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Presidency University Prasangiki 2011


Academic year: 2024

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Annual report of the activities of various departments of Presidency (College) University, Kolkata for the year 2010). It was with deep humility and fear that I assumed the office of First Vice Chancellor of the Presidency University on November 2010.

West Bengal Act XIH of 2010

1047-L.—7. July 2010.—^The following Act of the Legislature of West Bengal as approved by the Governor is published for general information:—.

I rlr-i'^ii^'-

Professor Amitava Chatterjee addresses the Annual General Meeting of the Presidency College Cooperative Society. The former students of the department for both postgraduate and undergraduate level are pursuing successfully.


A one-day trip was also organized for the students of the department to a place near Tamluk in the month of February. The teaching learning environment of the department has been enriched by the research work done by the faculty members of the department. List of publications by the teachers of the Department: in press) Samsaybader Patabhumikay Montaign O Descartes.

In the Golden Jubilee year (2010), students and teachers of the Department of Political Science tried hard to maintain the high academic standards and the rich tradition of the Department. Teachers from the Department were also involved in their academic pursuits and received recognition for their work.


Teaching including part-time and guest lecturers

  • Research Activities of the Department

Acharya Subodh Chandra Mahalanobis with the co-operation of the then Lieutenant Governor of Bengal Sir John Woodburn established the Department of Botany in Presidency College in 1900. With the dawn of the new era the department has completely revised and improved the syllabus of M. .Sc. Student Performance: The Department has maintained its tradition in student performance in University (CU) examinations.

The department is utilizing the fund provided by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, as per. Abhijit Datta delivered the 'Platinum Jubilee Lecture' on a topic titled "Understanding the Biology of Plant MicroRNAs" at the Department of Botany, Meerut College, Meerut, October 24, 2010.

Vacant Position

  • Seminars organized (under a programme of felicitation function and seminar lecture of Hundred Years of CUPG Teaching in Chemistry Celebration Committee on 1 2010)
  • List of Publications
  • Seminar, Lectures Delivered
  • Staff List

34;First International Conference on Conservation, Marketing and Patenting of Medicinal Plants" (Herb-Fest) at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 13th and 14th March, 2010. iv) Madhubrata Choudhury (v) Jukta Adhikari. vi) Sukumarhi Sarkar (vii) Sukumarhi Sarkar (vii) Datta viii) Rabindranath Bhattacharya (ix) Sumita Ghosh Equilibrium and thermodynamics on arsenic(HI) sorption reaction in the presence of background ions present in groundwater with nanoparticle agglomerates of hydrous iron(lll)-chromium (HI)- mixed oxide Physicochemical aspects on fluoride adsorption from water by synthetic hydrous iron(III)-chromium(III) mixed oxide 2010) Removal of Ni(ll) and Cr(VI) with titanium-V) oxide nanoparticles in fixed-bed columns. 2010).

Efficiency of fluoride removal from aqueous solution using synthetic iron(III)-aluminum(III)-chromium(III) ternary mixed oxide. 2010) Catalyst and sterically controlled alkenylation via chemoselective C-H activation and C-Br activation in the Heck reaction of methyl 1-(2-bromoaryl)-3-(2-furyl/thienyl)-5-oxopyrrolidine-2-carboxylates and diethyl 1-(2-bromoaryl)-3-(2-furyl/theinyl)-5-oxopyrrolidine-2,2-dicarboxylate derivatives. In press). Crystal Growth and Design, vol. 10, p. 2010) Characterization of the structure of the phosphoprotein of Chandipura Virus, a negative-stranded RNA virus that probes intratryptophan energy transfer using single and double tryptophan mutants. some aromatic thiohydrazides-synthesis, characterization and structure. 2010).

Teaching Faculty

Non Teaching Members

Editor) Theory and Empirics of Economics in the Current Perspective, Allied Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, in press. in press) Consumerism in India: A study based on NSC data. Editor) Theory and Empirics of Economics in the Current Perspective, Allied Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, in press. 2010): Growth, regional pattern and performance of agro-food industry in West Bengal. Editor) Theory and Empirics of Economics in the Current Perspective.Allied Publishers Private Limited, New Delhi.

In:Sarker, D. Editor) Theory and Empirics of Economics in Current Perspective.AUied Publishers Private Limited, New Delhi. inpress)Empirical of. Editor) Theory and Empirics of Economics in Current Perspective.AUied Publishers Private Limited, New Delhi.

Teaching Members Full-time Teachers

In the year 2004, the department came under the purview of the FIST program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Gautam Ghosh delivered keynote addresses at the workshop celebrating the centenary of Joda Iron Ore Mines, Tata Steel in Joda. The faculty members maintain this tradition with significant contributions in the field of earth sciences.

Besides his basic area of ​​interest, the petrological evolution of the granulites of the Eastern Ghats, Dr. Mukhopadhyay, J., Sergeev, S., (2011) Possible juvenile Palaeoarchaean TTG Magmatism in Eastern India and its constraints on the evolution of the Singhbhum.


  • Seminars held in the Department and Visitors to the Department Name of the Spealier / Visitor
  • List of Publications by the Teachers of the Department

Seminars at the department and department visitors Name of the expert / visitor Name of the expert / visitor. Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences (in press). in press) Characteristics of mineral/metal nanoparticles in the Subarnarekha River, Eastern India. The department has become famous for producing the best undergraduate physics students of Calcutta University.

In the later part of his life he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1958. This year 22 out of 28 students obtained first class in B. Honours) final examination at Calciilla University.

In peer reviewed Journals

Another program "Physics Research Workshop for Undergraduate Students" from September 28 to October 1, 2010 was organized mainly for all honors 1st year physics students of the Department. Journal of Alloys and CCnipouncK. 2010) Structural features of orthorlu,n,b.c and rhombohedral lead meta-mobate patterns Integrated Ferroelectrics. Tricritical behavior on rotator phases of normal alkanes J Phys Chcni vol. B 114, p. 2010) Landau density changes at the cholesteric to smectic transition A Chem.

Tricritical point pressure dependence of the neniatic-smcctic-A phase transition. 2010) Symmetry of topological gravity with torsion in the Hamiltonian and Larangian formalisms, JHEP, vol.1002, p. 2010). Prodyot Kumar Roy attended the 18th International IEEE Workshop on Nonhnear Dynamics of Electronic Systems (NDES), Dresden, Germany.

Teaching (including Part Time & Guest Teachers) FACULTY MEMBERS

Presented a paper titled "Protective role of ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol on arsenic-induced testicular toxicity of albino rats" in the annual conference of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists held in October 2010 at Salem, Tamilnadu. Presented a paper entitled "Amelioration of Amelioration". male reproductive dysfunctions induced by strategic mutilation of dietary proteins in rats" in the International Conference of South Asian Society of Physiologists and National Conference of Physiological Society of India, held in Bangalore from IS"' to 17"' November 2010 and conducted a session on Current Trends in Neurophysiology Presented a paper titled "Ergonomics of ocular stress and ocular surface imaging among watchmakers/repairers of Kolkata and it's possible preventive measures" in the International Conference of South Asian Association of Physiologists and National Conference of Physiologists Society of India held in Bangalore from 15. to 17"' November 2010, and chaired a session on Current Trends in Ergonomics.

Presented a paper titled "Carbon sequestration in nature: a new concept in bioremediation within microbe-human interface" in the International Conference of South Asian Association of Physiologists and National Conference of Physiological Society of India, held in Bangalore from 15"' to 17"' November, 2010. Presented a paper titled "Jussiaea repens acts as an antifertility agent in male albino rats" in the annual conference of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists at Salem, Tamilnadu in October 2010.

Teaching Staff

Presented a paper titled “2D:4D ratio in predicting aggression among school citizens in Koli

Presented a poster paper titled “Anthropometric, Haematological and Nutritional Status of Female Tea Pickers in a Tea Garden of Dooars, West Bengal” in International Conference of South Asian Association of Physiologists.

Non Teaching : Store Keeper

The students, like all previous years, have met the expectations of the department. The teachers and researchers of the Department have published their research papers in various reputed scientific journals. The teachers and researchers of the Department participated in various seminars/symposia/workshops held inside and outside this institution.

Seminars held in the Department and visitors to the Department Name of Clerk A^isitor. In addition to the teachers of the Department of Zoology, some distinguished retired professors, such as Prof.


The work of computerized cataloging of current books in the Science Library and Economics and Political Science Library is satisfactory. One service assistant from the Science Library was transferred to the Physiology Department in April last year without providing any replacement. In view of the increase in the workload of the library due to the introduction of PG courses and new disciplines, the creation of posts of Library Assistants (Group C) has been encouraged several times.

The collection of rare and valuable books and magazines has found its new home in the Central Library building. GirlsTeam : Moumita Mukherjee (PG 11 Botany) Boys Team : AvilashDey (UG Hi Statistics) Monalisa Mukherjee (UG I History) ArjunGhosh (UG 1 Economics) RajarshiBhadra (UG I Economics) V Inter Govt.



Bhattacharya Memorial Award (Donated by Dip Bhattacharya) Sushil Kumar Banerjee Memorial Medal (Donated by Ranu & Purabi Mukherjee) Prof. Silver Medal. Donated by Manjari Basu) Satish Ranjan Banerjee Memorial Prize (Donated by Atish Ranjan Banerjee. Mukhopadhyay Memorial Prize (Donated by Physiology .. Presidency College, Kolkata) Aparajita Chattopadhyay Memorial Prize (Donated by Arun Chamaray.

লীলাবতী রায় মেমোরিয়াল প্রাইজ (জেডোনারড ডোর দেবাঞ্জন চক্রবর্তী শ্যামাপদ ভট্টাচার্য্য মেমোরিয়াল প্রাইজ (জেডোনারড ডোর অধ্যাপক অজিত ভট্টাচার্য)। সুরেন্দ্রনাথ বসু মেমোরিয়াল প্রাইজ (জেডোনারড ডোর সসাধর বোস) সুরেন্দ্র বসু মেমোরিয়াল প্রাইজ। গেডোনার্ড ডোর উৎপল কানডেন্ট মেমোরিয়াল প্রাইজ। মুকুল মজুমদার)।


Nag Memorial Fund Bani Basu Memorial Prize Fund Kunja Behari Basak Memorial Fund Maharaj Gwalior Medal Fund Scindia Silver Medal Fund. Astronomical Society of India Fund Chandranarayan Gold Medal B. C. Laha Free Studentship Girish Chandra Deb Prize Fund H. Sil Kabiratna Memorial Fund. Sterling Stipend Fund Principal, Presidency College Fund Charuchandra Ghosh Memorial Fund Shyamapada Bhattacharyya Memorial Fund Nitishchandra Chakraborty Memorial Fund Nareshchandra Chakraborty Memorial Fund Lilabali Roy Memorial Fund.

Parthasarathi Gupta Memorial Fund lla Mukhopadhyay Memorial Fund Rajsekhar Basu Memorial Fund Ajay Chandra Banerjee Memo. Banerjee Sri Uttam Samanta Sri Mrinal Kanti Das Sri Ardhendu Bepari Sri Samsul Haque Laskar Sri Ardhendu Ghosh Sri Mrinal Kanti Sengupta Sri Sanjib Dhar Sri Kalyan Chakraborty Sri Ganesh Thakur Sri Joydev Das Sri Tushar Chakraborty Smt.


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