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Prasangiki 1964


Academic year: 2024

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P-.^ S]EJK''3raffi?'

csrf^mf^ ^mtsi m^lw^

6 0 .IAN 1964 ^^^


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w ^ -Q fef^tlTr i i n l ^ l f ? : ^ < P M ^ ^^^^ ^ r « •-af^oif ^ O T ^ I WS^ s R W k w SICJIT

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-t-WtSri:) lTa7TN«fn ^^a^OT ^ , 8 0 0 1 ^£lt WF^ T<«nT<f 5R:*fI ^ l a l ^ f ? ' ^ 86k>r

SfiT 6?la^la1 f ^ ? \ » ^ 'S^<lH|5:| ^ ^ e i ^ 5 I ? I 3 T ^ r a ^ ^ ^ 1 % C ^ f l l i ^ I 'SPT^s^ ^T'^T^ W * f l ^

^ ^ « f 57^151 k i£i >a^? k lii^-f^ nal^nir ^ « 1 - ^ ^raw^ •'iTOT? ^n i^q-ti la^?:

y ^ - ^ O . ^S1T35?:5T T^ ^^m qq if):^? b o y I f^ ^ t < l H l i i :^ SR a?R OTqli:^ lil^?

H ^ ^ - 1 ^ ^ ^ ^ n «o sfJT 2r«w f:sf^i%D S ^ « f 57:?ii:f i

f^ ;£! <ii^? k ifl5T"-f^ -^^tHn^i ^ ^ n ' ^iacH<i' ^ T C ^ ^M ^ ^ -ksS >ii^? b-q - ^ q , ^reiwcsr

?:5niJ Tf^^m fto ia^° JS'I) i k la ^<j1'*ra s ® R 'm^ f^ ^sr-fsr ^ ^ H r a o:^ w ^ gfsra C5f«i%c ^ « ^ i ^ 5i?rc51


^ T # f t t 5 t^^lC^ra >l^<M<t1 ^J1TT'=W M'^i|'<^4ll»vs 5)^,114l<i ffW'-^Tsi ^ra^Tsft ^IsTCS?

t°c^w1 Twm.^ ffrra^-sw scti'^jpTif ^stiRiws^ k^^fwiisra 1''>K^ ^w^<i f»wi??vs

fl<Rl'b'^m ffmi ^siVH% Iwc'Jf^ ^ifn'Rs il7n;<i?]?i s ^ ^ i - -siirM^ <FWC^M I flxsT-W v|ST^i;ttl<l ffp\5^ f^»^f^mM?f Csrc^ f ^ a lilCT -of^-sf^ •!^??f W I ^ feii^ I

t>d'<i\c'1 TR^^T^ ^sm-sw f^R:;^ ^C^^C^H I ff«(^ f ^ « i c ^ ffe-nrnM ' I M f*Rn;^

^g!^1?nt^? ^ 5 i : w ^ w f ^ ^iw*T cnr.TR:^ i -swrsfTwir f^^eR:^ f t ^ n « ^ ' © t i ^

?i:?rcw?i I vfit k^TC^ cs^fWi^Ti flctf^spfT? tm f^i^n;^ t^g^sTkrk^ ^srcsf >R^ra1-

fl'^DwraTiw sij^i^-nrinra i^^? f l w ^ a T f w 5i;?:«n'fT*nra "wm^ wc?(^^^\ T^im^

f ^ « T C ^ >l^4l<!l ^ « m f ^ fl^J^slifgCTRTT ^ e [ ^B5f*f^Tg SRT 1 ^ * W a I ^ ^ i m " I ^ f l t W

t ^ R ; ^ ^raCferi I f ? ^ K^sTC^ >i)^?lJ S f ^ rs^45'l<ll<l -sw f , ^ 57:?f(:^ ms "^SJUS

^si:«T®? ^fm^?[ ^ i i ^ 3T^4i<il <nwTf'B^ ^si^errai ^p^ sjgj-g ^CMI^ I ^ ^OT ^p-;^;'^

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^snc^ I lii ^ ^ - ^ w i d w fwTC^ i5wT^i5m ^^fTT'Rf v5#^ ^^'^ ^RM ^^f^rlw ^S^FSR 1 ^ - ? ? M C-51C?IC^H 1 ^>"e^r\D^ ?^«TC^ ^ S # ^ - ^ T ^ v»TW;;v5lg ^«f%fT § l ^ s f ^ ^^t^Sii^IT,

^srn:^ i c^^slrr 5I<)<M<I ^BTRIWI ^wcsr?) ^snrn^w^ ? I M ^Tc^^fT-'tf^^s'n^ 5R:«t

C2f?5!OTf^ "^mm f*WT5jTW a^«f^ ' ^ a p ^J^^^^rr ^fif i f^*R ^ t ^ I w n ? ^ wraw<j ^5^ sfcinwjfte^ c^"*[ I m ' ^ M 5iaw^ 5R;!O ^ - W ^ ' R I^^RIM a1%

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^ g ^ I W ' n CSR:^ ifl^Tl ^?l1l^ <ki|'lal<T ^5^'2[T 5 I ? l 1 ^ I m « 1 ^ , t?lf#5,

2fa(5[, m ^ c ^ lii^? ^5^5% ^ ^ i ^ ^ira^ ^^M «iicvs, ?;*n«f v»TT«fh:\s, ^5'=«r?r fe# f»WT- si;^^ a5[Cff wkc^T^oi i ^ # f w f ^f{m ^^i^ a i f ^ t ^ t w K ^ wm^ tfK«T ^ H C ^

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i .-ncf"i-.r' . v V O L L C G S I


^^4iO TfTCrT^ ^ibiil JTC^'=^f •'W^^ 5 p s n m i 5 £f*sW?«(Il ^8,0(iij3 lil^^ ^t*nWf -^ife^M

;^qo I ;ii^ ^^n u^^ «ra?M tf?^«f b^ft.o^^i IJI^T &^ ^¥( ^^m\ i ^fl wm 'mMi'5]

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^rnscnte ^5^1^ ®RT W;;'?!^ WW\ f^»w 2rc?rrsR; ^g<R^8 - s ^ ^ C^STTI spsr ??[ f^ I 5 T ^ M ,

^'*fM ^ 5;rij^ ftfCT spen'^M c«nsTT m^m ^^^en ¥ 5 T ^^1;;'=^ 2R:?rrsfi{ 1 f i ^ -

"Trft^^iwi • ' w cerc^ liif^^ra <i^,<i< vsT^rm ^ a c ^ ^ 1 i^i ^T^ST a^sir^rRii ^JTI i^^sf ^rs?

C<Cvt)C^ I lilt ^ T ^ ^W ^ 1 ^ SRT ^sc?l^t5 ^ ( M w 4V|'t.|<ll (ii^tSR fen-SpeiTqitg^,

M\s ^ c w ^ 5 ^ : ^ ^nijf^ -s^CTi ?FM 19 ^ ^ wra^°'TC¥^ ¥ T t ^ f ^ s ^ i T ? ? ^ ' ^ T ^ 1 t ^ t ^ m c ^ ^w " c ; ^ ^ TH<^'i?b\s ^ ^ 5 = t w^^m^ ^'f^ ^m:^m(<^ ^^mw^^m 1

^sM"^ " ^ s ^ iie?,viitit^^ ^ s w !:ww w>s?[T?f ^«'s??f <pic<ii'<pi^ TT^fra^f ^i^nw^ ?57rn:^


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WTSRRTl^ TOfsjXs T-in'^n ^BRTR:^ ^ T C l I ^fS ^ ^ W C ^ ^ - ^ ; ^ s ^ t r a f g ^ Tj^T^i^

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^«m''W-^°«fiT iil«R4T^ ?:K?1 '^SICT^ "^ T^sT, vs-«R "T^'SR CW^T ^ ^ • ' T ^ - ^ 4 l ^ ? r S R I

" R I V ^ feri iii«R ^ M ^ ^ ^ c^cvs ?n-Q?iT ^rc^^ ^ n ^ JT^'SR ?:^?n^ *<2KST

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^ r w ^^Tjg 'CTrr ^C5T^ C«R:^ SP^SK ^ ^ T ^W^ %-f^ ^ r f ^ -srFs^ a^»f ^^

^ J ^ J ^ ^itcM "^fa^T ^ ^ f t f c ^ i f^f^ ^sfwcffi ^scoTCSft ^f? 15 5^55r nrf'^s^'^i;'^

2R*«f a ^ H <f<i<ii?t ^'m:;^ ^^-^im airc^, voc^ va^ ^ W M ^ a f v s ^ ^5^? 5f?fM ^sn^^swl?^^



Visitors from abroad in 1963

Miss Janina Domanska, B.A. (London), Paderewaski Foundation Fellow (U.S.A.), paid a sLort visit to the College on Sth February 1963.

Oil 21st Febiuarv, Dr. Arclii T. Bhelira, Professor of Philosophy, Uiiiversity of New Mexico, delivered a lecture on " W h a t is Philoso])hy—

"Western and E a s t e r n " to the students of the Philosophy Department.

On 2nd April, Mr. C. DoUey, Export Manager, Penguin Books Ltd., Ilarinondsworth, Middlesex, paid a short visit to the College and met some senior members of the teaching staff.

On 16tb August, a Project India Team from California visited the College- and met the students in a fimction.

On 27th November, Mr. K. Stehr, Assistant Cultural Adviser, Trade Ile])resentation of German Democratic Ee])ub]ic in India, New Delhi, paid a short visit.

On 4tli December, Mr. Medhi Kizilhash, Assistant Director, Inter- national Students Office, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, paid a short visit to the College.



Statement of Publications and Research Work by members of the staff of the Presidency College or by students under their guidance during 1983

English Bagchi, Priyatosh

A Xote on AVordswortli's Yarrow Visited, Stanza 4 (shortly to be published in Notes and Queries, London).

Sen, Dr. S. K.

Shakesjieare A^ a ]K)rro\ver: Kellett and 18tli Century Critics (A'ote.i and Queries, London, September, 1963).

Adaptations of Shakespeare and lii> Critics, 1660-1800 (Indian Journal of English Studies, 1962).

Basu, Kajal

The iloral Contusion in Cliaucer'.s Troilus and Criseyde (shortly to be publi,=]ied ir the Indian Journal of English Studies),

Bengali Mitra, Dr. Haraprasad

Datta, Bhabatosh

Bhowmik, Dr. Nirmalendu

ti^Zt^ !:«Tr^5r«^W [Calcutta irniver^ity].

Philosophy Bhattacharya, Pareshnath

The Philosophy of Tivekananda (Centenary Volume, E.K.M.A., Baranas'ore).

['bysics and Ancient -Indian Philosophy (A.I.E. Broadcast, October, 1963).

San, D^yiprasad

Sabda as an Indei)endeut Source of Knowledge (to be published in the Journal of the Indian Academi/ of I'hiloiophy, Vol. I I , 1963).

Sinha, Dr. Debabrata

I']ienomenolo<>'V and Positivism (Philosophi/ and Fhenomenological Research, F . S . A . , June, 1963).

The Crisis of Science and Husserl's Phenomenology {Journal of Indian Academy of Philosophy, 1963).

Der Begrifl: der Person in Phenomenolofific Edmund Husserl (to be published in Die Zeitschi-ift fur Philosophical Forschung, West Germany).


Sinha, Dr. Debabrata

Eeason by Faith—the European Dark Ag'S (Talk broadcast from A . I . E . , November, 1963).

Person in Hiisserl's Phenomenology (to be published in the Philosophical Qvarterly, Indian Philosophical Congress).

Nandi, Dr. S. K.

Studies in Ancient Indian Concept of Rebirth {Modern Review, October, 1963).

History Tripathi, Dr. Amalesh

Five Chapters on Economic History of India in the British Para- nioimtcy and the Indian Renaissance (Vol. I X of History of the Indian People and Civilization, Bharatiya Vidya-Bhavan, edited by R. C. Majumdar).

Biswas, Dilip Kumar

Majumdar, Subodh Kumar

Statistics Cujn, A. M., Gupta, M. K. and Dasgupta, B

Ftiadamentals of Statistics (2nd revised edition).

Mukherji, S. P.

Determination of Modified Control Limits Admitting Tool-Wear (submitted for publication in Current Science).

Mukherji, S. P. and others

Concei)t of a Lag in Obstetric Analysis {Jmir. Ind. Med. Association, March 1, 1963).

Specific Maternal Mortality Rates (submitted for publication in Ind.

Jovr. Pvh. Health).

Mathematics Burman, N. C.

Propagation of a plastic wave in a circular Membrane etc. (Brown University Publication) (in the press).


50 Physics Dr. R. L. Sengupta and his assistants

Sengupta, Dr. R. L., Biswas, Dr. M. M. antt Banerji, B. K.

Knock-on electrons of fast Muons (sent for publication in IL Nuova Cimento).

Ghosh, S. and Banerji, B. K.

Muon Scattering (accepted for publication in Annalender Physik).

iDr. A. K. Roy Choudhuri and his assistants Roy Choudhuri, Dr. A. K. and Banerji, S.

Cof-mological evolution with continuous creation of matter (Zeitschrift fiir Astrophysik).

Som, M.

Cylindrically Symmetric radial electrostatic fields in general relativity.

(Proceedings of Physical Society, London).

Lahiri, S. K. Choudhuri, S. C. and Nagchoudhuri, Dr. B. D.

Leishnian Saline Technique for Simultaneous, Total and Broad Differential counts of Bone-marrow cells. (NaUirwissemschaJten).

Lahiri, S. K. (in collaboration with S. R. Basu, F. Hussain and Dr. B. D.


Simultaneous Pancreatic and Thyroid Function Tests using E I H S A . (British Journal of Radiology).

Lahiri, S. K. and Udupa, K. B.

Hematology of rats under Radiation sickness by single sublethal dose of P^^ (sent to Radiology for publication).

Lahiri, S. K. (in callaboration with K. B. Udupa, S. R. Basu and Dr. B.

D. Nag).

Effect of P^2 on bone-marrow of rats, cell number and nucleic acid synthesis (sent for publication in Radiation Research).

Chemistry Shome^ Dr. S. C. and Kaimal> V. R. M.

Determination of Titanivim with N-Benzoyl-pheuyl-hydroxylanaine by direct weighing [Anahjtica Chimica Acta, 29 (1963), 28G].

Shome, S. C. and Das, H. R.

Complexometric titration of copper and iron using N-Benzoyl-pheny]- hydroxylamine as Metal indica.tor (Z. Anal. Chimin) (communicated).

All, M. A.

Note on the bond lengths of 1.14 Benzlisanthrene [Acta. Crystallo- graphia, 16, 929 (1963)].



53 All, M. A. and Miller etal> I. J.

Theoretical study of Tetrabenzobi-phenylene by HMO method (A])peiidix in Studies in Phenanthrene (JheiniHry, Part I I , J. Cbera.

Society, London) (accepted for publication).

All, M. A. and Wood, R. F.

Application of localised perturba.tion technique. (.7. Mol. Sfeetioscopy) (accepted for publication).

Kundu, P. C.

Complexometric Titration of Calcium and Magnesium using' Aluminium as metal indicator [Z. Anal. ('him. 196. Bd. 4H., 8.24(; (1963)]

Banerjee> R. S.

Ligand field spectra of some metals in their imfamiliar oxidation states.

P a r t I. Journal of ln,or!j<niic and Muclear (Jhemi.iti ij (a( cepted for publication).

Chakraborty, S. N. and Talibudeen, 0.

Solubility products and chemical ])otentials of Iron and Alununium Phosphates in Soil [U. K. -Journal of Soil Science, 13 (1962), 231-240].

Chakraborty, S. N.

Availa.bility of Soil and Fertiliser phosphates to plants [Science and (hilt'UTc) (accepted for ])ublication).

Sannigrahi, A. B. and Chandra, A. K.

Hydrogen Bonding Effect on the Electronic Absorjition Spectra of some secondary amines (Jovrnal of Fhi/'ncal Chemistry) (accepted for publication).

Chose, S. K.

Isolation and Studies of the Active Principle of Acorous Calamus [Journal of Indian Chemical Society, XL-9 (1963)].

Studies on Anti-malarials [Jovrnal of Indian Chemical Society, XIi-10 (1963)].

Botany Bhacfuri, Dr. P. N.

The Late Professor Eeginald Euggles Gates. [Indian Jour. Gen. aiid Pt. Breeding, 23(2): 107-108, 1963].

Bhaduri, Dr. P. N. and Biswas, P. K.

Preliminary Studies on the alkaloid content of the diiiloids and induced tetraploid (Ravrolfia, Serpentina Benth and their propagations)

(in the i)ress)

Bhaduri. Dr. P. N. and Chatterjee, Dr. N. K.

Morphological changes indiiced in Cyathodium by X-rays (in the press).



Gangulee, H. C.

Mosses of Eastern India I I I {Hull. Hot. Soc, Bengal. 14; 10-57, 1960).

Mosses of Eastern India IV {Jonr. Bomhay Natiiral Hist. Soc, December, 1963).

Kar, A. K.

Isolation of a ^l)ef'ies of LiCca and the study of its plasmodiiim under cultinal condition. [Current Science, -'52(1): 38-39, 1963.]

Investigation of pla».niodial membrane of Myxomycetes. {Mycologia) (in press). ' '

Study of ilie various asi)ects of plasmodial growth of Physarnm xcingnteni<e Macler (Cvrrent Science) (in press).

Leaf bliolit of Mirahilis jalnpa. {Science and Culture) (in press).

Chatterjee, T. P. and Sharma. A. K.

'Nuclear response for haemoglobin treatment. {Caryologia) (ia press).

Geography Kar, Or. N. R.

Pattern of I ' r b a n firrowth in Lower West l$eng'al {GeorjrOpfiical Rerien- of India, Sep.-Dec. 1962) (published in 1963).

Chatterjee, Dr. A. B.

The Climate in and around Calcutta {Observer, 1963).

The Hooglily and its We^t: A study in Historical Geopraphy (Abstract, Indian Science Congress, 1963. Geograpliical I'evieir of India, J u n e , 1963) (in ])ress).

Physiology Mukherjee, Achintya K.

Red Cell Transaminase Activity in Health. {Cal. Med. Jonr. 1962;

59, 389).

Sinha< Krishna Kumar and Mukherjee. Achintya K.

S.G.O.T. in the different tissues of vitamin K deficient albino rats.

{IXn. ./. Physiol. All, Sci. 1962: 16, 589).

Roy Ghowdhury, N., Sinha, K. K. and Mukherjee, Achintya K.

S.G.O.T. activity in normal i)reynancy and in accidental haeniorrliage.

(./. Ind. Med. Ass. 1963: 41, 236).

Roy, R. N., Chose, S., Mukherjee, A. K., Dutta, B. and Roy, S.

Blood inorganic phosphorous and Magnesium level {Ind. ./. Phy.iiol.

Alii, Sci. 1962: 38, 589).


Dutta, Bharati and Mukherjee, Achintya K.

Effect of Oestro'i'enic substanoe and the Blood Iron level. {Ind. ./.

ETP. Biol. 1963: 1, 91).

Roy Chowdhury, N., Dutta, B. and Mukherjee, Achintya K.

Com])arative hematological stiidies of iron and phosphorous blood level in mother and in newborn babies. {Avi. J. Ohx. Gijne, 1963; oto.


Sinha, Krishna Kumar and Mukherjee, Achintya K.

Fat metabolism in vitamin E deficiencv. (Ind. ./. Phijsiol, Alli, Sc.

1962: 16, 144).

Geolofjy Ray, S.

Eifty years of progress of Eesearoh in Geology in India (Indian Science Congress Association).

Banerji, Dr. A. K.

On the iSequence of Igneous Activity in part of Northern Singhbhuni, South of Tatanagar, Bihar {0. ./. Creol. Min. Met. Soc. of India, Vol. XXXV, No. 1).

Saha, Dr. A. K.

Systematic quantitative areal variation in five gra.nitic massifs: a dis- cussion [./onr. Geology (F.S.A.), v. 71, p. 116-18].

Trend surface analysis of the areal composition variations in the Bahalda Roa.d Granodiorite, Mavurbhanj (Abstract) [Proc. bOth Ind. Sci. Con/jr., P t . I l l , p. 248).

Studies on the areal composition variations in the Bahalda Road 'Granodiorite, Mayurhhanj. 'Advancing Frontiers of Geology and Geo])hysics' (6otli Birthday Commemoration Vol. of I)r. M. S.

Krishnan) (in press).

Saha, Dr. A. K. with Dr. S. N. Sarkar

On the occurrence of two intersecting Pre-CambriaTi erogenic belts in Singhbhum and adjacent areas (India Geo]. Maij.. V. 100, No. 1, p. 69-92).

Saha, Dr. A. K. with Dr. S. K. Chakraborti

A quantitative petrological study of the Byluilda Road Grmodiorite, Mayurbhanj. {.Jour. DecCari Geol. Soc. V. o, ]). 50-59).


58 Saha, Dr. A. K. with Shri P. K. Raha

Dykes of 'Porphyry' rocks within the Sing'hbhum Granite aiound ]iai- rangpur, district Mayurhhanj, Orissa {Jour. Geol. Soc. India, V. 4, p . 50-59).

(Shri Shyamal Kanii Chakraborti, C.S.I.E. Research Fellow, was admitted to the degree of 1). Phil, of the Calcutta University in

March. 19G;?. He worked on the 'Structural and petrological evolu- tion of the northern part of Singhhhuni d r a n i t e ' under the guidance of Dr. A. K. Saha.)

Gangopadhyay, Dr. P. K.

The Structural History of the Kishorn-Lochcarron area in Eoss-shiie (in press).

Bose, M. K.

Some aspects of ultramafic rocks of Hatgamariah, Sing-hbhnm, Pihai (Jour. Mine.i, Mefolt and Fuels, Vol. 11, No. !>).

On the calciferous brown aniphibole in alkalic gabbro of Koraput, Orissa (7'he Aemricon Mineralogist, Vol. 48, Nos. 1] and 12, lf)fi;>).

On co-existing brown amphibole and pyroxene in gabbroic rock of Koraput, Origsa (Cvrrenf Science) (in press).

Bose, M. K. with B. Bhattacharya,

The permian Batostomella sp. from the Zewar Beds of Kashmir {Q.J.G.M.M. Soc. Ind., Vol. 35, No. 1).

Zoologji Mookerjee, S.

Determination of Cell System in Hydra. (Proc. International Cong.

Zool. 2;37, 2, 196-3, Washington).

New perspective in Indian Biology. {Join. Uni. Educt. 1963) (in press).

Mookerjee, S., Ganguly, B. and Gourl, C. V.

Effects of ])enicillin on the reaggrega.tion of sponge cells {Ind. Joiir.

E.Tj). Bio. 1963) (in press).

Mookerjee, A. and Mookerjee, S.

Observations on the isolated DXA from Hydra, \l\nt\ire (19G3), Loudon]

Studies on isolated polymerised DNA from sponge Cells. \lSaturwissen, (1963) Germany] (in press).


Hajra, B.

Cytocheuiical analysis of the eftects of trinitroplieiioi oa amoeba. {Acta liistochetn, 161, 15, 19C'i, Germany).

Sanyai; S.

Cellular dynamics in the morphojjrenesis of Hydra during- bud develop- ment and regeneration (Roane's archiv., Germany) (in press).

Sinha, A.

Irreversibility of determination of iniplanled material in Hydra.

(/?6i?/,f'i' arcliiv, (jermany) (in press).

Das Gupta, S.

Scutellar bristles in Ciilicoides (l)iptera, Ceratopogonidae) (Cvrrent Sci.

123. 32, 1963j.

Report on a collection of Sikkini Culicoides (Dipter, Ceratopogouidae) (Proc. ZooJ. Soc. :j:5, 16, J963).

Ovulation and ovipositiou in ("ulicoides (Dii)ter, Ceratopogouidoe) [fi-oc. Zool. Soc. 27, 16, 1963).

Aberrant siJermathecae in Culicoides (Uii)ter, Ceratopogouidae) (Curi-ent. .Sci., 218, 32, 1963).

Culicoides (Uipter, Ceratopogonidae) of Calcutta and the neighbouring areas (Ent. Monthly, May. 253, 94, 1963, England).

(In addition Ur. Mookerjee and his research associates have contributed nine pa])ers to the 51st session of the Indian Science Congress to be held n1 Cliandigarh.)


Pre-Umversity Examinations, 1963

Joannes of students -placed among the first ten Pre-University Arts

Asinikumar Sanbui ... ... ... 3rd Alokekumar Mukhopadhyay ... ... ,.. 4th Bhaskar Ghosh ... ... ... 10th

Pre-University Science

Ainarranjan Ghoshal ... ... ... 7th Debdas Biswas ••• ... ... 8th Sanat Kr. Chatterjee ... ... ... 9th


g.A. and B.Sc. Examinations, 1963 iSa'mes of studeiiU of>t(dning first class

B.A. (2-Year Degree) Mathematics

Indira Eoy.


Amarkumar Cliatterjee.

B.Sc. (2>Year Degree) Physics

Debidas Miikliopadhyay.

Sonmatli P a l . Basiuleb GJiosh.

SiddLartlia Eoy.

Prabir Kr. Gbohli.

Jisbnu Ue.

Siijau Kr. Kimdu.

S. Anauta Krishiian.

Tapas Kr. Mifra.

Debabrata Basu.

'/.oology Sbelly Cliakravorty.

A jit Kumar Aditya.

Geology Durjoy Bbadiiri.

Haripada Roy.

Kiranchand P a l . Gourisankar Gbosli.

Debaprosad Bbatlacbaryya.

Sankar ifojumdar.

Benoykrislana Cliakravorty.

Chemistry jVirjjial Chatterjee.

PiJTisbkauti Gan^opadhyay.

Basudeb Acliari.

Tapan Kr. Sengupta.


51 Botany

Sukla Eandyoi^aclliyay.

Liua Cliandra.


Rajkumar Koy Clioudhuii.

Dipok Kr. Ghakravorty..

Sliyani Narayaii Daga.

Dipankar Roy.

Utpal Kr. Samaddaj.

Pliynioloijij Usharanjan Eoy.

Ealjit P a l . Amrita Banerjee.

B.A. (3-Year Oegree) PhUosopliy.

Bharati Sen.

Anita l)as.

Political Science Pradip Bunerjee.

RakliaJiari Cliatterjee.

B.Sc. (3-Year Degree) Physics

Pradip Kr. Salia.

Prasanta Kr. Basu.

Nanda Muklierjee.

Ulpal Kr. De.

Eathindranatli Choudhnri, Dipankar Sengiipta.

Ranabir Datta.

Kalyanbidlian Sinlia.

Tapaskumar Das.

Goutam Sengupta.

Ratneswar Roy.

Somen Kr. Maitra.

Subir Datta.


Geology Aiiisli Kr. Roy.

Soblien Roy.

Arup Kr. Mitra.

Zoology Dipti Clioudliuri.

Botany Fana Majumdar.

Parna l?liattacliaiyya.


Bimal Ch. Majumdar.

Kalyan Datta.

Parimal Kauti Pal.

Sipra. Mookherjee.


Malabika Bliattaoliaryya.

Cioutam Siddhaiita.

Bliabani Sinha.

MatheTnaiics Tapan Kr. Sinha.

Physiolofjy Sharmila Cliakravorty.

Manjulika Dhar.

Raka Bose.

Dipali Roy.

Biswanath Pyne.

M.A. and M.Sc. Examinations, 1962 Names of students obtaining first olass

[Merit in order of the University) M.A.


Ratish Cli. Mukhopadliyay ... ... ... Ist Economics

Sujit Basu ... ... ... Ist



l^oUtical Science

Hadha Raman Chakravorty ... ... ... 1st Viswanath More ... ... ... 2iid Asoke Kr. Miikhopadhyay ... ... ... :jrd Pranabsankar Miikhopadhyay ... ... ... 4th


Siikla Majumdar ... ... ... gth



Ami Kr. Saha ... ... ... Stla.

Aiun Kr. Da,s ... ... ... i:Jth MonoKiujan J^hattauharyya ... ... ... 17th Shibuath Chatterjee ... ... ... 20th Satyar-arayau l^iiierjee . . ... ... 22iid liajagopal Sliautu ... ... ... 24th


Asitknm.aT Hen ... ... ... 1st

Applied Mathematics

Arabiada Roy ... ... ... 2nd (jroiir Ch. Sinha Roy ... ... ... 3rd Md Issa ... ... ... 4th


Kina Ghosh ... ... ... 3rd


Jagannioy Mitra ... ... ... Srd Bani Batta ... ... ... 9th


Nikhilkrishna De ... ... ... 2nd



Medals, Prizes and Scholarships awarded by the University M.A. and M.Sc. Examinations, 1962



... (a) Kshetiamohan Cliattierjee (lold Medal (a gold-rimmed silver medal out of the interest of the Corpus).

(b) Prof. Sushil Cli. Dutt Silver Medal.

PraiaV Kumar Deb

Ratish ("li. Mukhoijadhyay

Radliaramau CliakrabaTti

Viswanatli More

Dilip Kumar Chakrabarti

Sanjit Basu

Arabinda Roy

Niklulkrislma De

Asitkuiuar Sen

Sublias Ch. Bliattacharyya Chittaranjan Bhattacbaryya


... (1) l)i-. Gaurang-aaath Banerjee Memorial Prize.

(2) Prize of Rs. 200.

Folitical Science

... (1) Sir Sureudrauatli Bauerjee Prize.

(2) Gold Medal and Prize of Rs. 200, ... Silver Medal and Prize of Rs. 100- Archaeology

... Gold Medal and Pr^ze of Rs. 200.


... Gold Medal and Prine of Rs. 200.


Applied Mathematics

... Silver Medal and Prize of Rs, 100.


Prize of Rs. 100.


... (iold Medal and Prize of Rs. 200.


... G-)l(] Jfedal and Prize of Rs. 200.

al and Prize of Rs. 100.



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