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QUESTION PAPER JANUARY 2021 | Central Teacher Eligibility Test | India


Academic year: 2023

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Zone of proximal development' is (1) the area between a child's stream. level of independent achievement and level of achievement that the child could achieve with the help of adults and more capable peers. PART – I / – I CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND PEDAGOGY /. Which of the following is correct. matched pairs of intelligence types and end-state performance possibilities according to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Which of the following is NOT suitable. teaching material for students who are visually impaired.

Which of the following is NOT an effective strategy for addressing students from disadvantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds. A teacher should _________ the social, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in his classroom to facilitate meaningful learning. learning environment in the classroom instead of _________ et. Which of the following is an example of an effective motivational strategy to encourage students to learn.

Which of the following statements about children's thinking is NOT correct. theories about various phenomena around you. Which of the following theorists proposed that children's thinking is qualitatively different from that of adults.

1) ABC

Metal 'X' displaces metal 'Y' from its salt solution, but cannot displace metal 'Z' from its salt solution. To shift a huge box lying on the floor in her room, Reshma must exert a force greater than any of the following forces.

According to N.C.F.2005, which of the following is recommended in the science curriculum for the upper primary stage.

To encourage more girls to take science, you can use all of the following strategies, except. Specify the order of planning for. your science classroom using the inquiry approach in teaching the concept of density. allow students to determine the relationship between objects that float and sink. give students the opportunity to play with water in a tub with different objects. ask students to design a small boat that can carry 1 kg of weight. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the life cycle of silkworms and the production of silk fibers.

In this season, winds blow from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea towards the land.

B are true, but B is not a correct explanation of A. Choose the correct group of conventional energy sources from the following. Statement (B) : There has been an increase in the number of deer, antelopes, goats, sheep and cattle.

Statement (A): Bahadur Shah Zafar wrote letters to all the chiefs and rulers to organize a confederation of Indian states to fight the British. Statement (B): Bahadur Shah Zafar's decision to bless the rebellion of 1857 changed the whole situation dramatically.

The social studies teacher must address the diversity that exists in the classroom and society. For a discussion of women's education in colonial India, students may refer to the following autobiography. Choose the correct option: (1) A and B only An active social studies classroom would encourage students to.

The local population of the Tawa Reservoir area organized in the 1990s to demand what rights pertain to their livelihood. Directions: Read the passage below and answer the questions (Question Nos.) that follow by selecting the correct/most appropriate options. Thinking is a continuous activity in which the mind jumps from one thought to another from morning to night.

Like clouds in the sky or waves in the sea, thoughts appear and disappear as if in ceaseless activity. We have a built-in filter in our minds that selects the types of thoughts or topics we like to dwell on. We are not born with this filter, but we acquire it over the years with the kinds of books we read, the company we keep and the subjects we are interested in.

This filter is built day by day by our actions, suggestions, lessons and the influence of others. Directions: Read the poem given below and answer the questions (Q. No. that follow by selecting the correct/most appropriate options: That time of the year you can look to me, When yellow leaves, or none, or few hang in those branches that tremble against the cold Korea ruined Bars, where late the sweet birds sang. In me you see the twilight of that day, As after sunset it fades in the west,.

In me you see the glow of such a fire, That on the ashes of his youth lies, Like the deathbed whereon it must expire, Consumed with what it was nourished by.

A teacher asks her students to put sentences together to create a short paragraph, inserting the provided connecting lines and coherence markers, such as (but, and however, because, although, etc.).

The richness of her childhood experience came from living a life that embraced tradition on the one hand and exposure to the world of change, questioning and inquiry on the other. Her father's progressive ideas, his involvement in bringing about change in the restricted Brahmin society, his encouragement of Kamaladevi to follow her inclinations and yet giving her the opportunity to study in a school and participate in all the social functions with which he was involved. as Senior Revenue Officer, gave her confidence. The example of her grandmother, who lived the life of a studious and fearless woman who traveled alone without fear of any social disapproval or negative consequences, was a fitting example for Kamaladevi, who later traveled all over the world. , often risking her life. .

Girjabai, her mother was a dominating influence during her childhood and youth who set an example by overcoming all difficulties without a murmur. Her belief was that a woman should educate herself so that she can be independent and her insistence that Kamaladevi should not only study but also participate in cultural activities and sports enriched her daughter's life. Kamaladevi went to Seva Sadan with her mother and saw her exhorting women even older than her to become literate.

She heard him read to them from newspapers, magazines, and excerpts from the books of social reformers and nationalists, followed by discussion, and saw their attitudes change. Girjabai's love for music was shared by Kamaladevi and she was encouraged to learn North Indian and Carnatic music. This love of music was a great source of peace for Kamaladevi in ​​her later years.

In the Indian context, the concept of national development goes far beyond economic growth; it is concerned with creating a nation united in one purpose, people who speak different languages, profess different religions and are rooted in different cultures.

Which of the following is not advocated as an element for assessment in a poem. A teacher asked her students to watch a movie two days ago, and now she asks them to have a discussion about what they would do if they were the hero/heroine of the movie.


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