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Media Factsheet on Issues of Citizenship in the Northeast


Academic year: 2023

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August 17, 2018: The Supreme Court has asked the Assam NRC coordinator to submit data on the percentage of the district's population excluded from the draft NRC in the state. August 31, 2019: The government released the final version of the NRC, leaving over 19 lakh people in Assam out of the list.



The Illusive Indian

In retrospect, it is probably important to reflect on the process itself and the possibilities in the process itself. In the first category of the documents, the most important and controversial are of course the NRC 1951 and the voter list till 1971.

The Great NRC Mess

Nor is it easy to tell where one ethnicity ends and another begins – people are often the same on both sides of the border. The separation of Bengali and Assamese ethnic identities is itself a matter of interest.

What is National Register of Citizens (NRC) of Assam

Those who remain outside are not yet labeled as "foreigners" or sent to detention centers.

National Register of Citizens: Assam has its own context, misrepresenting it won’t help

In the end, the leadership of the movement settled for something as unimaginative and short-sighted as NRC. In Assam, it is very common to accuse someone of being a foreigner and file a case with the Border Police since the abolition of the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals), or IMDT, Act in 2005.

The Spectre of Citizenship: History & Politics of NRC in Assam

The reason may be mass influx of population from East Bengal (later East Pakistan) and other parts of the mainland. Admittedly, the party's Hindu-Bengali constituency is worried.

Figure  1:  Decadal  population  growth  of  India  and  Assam  (in  %)  [Data  Source:  Census  of India]
Figure 1: Decadal population growth of India and Assam (in %) [Data Source: Census of India]

Why we need to know the history behind NRC

Saadulla Ministry also found in the 'Grow More Food' campaign a convenient mechanism to strike at the root of the line system and facilitate the eventual inclusion of Assam in the East Pakistan zone. Struggling to maintain a deceptive harmony with our neighbor can be costly in the long run.

Non-citizens and history

On the 102nd anniversary of the incident in 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally apologized for the incident in the Canadian Parliament. However, a less appreciated exemplary role of the Komagata Maru affair, says legal scholar Sherally Munshi, was the closing of borders.

NRC: The journey of a historical consensus

Pursuant to the directive of the Supreme Court, the Chief Secretary of India vide his Notification No. S.O. It was gratifying to see that the people of the country wholeheartedly accepted the order without questioning the procedure proposed.

By right of blood: how changes to India’s citizenship regime put millions at risk of becoming stateless in Assam Province

By the right of blood : how changes in India's citizenship regime put millions of people in Assam province at risk of statelessness. The Endless Conundrum: The Citizens/Foreigners' Story Between Politics and the Law in Assam.

The Unending Conundrum: The Story of Citizens/Foreigners between Politics and the Law in Assam

The idea of ​​citizens, conceived as stakeholders in the new country, therefore gained immediate importance. The NRC, or National Register of Citizens, was an important but occasional product of the 1951 census.



Worse Than a Death Sentence”: Inside India’s Sham Trials That Could Strip Millions of Citizenship

Many tribunal members" - the term for the lawyers who preside over the tribunals - "do not find their documents authentic or their word credible." In the latter part of our tenure there was an undercurrent from the authorities that we should produce more foreigners," said the younger former member.

Assam NRC: Are India’s ‘unwanted people’ being driven to suicide?

34;There has been an increase in such suicides since the publication of the final draft of the NRC last year," he said. Despite Mr. Das's lawyers filing a case for his inclusion in the NRC, his name was missing from the list in July .

We broke news to four Assam families: They must prove they are Indians again, for no fault of theirs

While they, unlike Ali, did not reach the NRC despite court orders in their favor, they hoped the orders would at least spare them the ordeal of a new citizenship trial like other NRC rejections. His children and he, despite the favorable order - the lack of a centralized database means the Election Commission's records are often not updated in real time - did not reach the NRC, but Pachar Ali was told he had nothing to worry about.

The SC Is Exceeding Its Brief as the Apex Judicial Organ in the NRC Case

It is not the job of the court to persuade the government to decide whether to deport it or not (despite some observations in Sarbananda Sonowal which are not only obiter but completely unsupported by any legal principle of authority). In summary, therefore, the law on deportation is that it is a decision for the government to make, a decision that is constrained by principles of customary international law.

Why Is BJP Changing Tack on NRC in Assam?

The Congress has also activated its legal cell to help those left out of the final NRC. BJP's rejection of NRC even before it was announced is only a design to keep its Hindu Bangladeshi base intact.

Assam and NRC — the struggle to belong where you belong

She was in Guwahati when the first draft of the NRC was released on December 31, 2017. The same process was repeated the very next day for my mother's side of the family.

Gorkhas up in arms against omissions from Assam NRC list

However, it pointed out that Gorkhas in Assam who do not fall into any of the permissible categories can be referred to the tribunals. They should implement the contents of the MHA letter,” said BGP National Secretary Nanda Kirati Diwan.

New NRC: ‘How many times do we prove citizenship?’

The Supreme Court monitored the NRC process, the BJP government executed it on the ground. Amrit Lal Das of Bongaigaon points to the inconsistency of people who had sought inclusion in the NRC choosing the CAB.

Children out, parents in: The real challenge begins now that final Assam NRC is here

I have conducted awareness programs on filling the NRC application forms in various districts of Assam. Before the deadline of December 31, 2018, around 3 lakh objections were filed against people included in the final draft of the NRC.

Assam NRC: Rights body says over one lakh tribals excluded

In Assam, many women, children fail to make NRC even as their family members are counted as citizens

She was among the 1.02 million people that NRC authorities claimed they had mistakenly included in the NRC draft. Mandai belongs to the Koch-Rajbongshi community, one of the oldest settler groups in the region.

India publishes final NRC: All you need to know on citizens' list

Experts believe that the NRC list will solve the issue of undocumented immigrants in Assam. There are concerns over the BJP's plans to grant citizenship to Hindu immigrants who will be excluded from the NRC list.

Assam's Tangled Web of Citizenship and the Importance of a Consensus

This is in direct violation of the Citizenship Act (which does not emphasize religion) of 1955 and fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. These groups and individuals cannot be considered unproductive: they work hard in the fields, on the rivers and in the cities.

The citizens’ register is the latest wound in Assam’s long history of loss and hurt

There was this great guy, the local "Bruce Lee", the black belt karate champion, whose distinctive walk many young people in my town liked to monkey with. The family claimed that Lohar was brought to the bungalow after he was arrested along with two others.

NRC: The pain and struggle that never ends

According to the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, one lakh Gorkhas living in Assam have been left out of the final NRC list. If people who have been living in India for centuries are not included in the NRC, why is the list compiled at all.

Deconstructing the NRC: With wrongful exclusion and inclusion of names, will the list do justice to the Assamese?

In 2005, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court comprising Chief Justice RC Lahoti, Justice GP Mathur and Justice PK Balasubramanyan observed, “The presence of such a large number of illegal migrants from Bangladesh, numbering in millions, is in fact an aggression against the state of Assam and also contributed significantly to causing serious internal unrest in the form of a rebellion of alarming proportions. Based on the decadal growth pattern of previous censuses, Assam's population was estimated at 3.39 million in 2015 — the year the NRC began work.

The report on “anti-NRC” journalists is an attempt to intimidate and target them

This close relationship between certain journalists, militants and government agencies in Assam has long been an open secret in the state. A number of journalists in and from Assam have suggested that the list is the creation of the RSS or the state intelligence wing.

India Assam: 'I won't die before I prove my Indian citizenship'

Mohammed Yunus (his name has been changed at his request) says he has visited his father in Silchar camp every week since he was sent there a year ago. We offer free medical assistance and are in the process of overcoming the lack of staff."

What happens to India's four million 'stateless' people?

At a time when the UN refugee agency is vowing to end statelessness - there are around 10 million stateless people in the world - this will be a major embarrassment for India. 34; Who are the true citizens in the state and who are the foreigners must be determined.

NRC: Supporters and opposers must engage each other with empathy

Members of civil society, instead of clinging to drastically different views, need to discuss the next concrete steps to be taken: the goal should be to solve the problem in a humane way instead of sitting in their respective cocoons and arguing for their cases. It is also important to note that while deportation is not an option, we need to find durable solutions.

Those Excluded From Citizens' List Being Harassed Outside Assam


Made it to the NRC? You may still have to prove your citizenship at a foreigners tribunal

According to the order, two groups of people can file complaints in the courts, Dutta said. He admitted, however, that the border police can file a complaint against a person regardless of their status in the NRC.

Humans of Assam: This soldier was dropped from the NRC – despite having all the documents

People of Assam: This soldier was thrown out of the NRC - even though he had all the documents. What is disturbing for the family is that they have been subjected to this uncertainty despite having served the country as members of the armed forces.

India's citizenship question and the never-ending Assam imbroglio

As a result of the NRC announcement, a three-step process now kicks in, which is much easier said than done. There have been accusations that some tribunals decide cases hastily and appear to be prejudiced.

In Assam, after the NRC, a new project is underway to protect the

Assamese people’

What was the spirit of the word "Assamese" when it was included in the Agreement. This is not the first time that a committee has been formed to implement clause 6 of the Assam Agreement.



Government will implement NRC across the country: Amit Shah

The NRC’s spillover effect

The internal division created between Manipur people and non-Manipur people is analogous to the category of original inhabitants (OI) used during the initial stages of the NRC process. Thus, the law is being used as a tool here, to cover – with legal, technical requirements – the human issue.

Citizenship Bill push demand for NRC in North East

CAB: Assam Accord's Clause 6 will bring stability'

34;Important to note that in the Rajya Sabha vote on Tuesday, all regional political parties of Northeast voted in favor of the bill. But in the end, not only the parties belonging to the NDA, even the party officially affiliated to the UPA, such as the NPF, voted for the bill,” he claimed.

ABSU demands centre to allay fears of tribals post CAB

Two Weeks After Promising Karnataka NRC 'Soon', Yediyurappa Govt Rolls Back Decision

As NRC fear engulfs West Bengal, Mamata says 11 committed suicide

34;As the national general secretary of the BJP, I want to assure you all that NRC will be implemented but not a single Hindu will have to leave the country. Out of the more than 19 lakh people left out of the final NRC in Assam, published on August 31, around 12 lakh are Hindus.

Trouble is brewing again in the East

Mamata Banerjee may not be the most popular person in Bangladesh for her opposition to the Teesta water treaty, but Saffron's efforts to encourage Hindus in Bangladesh to organize standalone platforms for electoral negotiations have not gone down well across the political spectrum of the country. . If public debate, media reports and social media are taken as reliable indicators, public opinion in Bangladesh about the "mistreatment" of Bengalis - and not just Muslims - is becoming hostile.

Why India doesn’t need NRC

Despite the spectacular failure to achieve the desired result in Assam, the government wants to implement the NRC across India. While the NRC exercise will be disastrous for the nation, it could be beneficial for the BJP.

A National Register of Citizens for India: A Tool Kit for Hindu Rashtra?

The reason for this constant reiteration that no “real” (read Hindu) Indian citizen will be deported shows how fragile the task of rolling out the NRC nationally is. While the Modi government has been relentless in its pace of ushering in an entire Indian NRC regime – the CAB is likely to be passed during the winter session of parliament – ​​there has been no consolidated counter-reaction from opposition parties. forces, including political parties and wider civil society.

India: Fear among Muslims over planned nationwide citizens list

34;If the BJP brings the Citizenship Amendment Bill, it will be a serious violation of the Constitution," Asaduddin Owaisi, an MP from the southern city of Hyderabad, told Al Jazeera. I got married here and now I have grandchildren too, " the 60-year-old Khan told Al Jazeera.

The NRC and India’s Unfinished Partition

The BJP has tried to consolidate this religious concept of the Indian nation with a change in India's citizenship laws. This particular amendment to the country's citizenship laws is designed to provide an escape clause for NRC results that the BJP doesn't like.


Figure  1:  Decadal  population  growth  of  India  and  Assam  (in  %)  [Data  Source:  Census  of India]
Figure  2:  Decadal  population  growth  of  India,  Assam,  Jharkhand  (in  %)  [Data  Source:


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