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If the bidder is applying for EMD waiver, please attach a copy of the NSIC/MSME (the certificate must be visible, if it is not visible the bidder will be disqualified). The bidder must select the offline payment option to pay the Tender FEE / EMD, if applicable, and enter the details of the instruments. The tenderer should log out of the tendering system by using the normal logout option available in the top right corner and not by selecting the (X) exit option in the browser.

However, this does not limit the inclusion of the same subcontractor in more than one tender; or. 4 CLARIFICATION OF BIDDING DOCUMENTS, SITE VISIT, PRE-BID MEETING 4.1 A Bidder requiring any clarification of the Bid Document will contact the. Any changes to the offer documents that may become necessary as a result of the pre-bid meeting will be made solely by the buyer through the issuance of an addendum and not through the minutes of the pre-bid meeting.

Table of Clauses
Table of Clauses



The format of technical specifications is available in Excel sheet TECHNICAL.xls of this E-Tender document at https://eprocure.gov.in/. Bidders are advised to download TECHNICAL.xls and fill their specifications in the prescribed column and upload the same in the technical bid along with other required documents. The printed copy of the completed technical specifications (Excel) must be scanned and uploaded in PDF.


This shall in no way limit the Buyer's right to contract on any of the terms offered. The cost of the goods specified under Carriage and Insurance Paid (CIP) Model up to the named place of destination in India as specified in the BDS. The bidders' representatives who are present at the buyer's office to witness the opening of bids must be requested to sign the minutes.

If the provider wants to inform the client of additional information, it must do so in writing. The client decides on the responsiveness of the offer based on the content of the offer itself. 23 Conversion into a single currency: For valuation and comparison purposes, the currency(s) of the offer must be converted into a single currency as specified in the BDS.

Contract, applied during the performance period of the Contract, will not be taken into account in the evaluation of the bids. These factors may be related to the features, performance and terms of purchase of the Goods and Related Services. The effect of the selected factors, if any, is expressed in monetary terms to facilitate comparison of tenders.

Prior to the expiration of the bid validity period, the Buyer shall notify the successful Bidder in writing that its Bid has been accepted. At the same time, the Buyer shall also inform all other Bidders of the results of the bid. The prices stated by the Bidder cannot be adjusted during the performance of the Contract.

Schedule of Requirements

The Contract as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Contract exchanged by the Supplier and the Buyer must be written in the language specified in the SCC. Arbitration may be commenced before or after delivery of the Goods under the Contract. Subject to GCC sub-clause 33.1, the delivery of the goods and completion of the related services shall be in accordance with the delivery and completion schedule specified in the schedule of requirements.

If required as specified in the KVK, the Supplier shall, within twenty-one (21) days from the notice of contract award, provide a performance bond for the execution of the contract in the amount specified in the KVK. Similarly, the Supplier shall not use these documents, data and other information obtained from the Buyer for any purpose other than the performance of the contract. The Supplier shall notify the Purchaser in writing of all subcontracts awarded under the Contract unless already specified in the offer.

The Supplier will provide such packaging of the Goods as is necessary to prevent their damage or deterioration during transport to their final destination, as indicated in the Contract. The Supplier shall, at its own expense and at no cost to the Buyer, carry out all such tests and/or inspections of the Goods and Related Services as specified in the SCC. Subject to GCC Sub-Clause 26.3, if carried out on the premises of the Supplier or its Subcontractor, all reasonable facilities and assistance, including access to drawings and production data, shall be provided to the inspectors at no cost to the Buyer.

As soon as possible after receipt of Supplier's notice, Buyer shall review the situation and may, in its sole discretion, extend Supplier's time for performance, in which case the extension shall be ratified by the parties by an amendment of the contract. The notice of termination will state that termination is for the convenience of Buyer, the extent to which Supplier's performance under the Contract will be terminated and the effective date of such termination. Neither the buyer nor the supplier shall assign all or part of their obligations under this contract except with the prior written consent of the other party.

The above documents must be received by the buyer before the arrival of the goods, and if they are not received, the supplier is responsible for any resulting expenses. If not in accordance with Incoterms, the insurance shall be as follows: NA GCC 25.1 Responsibility for transportation of the goods is as specified in For the purpose of the warranty, the final destination(s) shall be the department where the equipment is installed.

Bidding Forms

We offer to supply in accordance with the tender documents and in accordance with the delivery schedules specified in the schedule of requirements the following goods:. enter a brief description of the Related Goods and Services];. A crossed bank draft in favor of the Director, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli for Rs. A sole proprietorship firm and the person signing the offer document is the sole proprietor / compound attorney of the sole proprietor.

A partnership firm, and the person signing the tender document is a partner of the firm and he has authority to refer to arbitration disputes regarding the business of the partnership by virtue of the partnership agreement/by virtue of general power of attorney. Name of the person duly authorized to sign the Bid on behalf of the Bidder**. In the case of the Bid submitted by joint venture, specify the name of the Joint Venture as Bidder.

We agree to comply with our offer for a period of 120 days from the fixed date of opening of the offer documents and to remain bound by a notice of acceptance within that period. We have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of the offer document and we hereby undertake to deliver in accordance with these terms and conditions. We have paid or will pay the following commissions, gratuities or fees with respect to the bidding process or performance of the contract: [insert full name of each.

A partnership firm, and the person signing the tender document is a partner of the firm and he has authority to refer to arbitration disputes regarding the business of the partnership by virtue of the partnership agreement/under general power of attorney. Statutes (or equivalent documents of constitution or association), and/or documents of registration of the legal entity mentioned above. We hereby extend our full warranty and guarantee in accordance with Clause 28 of the General Conditions of Contract, in respect of the Goods offered by the above firm.

FORM FOR PROCESS COMPLIANCE/ACCEPTANCE OF TENDER CONDITIONS The form must be submitted in a letter Head of the company/company .. together with the appropriate signature and stamp) Director,.

Contract Forms

Performance Bond

By this Bond [name of the Client] as Client (hereinafter referred to as "the Supplier") and [name of the Security] as Security (hereinafter referred to as "the Security") are held and firmly attached to [name of the Buyer] as Obligor (hereinafter referred to as "the Supplier") in the amount of [insert amount in words and figures], for the payment of which the amount must be made truthfully in the types and proportions of currency in which the contract price is payable, the The Supplier and the Guarantors, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, jointly and severally, are firmly bound by the representatives. 13 Must have protection against short circuit, no load, on/off mute, RF interference. Stable in reactive or mismatched loads. 14 Must have ventilation, fans, thermal protection. Must be 19 inches wide and less than 20 inches deep.

13 It must have one RJ 45 Ethernet control port, one USB control port, one bidirectional RS-232 control port. 14 It must support ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, DHCP, protocols. 5 1 number 6.3mm (1/4") headphone output 6 Should have built-in preamplifier for microphone inputs 7 Should have Reverb and Delay settings and built-in 2 Should have one stationary receiver, one Body Pack transmitter with battery , one lavalier microphone with wires, windshield, microphone clip, power supply.

14 Must have a lavalier microphone with input connector. 15 Noiseless ON/OFF/Mute switch. Must have reinforcements. 20 RF output of up to 10 mW Lavalier microphone 20 Must have tie clip, tie bar, windshield 21 Must have condenser transducer 22 Cardioid polar pattern. 1 The product must have models with at least 4 UHF frequency bands, each with at least 8 factory preset channels in each frequency band.

11 Operating time of 10 hours with batteries 12 Microphone type: Dynamic Cardioid 13 Mic Sensitivity of minimum 1.5mV/Pa 14 Must have on/off button. 5 Must have 10 meters of low noise shielded cable with XLR connector on one end and 6.3 mm (1/4") phone jack 6 Must have shock mounting system for the transducer 7 Must have features to reduce hum and electrical noise. Manufacturer/ OEM in the manufacturer / OEM letterhead with the signatory's name, designation, telephone number,.


Table of Clauses
Table of Forms
Table of Forms


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