_P"pT"Y"[SO"

(3) F>pe"p# T"¯T"˙"{\"^"Y"u _\"@°îY"X"o ÏRY"Y"S"z, c"pS"˙"

\"_O"tS"pz T"¯{O"{V"XV"S" ÏS"sW"\"üpZp, W"p^"p@°pvpìuS"

E" T"¯pTS"s\"[SO"

(4) F>pe"p# _\"@°îY"pX"o Ï{R"BpX"_"pX"Bp¯rz (Learning aids) _\"Y"z {S"X"pÍY"

T"¯OY"b"c"pS"z T"¯pTS"s\"[SO"

93. {S"X"n{ì{A"O"u^"s @°O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz T"¯pQu{p@°W"p^"p{\"@°p_"pY"

_"X"_Y"p S"p[_O" Ú{O" _"tE"Y"{O"?

(1) Ï[_X"S"o {\"^"Y"u G"S"pS"pz T"qZE"Y"pW"p\"#

(2) _"s{\"R"pS"pX"o ÏW"p\"#

(3) V"puR"S"u Ï_T"Õ>O"p

(4) ÏS"s\"pQ{\"^"Y"@°-_"X"_Y"p#

94. W"p^"pG"ÍS"_"pX"PY"| (Language acquisition)


(1) @u°\"ìX"o Ïp\"Y"@°pVQp\"⁄Y"p# T"¯Y"puBp#

(2) O"p™p_Y" \"pO"p\"ZNp_Y" {S"X"pÍNpz Y"[_X"S"o V"pì@°p# X"pO"wW"p^"p&RY"Y"S"z @s°Y"Ís#

(3) \Y"p@°ZNp_Y" {\"«u^"Np, V"puR"pP"| \Y"\"[_P"O"p Ô@°p T"´{O"#

(4) X"pS"\"BpO"_"`G"T"¯{O"W"pY"p# @°pZNpuS" W"p^"p- ÏRY"Y"S"pP"ÍX"o Ô@°p T"¯{@¯°Y"p


95. W"p^"pRY"pT"@°# Ï_X"pO"o ìuA"S"@°pvpìz {pb"{Y"O"sz


(1) dsO"ìuA"S"X"o (Dictation)

(2) F>pe"pNppz @w°O"u _T"Õ>O"Y"p {ì{A"O"sX"o ÏpQup#

(3) c"pS"\"R"Í@°{\"E"pZpNppz (Brainstorming

ideas) _"pÂuS" _\"pVQv# X"pO"wW"p^"pY"pz {ì{A"O"sX"o Ì◊O\"p

(4) F>pe"pS"o ìuA"pQrS"o T"{K>O"sz _"tE"{Y"O\"p

96. @°bY"pY"pz T"pK˜X"pS"_"SQW"uÍ F>pe"# {±°Õ>pS"o T"¯S"pS"o T"wEF>{O"°$ O"QpS"rz {@z° {@¯°Y"O"u?

(1) O"Ob"NpX"u\" BpO\"p _"É"O"pz @w°O\"p pä>p-_"X"pR"pS"z {@¯°Y"O"u°$

(2) O"p™ppS"o _"\"pÍS"{T" T"¯S"pS"o {\"{ìAY"

ÏS"SO"Z{QS"u _"\"uÍ^"pz O"u^"pz _"X"pR"pS"z {@¯°Y"O"u°$

(3) T"s_O"@u° T"{K>O\"p T"∆"pO"o pä>p-_"X"pR"pS"z E"E"Í{Y"O"sz T"¯Y"OS"# {@¯°Y"O"u°$

(4) F>pe"pS"o O"G"Í{Y"O\"p ÏS"spp{_"O"p# W"{\"O"sz _"tE"S"p {@¯°Y"O"u°$

97. ZJ>S"pWY"p_"@°pZNpuS" (Cramming) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"pz

{\"@°p_"u @°î™pb"{O"# (Loss) W"\"{O"?

(1) O"u^"pz V"s´u# {\"@°p_"# S" W"\"{O"°$

(2) O"u^"pX"o ÏpOX"{\"ƒ"p_"# S"Õ># W"\"{O"°$

(3) @°bY"p ÏRY"pT"S"@¯°X"pO"o O"u QmZr@w°O"p# W"\"[SO"°$

(4) O"u ÏRY"Y"S"puT"qZ _"X"s{E"O"z RY"pS"z QpO"sX"o Ïpò°p#


98. W"p^"p{pb"Np_"SQW"uÍ ÏpBpX"S"pOX"@°T"´O"u# (Induc-

tive method) Ô^"# ìpW"# Ï[_O"ó

(1) {\"¸p{P"Í{W"# Bpw`@°pY"Í (Homework)

@°ZNp_Y" Ïp\"Y"@°O"p S"p[_O"

(2) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"# ZJ>S"pWY"p_"z S" @s°\"Í[SO"

(3) @°bY"pY"pX"o ÏS"spp_"S"z Z{b"O"z W"\"{O"

(4) {\"¸pP"rÍ Ï⁄T"u Ô\" _"X"Y"u Ï{R"@z° T"{K>O"sz


99. W"p^"p O"p\"O"o Ï{W"\Y"òu°#, _\"X"O"\Y"ò°î@°ZNp_Y" _"\"ÍduŒ>z

_____ X"pRY"X"X"o Ï[_O"°$

(1) T"¯E"pZ (Propagation)

(2) _"zBp¯` (Collection)

(3) {\"{S"X"Y" (Exchange)

(4) ÌT"Y"Ísòz° _"\"ÍX"{T"


100. W"pZO"rY"EF>pe"_Y" @°_Y"p# {pb"NppY" X"`O"r Ïp\"Y"@°O"p Ï[_O"?

(1) X"pO"wW"p^"pY"p#

(2) X"pO"wW"p^"p O"P"p T"¯pQu{p@°W"p^"Y"pu#

(3) X"pO"wW"p^"p O"P"p ÏpDo>BìY"pu#

(4) @°p# Ï{T" {O"æ# W"p^"p#

101. Ï{W"\Y"pTY"@°bY"pY"pz (Inclusive classroom)

W"p^"p{pb"Npu ÚY"X"o Ô@°p _"X"_Y"pó

(1) ÌT"Y"sò°-W"p^"p{R"BpX"\"pO"p\"ZNp{\"@°p_"pS"s@t°ìO"pY"p#


(2) ÌT"Y"sò°p{R"BpX" (Learning)-_"pX"Bp¯u# ÏW"p\"#

(3) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"pz Y"puBY"O"p{\"^"Y"@°-Ïb"X"O"p

(4) {\"¸p{P"Í^"s T"Z_T"Zz ‡{E" (Interest) W"uQ#

102. ÏR"_O"S"u^"s @°O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz X"pO"wW"p^"p{pb"NppuT"Y"pu{Bp c"pS"ìbY"u^"s ÏSY"O"X"z S"p[_O"?

(1) W"p^"pO"f\"pS"pz T"¯W"tO"c"pS"T"¯p{ "#

(2) {\"^"Y"\"_O"sS"# c"pS"pG"ÍS"X"o

(3) ÌÇ"pZNp_Y" c"pS"pG"ÍS"X"o

(4) W"p^"pBpO"{\"{W"fl"T"¯@°pZ@°pNppz ìuA"pS"pz c"pS"pG"ÍS"X"o

103. {S"X"n{ì{A"O"u^"s @°p \"p T"´{O"# ë{pb"NpT"´{O"#

(Teaching method)í ÌEY"O"u?

(1) E"Y"S"T"´{O"# (Selection method)

(2) ‡{E"T"´{O"# (Interest method)

(3) T"¯uZNppT"´{O"# (Motivation method)

(4) ÌT"Y"Ísòz° _"\"ÍX"{T"

104. W"p^"p{pb"Npu ™Y"-d\Y"_"pX"Bp¯r (Audio-visual

aids) _____ ÌT"Y"sò°p W"\"{O"°$

(1) ps´-ÌÇ"pZNppP"ÍX"o

(2) ps´-ìuA"S"pP"ÍX"o

(3) ps´T"K>S"pP"ÍX"o

(4) S" @°P"{˙"O"o

105. ÌT"E"pZpOX"@°-{pb"NpT"´{O"# (Remedial

coaching) Ú{O"ó

(1) _"X"_Y"p Ï{W"c"pS"pP"ÍX"o ÏT"u{b"O"-@°p{K>SY"_Y"

_O"Zz \"R"ÍY"{O"

(2) _"X"_Y"pS"pz _"X"pR"pS"u _"pU°⁄Y"z T"¯{O" T"¯pT"Y"{O"

(3) \Y"{O"@¯°X"uNp _"X"_Y"pS"pz T"¯_O"s{O"z @°Zpu{O"

(4) _"X"_Y"p# T"¯{O" W"p^"p{_"´pSO"c"pS"z T"¯QQp{O"


_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"z Bp¸pzpz T"{K>O\"p T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 106–114) {\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

T"sZp Ô@°[_X"S"o \"wb"u Ô@°p E"J>@°p T"¯{O"\"_"{O" _X"°$ @°pìuS" O"_Y"p#

_"SO"{O"# G"pO"p°$ Ô@°Qp @°{∆"O"o T"¯X"f"# BpG"# O"_Y" \"wb"_Y" ÏR"#

ÏpBpOY" O"_Y" ppA"pz psNL>uS" Ïe"puJ>Y"O"o°$ E"J>@°pY"p# S"rL>z W"s{\"

ÏT"O"O"o°$ O"uS" ÏNL>p{S" {\"prNppÍ{S"°$ ÏP" _"p E"J>@°p \Y"ìT"O"o°$

O"_Y"p# {\"ìpT"z dsO\"p @°pŒ>@t°J># S"pX" A"Bp# Ql#A"uS" O"pX"o ÏT"wEF>O"oóëëW"Áu {@°X"P"| {\"ìT"{_"?íí Ú{O"°$

E"J>@°p\"QO"oóëëQlÕ>uS"v@u°S" BpG"uS" X"X" _"SO"{O"# S"p{pO"p°$ O"_Y"

BpG"_Y" \"R"uS"v\" X"X" Ql#A"X"o ÏT"_"ZuO"o°$íí O"O"# @°pŒ>@t°J># O"pz

\"rNppZ\"p-S"pXˆY"p# X"{b"@°pY"p# _"X"rT"X"o ÏS"Y"O"o°$ O"Y"pu# \"pO"p|

dsO\"p X"{b"@°p\"QO"o°óëëX"X"p{T" {X"e"z X"NLt>@°# X"uC"S"pQ# Ï[_O"°$

prC"¯z O"X"sT"uOY" Y"P"pu{E"O"z @°qZ^Y"pX"#°$íí O"QpS"rz O"pv X"{b"@°Y"p _"`

BpO\"p X"uC"S"pQ_Y" T"sZ# _"\"| \"wf"pSO"z SY"\"uQY"O"pX"o°$

106. \"wb"u @°p T"¯{O"\"_"{O" _X"?

(1) `z_"r

(2) Ô@°p

(3) E"J>@°p

(4) @°pu{@°ìp

107. BpG"# ppA"pz @u°S" Ïe"puJ>Y"O"o?

(1) Ql#A"uS"

(2) psNL>uS"

(3) ÏpY"sR"uS"

(4) T"pQuS"

108. X"uC"S"pQ# @°# Ï[_O"?

(1) T"¯X"f"#

(2) X"NLt>@°#

(3) A"Bp#

(4) {X"e"X"o

109. E"J>@°pY"p# {@z° W"s{\" ÏT"O"O"o?

(1) Ïfl"X"o

(2) S"rL>X"o

(3) {`ZNY"X"o

(4) \"ÆX"o


110. BpG"# @°î™p# Ïp_"rO"o?

(1) T"¯X"f"#

(2) Ql#{A"O"#

(3) Bp{\"ÍO"#

(4) V"{ìŒ>#

111. BpG"uS" @°p{S" {\"prNppÍ{S"?

(1) U°ìp{S"

(2) T"s^T"p{Np

(3) @s°NL>p{S"

(4) ÏNL>p{S"

112. ë{\"prNppÍ{S"í-T"Q_Y" ÏP"Í# Ï[_O"ó

(1) ÏNL>p{S"

(2) S"Õ>p{S"

(3) _"{˙"O"p{S"

(4) T"¯p "p{S"

113. ëÏR"#í Ú{O" T"Q_Y" {\"ìpuX"T"Qz W"\"{O"ó

(1) S"rE"v#

(2) T"pƒ"uÍ

(3) W"s{\"

(4) ÌT"qZ

114. ë@°qZ^Y"pX"#í Ú{O" T"Qu ì@°pZ# Ï[_O"ó

(1) ìJo> ì@°pZ#

(2) ìpuJo> ì@°pZ#

(3) ìwJo> ì@°pZ#

(4) ìDo> ì@°pZ#


_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"pS"o ìpu@°pS"o T"{K>O\"p T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 115–120) {\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

̸X"uS" {` {_"QoRY"[SO" @°pY"pÍ{Np S" X"S"puZP"v#°$

S" {` _"s "_Y" {_"z`_Y" T"¯{\"p[SO" X"sA"u X"wBpp#°$$ 1 $$

_"OY"uS" R"pY"ÍO"u T"wP\"r _"OY"uS" O"T"O"u Z{\"#°$

_"OY"uS" \"p{O" \"pY"s∆" _"\"| _"OY"u T"¯{O"{Œ>O"X"o°$$ 2 $$

_"{¨Zu\" _"`p_"rO" _"{¨# @s°\"rÍO" _"å{O"X"o°$

_"{¨{\"Í\"pQz X"ve"rz E" S"p_"{¨# {@°{˙"QpE"ZuO"o°$$ 3 $$

{X"e"uNp @°ì`z @w°O\"p S" @°Qp{T" _"sA"r G"S"#°$

Ú{O" c"pO\"p T"¯Y"p_"uS" O"Qu\" T"qZ\"G"ÍY"uO"o°$$ 4 $$

{T"¯Y"\"p◊Y"T"¯QpS"uS" _"\"uÍ O"s^Y"[SO" G"SO"\"#°$

O"_X"pO"o {T"¯Y"z {` \"ò°\Y"z \"E"S"u @°p QqZÁO"p°$$ 5 $$

duŒ>z G"S"z Bps‡z E"p{T" X"pO"Zz {T"O"Zz O"P"p°$

X"S"_"p @°X"ÍNpp \"pE"p _"u\"uO" _"O"O"z _"Qp°$$ 6 $$

115. _"\"| @°[_X"S"o T"¯{O"{Œ>O"X"o?

(1) T"w{P"\Y"pX"o

(2) \"pY"pv

(3) _"OY"u

(4) Z\"pv

116. @v°# S" {@°{˙"QpE"ZuO"o?

(1) _"{¨#

(2) Ï_"{¨#

(3) {X"e"v#

(4) V"SR"s{W"#

117. @u°S" @°pY"pÍ{Np {_"QoRY"[SO"?

(1) X"S"puZP"uS"

(2) _"s "uS"

(3) ̸X"uS"

(4) X"sA"uS"

118. {X"e"uNp {@z° @w°O\"p G"S"# @°Qp{T" _"sA"r S" W"\"{O"?

(1) @°ì`X"o

(2) T"¯Y"p_"X"o

(3) X"ve"rX"o

(4) T"qZ\"G"ÍS"X"o

119. {T"¯Y"\"p◊Y"T"¯QpS"uS" @u° O"s^Y"[SO"?

(1) X"pS"\"p#

(2) G"SO"\"#

(3) Qu\"p#

(4) S" @°pu&{T"

120. duŒ>T"Q_Y" T"Y"pÍY"# Ï[_O"ó

(1) Bps‡#

(2) X"pO"p

(3) {T"O"p

(4) Ìf"X"#


ÏWY"{P"ÍS"# T"˙"X"W"pBp_Y" (


) T"¯S"pS"pX"o (T"¯0 _"z0


) Ìf"Zp{Np Q¸s#, Y"{Q O"v# _"z_@w°O"z

{üO"rY"W"p^"p (


)-·°T"uNp {E"O"X"o°$

Candidates should attempt the questions from Part–V (Q. Nos.

121–150), if they have opted SANSKRIT as Language—II only.


Part—V /



Language—II /



Sanskrit /


ÏWY"{P"ÍS"# T"˙"X"W"pBp_Y" (Part–V) T"¯S"pS"pX"o (T"¯0 _"z0 121–150) Ìf"Zp{Np Q¸s#, Y"{Q O"v# _"z_@w°O"z {üO"rY"W"p^"p (Language—II)-·°T"uNp {E"O"X"o°$

_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"pS"pz T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 121–135)

{\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

121. T"¯pP"{X"@°-{\"¸pìY"_Y" @°_Y"E"S" {\"¸p{P"ÍS"# d\"Np-

\"pE"S"@°pvpìY"pu# {\"@°p_"S"pP"| {S"X"n{ì{A"O"T"´{O"^"s @°p

\"p T"´{O"# ÌT"Y"sò°p W"\"{O"?

(1) @°P"p dp\"Npz O"P"p dsO"ìuA"S"X"o (Dictation)

(2) @°p\Y"T"pK># O"P"p W"p^"pT"¯Y"puBpppìp (Language laboratory)

(3) Ï{W"S"Y"# O"P"p \"pO"pÍ\"pE"S"X"o (News


(4) Ï{W"S"Y"# O"P"p _"z\"pQ# (Interaction)

122. W"p^"pY"p# ÌT"E"pZpOX"@°{pb"Np_Y" (Remedial

teaching) Ì©uY"# @°#?

(1) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"pz T"¯pZ[XW"@°e"sJ>rS"pz {S"\"pZNpX"o

(2) c"pS"_"XV"[SR"e"sJ>rS"pz T"qZ^@°ZNpX"o

(3) {\"¸p{P"Í^"s ÏpOX"{\"ƒ"p_"W"p\"S"pY"p# {\"@°p_"#

(4) ÌT"Y"Ísòz° _"\"ÍX"{T"

123. W"p^"pY"p# _"pX"pSY"-Ï\"BpX"_Y" c"pS"pP"| X"t⁄Y"pä>S"u _"\"pÍ{R"@°-ÌT"Y"sò°# T"¯S"# @°î™p# W"\"{O"?

(1) Ï{O"ìC"s-Ìf"ZpOX"@°#

(2) QrC"Í-Ìf"ZpOX"@°#

(3) {S"V"SR"pOX"@°#

(4) {\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°# (Objective type)

124. ëëV"pìp# W"p^"pRY"Y"S"pP"ÍX"o ÏT"u{b"O"b"X"O"pz T"sZ_@w°OY"

ÌOT"fl"p# W"\"[SO"ííó@°# Ï\"QO"o?

(1) G"rS"o T"rBpuJo> (Jean Piaget)

(2) E"pX_@°î (Chomsky)

(3) \Y"puBppuJ>_@°î (Vyogotsky)

(4) T"p\"ìpu\"o (Pavlov)

125. @°Qp{E"O"o @°p{E"O"o V"p{ì@°p {`SQrW"p^"pT"¯Y"sò°-ZpGY"pO"o W"\"O"# T"¯pSO"X"o ÏpBpEF>{O", O"P"p W"\"O"# _"XV"[SR"

W"p^"pT"¯Y"puBpu T"¯X"pQpS"o @°Zpu{O"°$ O"Qp Ô@°# ÏRY"pT"@°#

W"tO\"p ÏR"_O"S"u^"s @°P"S"u^"s {@z° Y"sò°{X"{O" W"\"pS"o/W"\"O"r {E"SO"Y"{O"?

(1) O"_Y"p# W"p^"pT"¯Y"puBpT"¯X"pQpS"pz {\"^"Y"u \"pZz \"pZz _X"pZNprY"X"o°$

(2) O"_Y"v _"X"rE"rS"W"p^"pT"¯Y"puBppP"ÍX"o ÚO"pu{T" Ï\"@°ppp#


(3) T"¯{O"{QS"z ÏR"ÍC"NJ>pz Y"p\"O"o S"tO"S"W"p^"pWY"p_"#


(4) O"_Y"p# X"pO"wW"p^"pT"¯W"p\"# ÏR"rY"X"pS"S"tO"S"W"p^"pY"p#

ÌT"qZ S" _Y"pO"o°$

126. {S"X"n{ì{A"O"_Y" @°_Y" Ì©up_Y" ÏS"s_"pZz

W"p^"p{pb"Np_Y" Ïp\"Y"@°O"p S" W"\"{O"?

(1) G"r\"S"_Y" {\"{\"R"QppS"pz c"pS"pP"ÍX"o

(2) W"p^"pV"puR"_Y" (Language compre-

hension) ÏRY"Y"S"pP"ÍX"o

(3) ÏpWY"SO"Z_\"Z_Y" (Inner voice) \"pE"S"pP"|, d\"NppP"Í˙"

(4) G"r\"S"_Y" {\"{\"R"p\"Y"@°O"pS"pz T"qZT"tZNppP"ÍX"o


127. W"p^"p_"SQW"uÍ {S"V"SR"pOX"@°T"¯≈"pP"| {S"X"n{ì{A"O"u^"s Ì{E"O"z {@°X"o?

(1) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"# _"pX"PY"pÍS"s_"pZz X"t⁄Y"pä>S"u _"`pY"@z°

W"\"{O" Y"uS" _\"_Y" {\"E"pZpS"o {ì{A"O"W"p^"pY"pz

\Y"\"[_P"O"·°T"uNp \Y"ò°î@°Zpu{O"

(2) ÔO"O"o {\"¸p{P"ÍS"pz T"Zrb"p_"s @u°^"p˙"S" T"¯S"pS"pX"o Ìf"Z@°ZNppP"| _"`pY"@z° W"\"{O"

(3) {\"¸p{P"Í{W"# @u°^"p˙"S" T"¯S"pS"pz @w°O"u Ô\" Ìf"Zz _"É"r@°ZNprY"X"o°$ Ô\"z T"¯@°pZuNp O"v# V"`lT"K>S"_"X"Y"#

Z{b"O"# W"\"{O"

(4) ÔO"O"o _"XT"tNpÍT"pK˜@¯°X"X"o Ïp\"upY"{O"

128. {Q\Y"påpS"pz (Children with special

needs) ìuA"S"@°pvpì\"R"ÍS"pP"| @°_Y" Ïp\"Y"@°O"p W"\"{O"?

(1) {\"E"pZpNppz X"pv{ì@°O"p

(2) T"¯O"r@°pOX"@°-W"p^"pY"p# (Symbolic

language) T"¯Y"puBp#

(3) _"X"rE"rS"pVQp\"⁄Y"p# T"¯Y"puBp#

(4) _"sSQZp{Np `_O"pb"Zp{Np

129. W"p^"pY"pz {S"ZSO"Z, _"X"Bp¯X"t⁄Y"pä>S"pP"| @°_Y"puT"qZ V"ìz QuY"X"o?

(1) Ìf"X"-pVQp\"ìr (Correct vocabulary)

(2) T"qZY"puG"S"p@°pY"ÍX"o (Project work)

(3) ps´puÇ"pZNpX"o (Correct pronun-


(4) {\"{W"fl"_"SQW"uÍ^"s W"p^"pT"¯Y"puBp_"pX"PY"ÍX"o

130. V"`lW"p{^"@°O"p (Multilingualism

(1) W"p^"p{pb"Npu Ô@°p V"pR"p

(2) W"p^"p_"z_"pR"S"pS"pz @w°O"u T"¯X"pQ@°pZr

(3) W"p^"p{R"BpX"u Ô@z° X"`f\"T"tNp| _"z_"pR"S"X"o

(4) W"p^"p{R"BpX"u _"X"_Y"p_"w{Õ>z @°Zpu{O"

131. W"p^"pY"p# T"¯pP"{X"@°·°T"X"o Ï[_O"ó

(1) _"ä>uO"W"p^"p (Sign language)

(2) \Y"p@°ZNpX"o

(3) {ì{A"O"W"p^"p

(4) X"pv{A"@°W"p^"p

132. T"¯pP"{X"@°_O"Zu, @°P"p O"P"p @°{\"O\"X"o, ÏS"Y"puX"ÍRY"u ÏR"_O"S"u^"s @°# T"b"# _"pR"s# Ú{O" W"\"pS"o/W"\"O"r {E"SO"Y"{O"?

(1) O"u X"t⁄Y"T"Z@°p# (Value-oriented) W"\"uY"s#

(2) @°P"p# O"P"p @°{\"O\"X"o ÌW"Y"X"{T" pVQp\"ìr (Vocabulary) ™Õ>˜p _"X"w´pv W"\"uO"pX"o

(3) {\"{W"fl"X"sAY"S"pX"R"uY"pS"pX"o ÌQp`ZNppS"pz T"sS"Zp\"w{f"# V"`l\"pZz W"{\"O"\Y"X"o

(4) {\"{pÕ>ìuA"@°pS"pz @°{\"O\"z O"P"p @°P"p∆"


133. W"p^"pY"pz \Y"p@°ZNp{pb"Npz @°_Y" _"X"r@°ZNppY" _"`pY"@z°


(1) ps´O"pY"p# (Accuracy)

(2) \"p◊T"¯\"p`_Y" (Fluency)

(3) _"Do>AY"pOX"@°O"pY"p# (Numeracy)

(4) _"pb"ZO"pY"p# (Literacy)

134. ìuA"S"T"ZXT"ZpY"pz ÏR"_O"S"u^"s {@z° _"XV"´X"o Ï[_O"?

(1) @°P"p{\"E"pZp# (Story ideas)

(2) @°⁄T"S"p

(3) {\"ZpX"{E"¢pS"pz _"XY"◊T"¯Y"puBp#

(4) _"X"rE"rS"-pVQp\"ìr

135. W"p^"pY"pz X"t⁄Y"pä>S"_Y" X"sAY"-Ì©up# @°# _Y"pO"o?

(1) {pb"p{P"Í^"s e"sJ>rS"pX"o ÏS\"u^"NpX"o

(2) {\"¸p{P"ÍS"pz T"¯QpÍS"z ™^Ã>p T"¯pufl"{O"

(Promotion) @w°O"u {S"NpÍY"#

(3) {\"¸p{P"Í_"p{R"O"-ÌT"ìVR"rS"pX"o Ïp@°ìS"X"o

(4) Ï{R"BpX"u e"sJ>rS"pz {S"Zrb"Npz O"P"p SY"tS"O"p T"qZ^@°ZNpX"o

_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"z Bp¸pzpz T"{K>O\"p T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 136–143) {\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

ÌO_"\"u, \Y"_"S"u, Ql{W"Íb"u, ZpÕ~>{\"‰\"u, QvS"[SQS"\Y"\"`pZu E" Y"#

_"`pY"O"pz @°Zpu{O" _"# V"SR"s# W"\"{O"°$ Y"{Q {\"ƒ"u _"\"Íe" ÔO"p™p#

W"p\"# W"\"uO"o O"Qp {\"ƒ"V"SR"sO\"z _"XW"\"{O"°$

T"ZSO"s ÏR"sS"p {S"{A"ìu _"z_"pZu @°ì`_Y" ÏppSO"u# E" \"pO"p\"ZNpX"o Ï[_O"°$ X"pS"\"p# T"Z_T"Zz S" {\"ƒ"_"[SO"°$ O"u T"Z_Y" @°Õ>z _\"@°îY"z

@°Õ>z S" BpNpY"[SO"°$ Ï{T" E" _"X"P"pÍ# Qupp# Ï_"X"P"pÍS"o QuppS"o T"¯{O" ÌT"ub"pW"p\"z T"¯QpÍY"[SO", O"u^"pX"o ÌT"qZ _\"@°îY"z T"¯W"sO\"z _P"pT"Y"[SO"°$ _"z_"pZu _"\"Íe" {\"üu^"_Y", pe"sO"pY"p#, {`z_"pY"p# E"

W"p\"S"p ™Y"O"u°$ QuppS"pz {\"@°p_"# Ï{T" Ï\"‡´# W"\"{O"°$

ÚY"z X"`O"r Ïp\"Y"@°O"p \"O"ÍO"u Y"O"o Ô@°# Qup# ÏT"ZuNp QupuS" _"`

{S"X"ÍìuS" ‚QY"uS" V"SR"sO"pY"p# \Y"\"`pZz @s°Y"pÍO"o°$ {\"ƒ"_Y" G"S"u^"s ÚY"z W"p\"S"p Ïp\"Y"@°î°$ O"O"# {\"@°p{_"O"p{\"@°p{_"O"QupY"pu# X"RY"u _\"_P"p _T"R"pÍ W"{\"^Y"{O"°$ _"\"uÍ Qupp# c"pS"{\"c"pS"Y"pu# b"ue"u X"ve"rW"p\"S"Y"p _"`Y"puBpuS" E" _"X"w{´z T"¯p "sz _"X"P"pÍ# W"{\"^Y"[SO"°$

136. {\"ƒ"u _"\"Íe" @°î™p# W"p\"# W"\"uO"o?

(1) {\"ƒ"V"SR"sO\"W"p\"#

(2) ÌT"ub"pW"p\"#

(3) {`z_"pW"p\"#

(4) {\"@°p_"W"p\"#


137. {S"{A"ìu _"z_"pZu @°ì`_Y" ÏppSO"u# \"p \"pO"p\"ZNp_Y"


(1) _"`pY"O"p-ÏW"p\"#

(2) {\"ƒ"p_"pW"p\"#

(3) {\"@°p_"pW"p\"#

(4) \Y"\"`pZpW"p\"#

138. V"`l{\"^"Y"u^"s Y"# _"`pY"O"pz @°Zpu{O", _"# W"\"{O"ó

(1) {X"e"X"o

(2) pe"s#

(3) V"SR"s#

(4) _"u\"@°#

139. c"pS"{\"c"pS"Y"pu# b"ue"u _"X"w{´z T"¯p "sz @°p W"p\"S"p ÏT"u{b"O"p W"\"{O"?

(1) _T"R"pÍW"p\"S"p

(2) T"¯W"sO\"W"p\"S"p

(3) {\"ƒ"V"SR"sO\"W"p\"S"p

(4) X"ve"rW"p\"S"p

140. ëÔO"p™p#í Ú{O" T"Qz @°[_X"S"o BpNpu ÏSO"W"Í\"{O"?

(1) S"pX"\"pE"@u°

(2) _"\"ÍS"p{X"n

(3) {@¯°Y"p{\"pu^"Npu

(4) {@¯°Y"pY"pX"o


141. ë@s°Y"pÍO"oí Ú{O" T"Qz @°[_X"S"o ì@°pZu T"¯Y"sò°X"o?

(1) ìJo>

(2) {ìDo>

(3) ìpuJo>

(4) ìDo>

142. ë_"`Y"puBpípVQ_Y" T"Y"pÍY"# Ï[_O"ó

(1) Y"puBppWY"p_"#

(2) _"`@°pZ#

(3) Ïp{\"^@°pZ#

(4) BpNpS"X"o

143. _"z_"pZu _"\"Íe" {@z° ™Y"O"u?

(1) {\"üu^"#

(2) pe"sO"p

(3) {`z_"p

(4) ÌT"Y"Ísòz° _"\"ÍX"{T"

_"tE"S"p : ÏR"pu{ì{A"O"z Bp¸pzpz T"{K>O\"p T"¯S"pS"pz (T"¯0 _"z0 144–150) {\"@°⁄T"pOX"@°puf"ZuWY"# Ì{E"O"O"X"X"o Ìf"Zz {E"O\"p {ìA"O"°$

{\"ƒ"_Y" ÌT"ìVR"p_"s W"p^"p_"s _"z_@w°O"W"p^"p T"¯pE"rS"O"X"p W"p^"p[_O"°$

W"p^"uY"X"o ÏS"u@°pS"pz W"p^"pNppz G"S"S"r X"O"p°$ T"¯pE"rS"Y"pu# c"pS"- {\"c"pS"Y"pu# {S"{R"# Ï_Y"pz _"sZ{b"O"#°$ _"z_@w°O"_Y" X"`f\"{\"^"Y"u

@u°S"p{T" @°{P"O"X"oóëëW"pZO"_Y" T"¯{O"Œ>u üu _"z_@w°O"z _"z_@w°{O"_O"P"píí°$

ÚY"z W"p^"p ÏO"r\" \"vc"p{S"@°î°$ @u°E"S" @°P"Y"[SO" Y"O"o _"z_@w°O"X"u\"

_"åNp@°_Y" @w°O"u _"\"puÍf"X"p W"p^"p°$ Ï_Y"p# \"p˛Y"z \"uQv#

T"sZpNpv# S"r{O"ppÆv# {E"{@°O_"pppÆp{Q{W"∆" _"X"w´X"[_O"°$

@°p{ìQp_"pQrS"pz {\"ƒ"@°\"rS"pz @°p\Y"_"pvSQY"ÍX"o ÏS"sT"X"X"o°$

@°pv{J>⁄Y"Z{E"O"X"o ÏP"ÍppÆz G"Bp{O" T"¯{_"´X"[_O"°$ Bp{NpO"ppÆu

ptSY"_Y" T"¯{O"T"pQS"z _"\"ÍT"¯P"X"X"o ÏpY"ÍW"J># Ï@°ZpuO"o°$

{E"{@°O_"pppÆu E"Z@°_"sdsO"Y"pu# Y"puBpQpS"z {\"ƒ"T"¯{_"´X"o°$ _"z_@w°O"u Y"p{S" ÏSY"p{S" ppÆp{Np {\"¸SO"u O"u^"s \"p_O"sppÆz, Z_"pY"S"ppÆz, A"Bppuì{\"c"pS"z, GY"pu{O"^"ppÆz, {\"X"pS"ppÆX"o ÚOY"pQr{S"


_"z_@w°O"u {\"¸X"pS"p# _"tò°Y"# ÏWY"sQY"pY" T"¯uZY"[SO"°$ Y"P"pó _"OY"X"u\" G"Y"O"u, \"_"sR"v\" @s°Js>XV"@°X"o, {\"¸Y"p&X"wO"X"S"sO"u, Y"puBp#

@°X"Í_"s @°pvpìX"o ÚOY"pQY"#°$ _"\"ÍW"tO"u^"s ÏpOX"\"O"o \Y"\"`pZz @°O"|s _"z_@w°O"W"p^"p _"XY"@o° {pb"Y"{O"°$

144. ëT"¯{O"Œ>uí Ú{O" T"Qz @°_Y"pz {\"W"ò°pv Ï[_O"?

(1) _"XV"puR"S"-Ô@°\"E"S"u

(2) T"¯P"X"p{ü\"E"S"u

(3) _" "X"r-Ô@°\"E"S"u

(4) _" "X"r{ü\"E"S"u


145. c"pS"{\"c"pS"Y"pu# {S"{R"# @°_Y"pz _"sZ{b"O"#?

(1) _"z_@w°O"W"p^"pY"pX"o

(2) T"¯{O"Œ>pY"pX"o

(3) _"z_@w°O"pv

(4) {E"{@°O_"pY"pX"o

146. ë_"t{ò°ípVQ_Y" @°pu&P"Í#?

(1) X"Se"#

(2) T"¸X"o

(3) _"sW"p{^"O"X"o

(4) h°@o°

147. @°[_X"S"o ppÆu E"Z@°_"sdsO"Y"pu# Y"puBpQpS"z {\"ƒ"T"¯{_"´X"o?

(1) Bp{NpO"ppÆu

(2) \"p_O"sppÆu

(3) {\"X"pS"ppÆu

(4) {E"{@°O_"pppÆu

148. ëëW"pZO"_Y" T"¯{O"Œ>u üu _"z_@w°O"z _"z_@w°{O"_O"P"pííóÚ{O"


(1) @°p{ìQp_"uS"

(2) @u°S"p{T"

(3) {\"ƒ"S"pP"uS"

(4) Q[NL>S"p

149. _"\"ÍW"tO"u^"s ÏpOX"\"O"o \Y"\"`pZz @°O"|s _"z_@w°O"W"p^"p {pb"Y"{O" E"uO"o O"uS" {@z° T"¯pTY"O"u?

(1) ÏpOX"c"pS"X"o

(2) \Y"\"`pZc"pS"X"o

(3) W"p^"pc"pS"X"o

(4) _"X"pS"O"p

150. ë_"åNp@°ípVQ_Y" @°pu&P"Í#?

(1) @u°⁄◊Y"sìuJ>Z (Calculator)

(2) @°XTY"tJ>Z (Computer)

(3) Bp{NpO"X"o (Mathematics)

(4) ÏV"p@°_"o (Abacus)






Ï\"R"pS"T"t\"Í@°X"o ÔO"u {S"QuÍpp# X"S"{_" R"pZNprY"pó


{\"{W"fl"T"¯S"pS"pX"o Ìf"Zz @°P"z T"¯QuY"{X"{O" T"¯S"T"e"u \Y"pAY"pO"X"o Ï[_O"°$ T"¯S"pS"pX"o Ìf"ZìuA"S"pO"o T"t\"| O"O"o Ï\"Y"z T"K>S"rY"X"o°$


T"¯OY"u@z° T"¯S"pP"| E"O\"pqZ \"v@°[⁄T"@°puf"Zp{Np {S"{QÍÕ>p{S", O"u^"s _"X"s{E"O"puf"ZT"¯QpS"pP"| Ïpu0 ÔX"0 ÏpZ0


Ìf"Z-T"{e"@°pY"p# T"wŒ>u-


@u°\"ìX"o Ô@°X"u\" \"wf"z T"tNpÍ·°T"uNp @w°^Np/S"rì-V"pì-T"pÚSJ>-ìuA"SY"p# T"¯T"tZNprY"X"o°$

Ô@°\"pZX"o Ìf"Zpä>S"pSO"Zz S" O"OT"qZ\"O"Í{Y"O"sz p◊Y"O"u°$


T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# Ìf"Z-T"e"z S"v\" {O"Y"Í»°ZNprY"X"o, S" E" @°P"z@°pZX"{T" O"Qo ÏSY"P"pT"¯@°pZuNp Ïä>S"rY"X"o°$ T"Zrb"pP"rÍ _\"rY"pS"s@¯°X"pä>X"o Ìf"Z-T"e"u {S"R"pÍqZO"_P"pS"p{O"qZò°X"o ÏSY"e" @s°e"p{T" S" {ìA"uO"o°$


T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# Ìf"Z-T"e"_Y" E" T"¯Y"puBp# _"p\"R"pS"z @°ZNprY"#°$ @°_Y"pX"{T" T"qZ[_P"O"pv (@u°\"ìz O"pz T"qZ[_P"{O"z {\"`pY" Y"Qp T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# Ìf"Z-T"e"_Y" E" _"ä>uO"@u° _"Do>AY"pY"pz \"p {W"fl"O"p ™Y"O"u) {üO"rY"-T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°p S"puT"ìWY"p Ô\"°$


T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"pX"o Ìf"Z-T"e"u E" T"¯Qf"-_"ä>uO"@°-_"Do>AY"p T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# ÌT"[_P"{O"T"e"@u° _"XY"@o°ZrOY"p Ï\"Y"X"u\"



Ïpu0 ÔX"0 ÏpZ0 (


) Ìf"Z-T"{e"@°pY"pz @t°J>_P" (


) _"tE"S"pS"pz T"K>S"z Y"Se"üpZp W"{\"^Y"{O"°$ ÏO"# @°p{T"

_"tE"S"p Ï_"XT"tNppÍ S" _Y"pO"o°$ O"P"v\" T"¯\"upT"e"_Y" _"tE"S"pO"# {W"fl"p _"tE"S"p S" T"¯QuY"p°$


T"¯\"upT"e"z {\"`pY" ÏSY"-X"s{ÁO"-{ì{A"O"-T"pK˜_"pX"Bp¯r @°BpÍQ{E"{J>@°pz ëT"uG"ZX"oí Ú{O" E"ìQmZW"p^"pz, {\"¸sO"o-ÌT"@°ZNpp{S"

ÏP"\"p @°pX"{T" ÏSY"_"pX"Bp¯rz T"Zrb"pW"\"S"z @°b"z \"p S"uO"sX"o ÏS"sX"{O"# S" Ï[_O"°$


T"Zrb"p Bpw`u/T"¯@°puŒ>u X"puV"pÚìY"Se"z \"uO"pZ_"tE"S"pY"Se"z (_\"rE" ÏpU° @w°O\"p Ï{T") ÏSY"p{S" E" T"¯{O"V"[SR"O"\"_O"t{S" S"v\"

ÏpS"uO"\Y"p{S"°$ ÔO"_Y" {S"Y"X"_Y" ÌÑ˚S"X"o ÏS"s{E"O"X"pBppÍ\"ìXV"S"X"o Ú{O" {\"R"p_Y"O"u Y"_Y" @w°O"u QNL>_Y" {\"R"pS"X"o Ï[_O"°$

T"Zrb"pO"# {S"^@°p_"S"X"o Ï{T" W"{\"O"sX"o Ï`Í{O"°$


{S"Zrb"Np_"X"Y"u T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# T"¯\"upT"e"z {S"Zrb"@°pY" Ï\"Y"z QpÍS"rY"X"o°$


@u°SÁ ÏR"rb"@°_Y" {S"Zrb"@°_Y" \"p ÏS"sX"{O"z {\"S"p T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# _P"pS"z S" T"qZOY"ò°\Y"X"o°$


@°pY"ÍZO"{S"Zrb"@°pY" Ìf"Z-T"e"z Qf\"p ÌT"[_P"{O"T"e"@u° E" `_O"pb"Zz T"sS"# @w°O\"p Ô\" T"Zrb"p{P"Í{W"# T"Zrb"pW"\"S"-@°b"z \"p T"qZOY"ò°\Y"z S" ÏSY"P"p°$ Y"{Q @u°S"p{T" T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"p ÌT"[_P"{O"T"{e"@°pY"pz T"sS"# `_O"pb"Zz S" {@¯°Y"O"u O"{`Í ëT"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"p Ìf"Z-T"e"z S" Qf"X"oí Ú{O" Ï{W"T"¯pY"#°$ ÚQX"o ÏS"s{E"O"_"pR"S"pS"pz T"¯Y"puBp_Y" ·°T"X"o Ú{O" X"SO"\Y"X"o°$


\"v¸sO"-`_O"E"p{ìO"-T"qZ@°ì@°_Y" ÌT"Y"puBp# _"\"ÍP"p \"{G"ÍO"#°$


T"Zrb"pW"\"S"u @°b"u \"p ÏS"s@t°ìpE"ZNppY" T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"# _"˚J>S"_Y" _"\"vÍ# {S"Y"X"v# {\"{S"Y"X"v# \"p {S"Y"{X"O"p#°$

ÏS"s{E"O"_"pR"S"pS"pX"o ÌT"Y"puBpuS" _"XV"´p# {S"NpÍY"p# _"˚J>S"_Y" {S"Y"X"-{\"{S"Y"X"-ÏS"s\"O"ÍS"rY"p# Ô\"°$


@°_Y"pX"{T" T"qZ[_P"O"pv T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pY"p# Ìf"Z-T"e"_Y" \"p @°pu&{T" W"pBp# T"wP"@o° S" @°ZNprY"#°$


T"Zrb"p_"XT"fl"pS"SO"Zz T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"# T"Zrb"pW"\"S"-T"qZOY"G"S"pO"o T"t\"| Ìf"Z-T"e"z @°b"{S"Zrb"@°pY" Ï\"Y"X"u\"

T"¯Qp_Y"[SO"°$ T"Zrb"p{P"ÍS"# ÚX"pz T"Zrb"p-T"s[_O"@°pz S"uO"sX"o ÏS"sX"O"p#°$


{ZÂZ{b{IV {ZX}em| H$mo ‹`mZ go nãT>| :

1. {Og ‡H$ma go {d{^fi ‡ÌZm| Ho$ CŒma {XE OmZo h¢ CgH$m dU©Z narjm nwpÒVH$m _| {H$`m J`m h°, {Ogo Amn ‡ÌZm| H$m CŒma XoZo go nhbo ‹`mZ go nãT> b|ü&

2. ‡À`oH$ ‡ÌZ Ho$ {bE {XE JE Mma {dH$Înm| _| go ghr CŒma Ho$ {bE

OMR CŒma-nà Ho$ n•>-2 na Ho$db EH$ d•Œm H$mo hr nyar Vah H$mbo/Zrbo ~m∞bnm∞BßQ> noZ go ^a|ü& EH$ ~ma CŒma Aß{H$V H$aZo Ho$ ~mX Cgo ~Xbm Zht Om gH$Vm h°ü&

3. narjmWu gw{Z{¸V H$a| {H$ Bg CŒma-nà H$mo _moãS>m Z OmE Edß Cg na H$moB© A›` {ZemZ Z bJmE±ü& narjmWu AnZm AZwH´$_mßH$ CŒma-nà _|

{ZYm©[aV ÒWmZ Ho$ A{V[a∫$ A›`Ã Z {bI|ü&

4. narjm nwpÒVH$m Edß CŒma-nà H$m ‹`mZnyd©H$ ‡`moJ H$a|, ä`m|{H$ {H$gr

^r n[apÒW{V _| (Ho$db narjm nwpÒVH$m Edß CŒma-nà Ho$ gßHo$V `m gߪ`m _| {^fiVm H$s pÒW{V H$mo N>moãS>H$a) Xygar narjm nwpÒVH$m Cnb„Y Zht H$am`r OmEJrü&

5. narjm nwpÒVH$m/CŒma-nà _| {XE JE narjm nwpÒVH$m gßHo$V d gߪ`m H$mo narjmWu ghr VarHo$ go hm{Oar-nà _| {bI|ü&

6. OMR CŒma-nà _| H$mo{S>V OmZH$mar H$mo EH$ _erZ nãT>oJrü& Bg{bE H$moB© ^r gyMZm AYyar Z N>moãS>| Am°a `h ‡doe-nà _| Xr JB© gyMZm go {^fi Zht hmoZr Mm{hEü&

7. narjmWu ¤mam narjm hm∞b/H$j _| ‡doe-nà Ho$ {gdm` {H$gr ‡H$ma H$s nmR>Á-gm_J´r, _w{–V `m hÒV{b{IV, H$mJO H$s n{M©`m±, noOa, _mo~mBb \$moZ, BboäQ¥>m∞{ZH$ CnH$aU `m {H$gr A›` ‡H$ma H$s gm_J´r H$mo bo OmZo `m Cn`moJ H$aZo H$s AZw_{V Zht h°ü&

8. _mo~mBb \$moZ, ~oVma gßMma `w{∫$`m± (pÒdM Am∞\$ AdÒWm _| ^r) Am°a A›` ‡{V~ß{YV dÒVwE± narjm hm∞b/H$j _| Zht bmB© OmZr Mm{hEü& Bg gyMZm H$m nmbZ Z hmoZo na Bgo narjm _| AZw{MV gmYZm| H$m ‡`moJ _mZm OmEJm Am°a CZHo$ {dÈ’ H$m`©dmhr H$s OmEJr, narjm a‘ H$aZo g{hVü&

9. nyN>o OmZo na ‡À`oH$ narjmWu, {ZarjH$ H$mo AnZm ‡doe-nà {XImE±ü&

10. Ho$›– AYrjH$ `m {ZarjH$ H$s {deof AZw_{V Ho$ {~Zm H$moB© narjmWu AnZm ÒWmZ Z N>moãS>|ü&

11. H$m`©aV {ZarjH$ H$mo AnZm CŒma-nà {XE {~Zm Edß hm{Oar-nà na Xw~mam hÒVmja {H$E {~Zm narjmWu narjm hm∞b/H$j Zht N>moãS>|Joü& `{X {H$gr narjmWu Zo Xygar ~ma hm{Oar-nà na hÒVmja Zht {H$E, Vmo `h _mZm OmEJm {H$ CgZo CŒma-nà Zht bm°Q>m`m h° Am°a `h AZw{MV gmYZ H$m _m_bm _mZm OmEJmü& narjmWu AnZo ~mE± hmW Ho$ A±JyR>o H$m {ZemZ hm{Oar-nà _| {XE JE ÒWmZ na AdÌ` bJmE±ü&

12. BboäQ¥>m∞{ZH$/hÒVMm{bV n[aH$bH$ H$m Cn`moJ d{O©V h°ü&

13. narjm hm∞b/H$j _| AmMaU Ho$ {bE narjmWu ~moS>© Ho$ g^r {Z`_m| Edß {d{Z`_m| ¤mam {Z`{_V h¢ü& AZw{MV gmYZm| Ho$ g^r _m_bm| H$m \°$gbm

~moS>© Ho$ {Z`_m| Edß {d{Z`_m| Ho$ AZwgma hmoJmü&

14. {H$gr hmbV _| narjm nwpÒVH$m Am°a CŒma-nà H$m H$moB© ^mJ AbJ Z H$a|ü&

15. narjm gÂnfi hmoZo na, narjmWu hm∞b/H$j N>moãS>Zo go nyd©

CŒma-nà {ZarjH$ H$mo AdÌ` gm¢n X|ü& narjmWu AnZo gmW Bg

READ THE FOL LOW ING IN STRUC TIONS CARE FULLY : 1. The manner in which the different questions are to

be answered has been explained in the Test Booklet which you should read carefully before actually answering the questions.

2. Out of the four alternatives for each question, only one circle for the correct answer is to be darkened completely with Black/Blue Ballpoint Pen on Side-2 of the OMR Answer Sheet. The answer once marked is not liable to be changed.

3. The candidates should ensure that the Answer Sheet is not folded. Do not make any stray marks on the Answer Sheet. Do not write your Roll No.

anywhere else except in the specified space in the Answer Sheet.

4. Handle the Test Booklet and Answer Sheet with care, as under no circumstances (except for discrepancy in Test Booklet Code or Number and Answer Sheet Code or Number), another set will be provided.

5. The candidates will write the correct Test Booklet Code and Number as given in the Test Booklet/Answer Sheet in the Attendance Sheet.

6. A machine will read the coded information in the OMR Answer Sheet. Hence, no information should be left incomplete and it should not be different from the information given in the Admit Card.

7. Candidates are not allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers, pager, mobile phone, electronic device or any other material except the Admit Card inside the Examination Hall/Room.

8. Mobile phones, wireless communication devices (even in switched off mode) and the other banned items should not be brought in the Examination Halls/Rooms. Failing to comply with this instruction, it will be considered as using unfair means in the examination and action will be taken against them including cancellation of examination.

9. Each candidate must show on demand his/her Admit Card to the Invigilator.

10. No candidate, without special permission of the Centre Superintendent or Invigilator, should leave his/her seat.

11. The candidates should not leave the Examination Hall/Room without handing over their Answer Sheet to the Invigilator on duty and sign the Attendance Sheet twice. Cases where a candidate has not signed the Attendance Sheet second time will be deemed not to have handed over the Answer Sheet and dealt with as an unfair means case. The candidates are also required to put their left hand THUMB impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.

12. Use of Electronic/Manual Calculator is prohibited.

13. The candidates are governed by all Rules and Regulations of the Board with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall/Room. All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per Rules and Regulations of the Board.

14. No part of the Test Booklet and Answer Sheet shall be detached under any circumstances.

15. On completion of the test, the candidate must hand over the Answer Sheet to the Invigilator


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