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Academic year: 2023

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Discipline (considering OPEN SELECTION), PRIORITY will be given first to the student of the 'Parent Department'. If the examiner's report is unfavorable again, the thesis will be summarily rejected.

Credit Point: It is the product of grade point and number of credits for a course

One credit corresponds to one hour of instruction per week. One credit corresponds to one hour of teaching (lecture or seminar) or two hours of practical/fieldwork per week.

In the case of any doubt or ambiguity in the interpretation of the above rules, the decision of the Vice-Chancellor is final

Expulsion from the examination room and cancellation of the performance in the relevant subject only of all candidates involved. Expulsion from the examination room and cancellation of the performance in the subject in question and all other subjects the candidate has already appeared for, including practical tests and project work, and is not allowed for the remaining tests in the subjects in that semester/year.


Search Trees - Binary Search Tree - ADT Binary Search Tree, Insertion, Deletion and Search Operations, Balanced Search Trees, AVL Trees - Definition and Examples Only, Red Black Trees - Definition and Examples Only, B-Trees - Definition, Insertion and Search Operations , Trees in java.util- TreeSet, Treemap classes, Experiments (examples only), Comparison of search trees. Data Structures and Software Development in the Object-Oriented Domain, J.P.Tremblay and G.A.Cheston, Java Edition, Pearson Education.


Essentials of cloud Computing : K.Chandrasekhran , CRC press, 2014

Introduction to Information Retrieval Systems: Definition of an Information Retrieval System, Objectives of an Information Retrieval System, Functional Overview, Relation to Database Management Systems, Digital Libraries and Data Repositories; Boolean return. Screen design: - Design goals - Screen planning and purpose, organization of screen elements, ordering of screen data and content - screen navigation and flow - Visually pleasing composition - amount of information - focus and emphasis - information of simple and meaningful presentation - retrieving information on the web - statistical graphics - technological considerations in interface design. Write a Java program that reads an infix expression and converts the expression to postfix form.

Write Java programs to implement the deque (double ended queue) ADT using a) Array b) Singly linked list c) Doubly linked list.

Student Enrolment System

The system automatically enrolls the student in any core first-year subjects for the course. The system checks which subjects (if any) are specified as prerequisites for the subject in which the student wishes to enroll. The administrator then provides the student ID number of the student for whom the transcript is to be generated.

The header on the transcript shows the student's personal information and the course he or she is enrolled in.

Online Bookshop

If the password is correct, the system displays to the staff member the list of students enrolled in this course. The system checks that this code is not already used in the system, and if not, creates a new subject record. The system contacts the finance system to check whether or not the student has paid all the fees.

If fees have been paid, the system creates a transcript showing all the courses the student is enrolled in each year, and the grade for that course.


It also addresses application performance and quality requirements and provides a solid interface definition. Computerization of this system would avoid misinterpretation and miscalculation of data. The system helps the user to view any document, source code, tasks, activities, team information in detail with a click of a button. The aim of the project is to design a comprehensive web-enabled application for managing the Examination Process.

The aim of this project is to solve many of the problems that exist in the existing system and provide a hassle-free system that is efficient and easy to use.

Test the following using JUnit and CPPUnit

Basic communication - Communication principles - Communication types - Communication stages - Verbal and non-verbal communication - Communication channels - Barriers to effective communication - Formal and informal expressions in different situations. Reading comprehension – Reading strategies – Skimming and scanning – Intensive and extensive reading – Unknown passage for comprehension – Critical reading of short stories – Study skills – Note writing – Summarizing – Articles and prepositions – Synonyms and Antonyms. Difference Between Spoken and Written Communication - Features of Effective Writing - Forming a Sentence - SVOs and SVOC Patterns - Types of Sentences - Common Errors in Writing - Writing Connected Sentences Using Conjunctions and Conjunctions - Written Presentation Skills - Tenses - Agreement - Question tags - Exercises - One word substitutes - Words that are often confused and misspelled.

Types of reports – Report formats – Memo format – Letter format and manuscript format – Parts of a technical report – Informational, analytical and project reports – Idioms and phrases.


Web Security: Web Security Considerations, Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security, Secure Electronic Transaction Intruders, Viruses and Firewalls: Intruders, Intrusion detection, password management, Viruses and Related Threats, Countermeasures, Firewall Design Principles, Firewall Types Case Studies on Cryptography and Security : Secure cross-industry payment transactions, cross-site scripting, virtual elections. To understand about big data, to learn analytics of Big Data To understand how data is stored and processed in Hadoop To learn about NoSQL databases. To learn about spark and to understand what features of it make it overtake hadoop.


Introduction to Android Operating System: Android OS Design and Features – Android Development Framework, SDK Features, Installing and Running Applications on the Eclipse Platform, Creating AVDs, Types of Android Applications, Android Best Practices programming, Android tools Android application components – Android Manifest file , Externalization of resources like values, themes, layouts, menus etc., Resources for different devices and languages, Runtime configuration changes Android Application Lifecycle – Activities, Activity life cycle, activity states, monitoring state changes. Persistent Storage: Files – Using application-specific folders and files, creating files, reading data from files, listing the contents of a folder Shared Preferences – Creating shared preferences, storing and retrieving data using the Shared Preference Database – Introduction to SQLite database, creating and opening a database, creating tables, inserting fetching and deleting data, registering content providers, using content providers (insert, delete, fetch and update). Introduction to JSP: JSP Application Development: Types of JSP Constructs (Directives, Declarations, Expressions, Snippets), Dynamic Content Generation, Exception Handling, Implicit JSP Objects, Conditional Processing, Sharing Data Between JSP Pages, Sharing Sessions and application data, use custom classes with the jsp:useBean tag, access a database from a JSP.

Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services: Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture – SOA Concepts, Key Service Characteristics, Technical Benefits of an SOA Introduction to Web Services – Definition of Web Services, Basic Operational Model of Web Services web, the basic steps of implementing web services. SOAP Essentials – SOAP Message Structure, SOAP Encoding, SOAP Message Exchange Patterns, Web Services Description – Web Services Lifecycle, WSDL Anatomy Introduction to Axis – Axis Web Service Framework Installation , deploying a java web service to the hub.

Computer Forensics Fundamentals: Introduction to Computer Forensics, Use of Computer Forensics in Law Enforcement, Computer Forensics Assistance to Human

Current Computer Forensics Tools: Evaluating Computer Forensics Tool Needs, Computer Forensics Software Tools, Computer Forensics Hardware Tools, Validating and

UNIT -II: Knowledge representation for the Semantic Web Ontologies and their role in the semantic web, Ontology Languages ​​for the Semantic Web – Resource Description Framework (RDF) / RDF Schema, Ontology Web Language (OWL), UML, XML/XML Schema. UNIT-V: .Social Network Analysis and Semantic Web What is Social Network Analysis, Development of the Social Network Analysis, Electronic Sources for Network Analysis – Electronic Discussion Networks, Blogs and Online Communities, Web Based Networks. Semantic Web Technologies, Trends and Research in Ontology-Based Systems, J.Davies, R.Studer, P.Warren, John Wiley & Sons.

The Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services - Liyang Lu Chapman and Hall/CRC Publishers, (Taylor & Francis Group).

Web 2.0

It also introduces students to the advanced scripting skills needed to implement highly interactive, rich Internet applications using multimedia technologies and authoring tools. The course enables students to master industry-wide software and technologies to create highly interactive, rich Internet applications. Introduction, Traditional Web Applications vs. Ajax Applications, Rich Internet Application with Ajax, History of Ajax, Raw Ajax example using httprequest xml object, Using XML, Creating a complete application that supports Ajax, Dojo ToolKit.

AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and Web Development for Programmers, Paul J Deitel og Harvey M Deitel, Deitel Developer Series, Pearson education.


Cyber Security Essentials, James Graham, Richard Howard and Ryan Otson, CRC Press

Write a Java program to encrypt user passwords before they are stored in a database table and to retrieve them whenever they need to be returned for validation. Write an R program to read n numbers. i) Total number of odd numbers (ii) Sum of all odd numbers 6. Write an R program to get. i) sum of two matrices A and B (ii) subtraction of two matrices A and B (iii) Product of two matrices. Write an R program to execute the "Execute Scripts" written in the notepad by calling the R console.

Write an R program to implement graphs. i)Basic High Level Charts (ii)Modifications of Scatterplots (iii)Modifications of Histograms, Parallel Boxplots.

Write an R program, Read data from files and work with datasets (i) Read data from csv files, inspect data. ii) Read data from Excel files.

Write a scala program to implement method overloading(Function Overloading)

Write a scala program to implement (i)single inheritance (ii) multi level

Write a scala program to implement method overriding

Write a scala program to implement Hierarchical inheritance 10. write a scala program to implement traits

Write a scala program to implement multiple inheritance 12. write a scala program to implement abstract classes

Write a scala program to implement from collection : LIST

Create an Android app that shows Hello + name of the user and run it on an emulator. If a number is entered in the box, the name should be displayed next to the number. There should be a provision for the user to send a message to any number of users by giving the IDs separated by commas in the "To" text box. a) Use RDBMS and implement it with JSP.

If successful, show a welcome page with the user's full name (taken from database) and a link to Logout.


  • Exercises on Productivity Development
  • Exercises on Personality Development Skills
  • Exercises on Professional Etiquette and Communication

To train students in group dynamics, body language and various other activities that boost their self-confidence and help in their overall personality development. Importance of oral presentation - Defining the purpose - Analyzing the audience - Planning an overview and preparing the presentation - Individual and group presentation - Graphic organizers - Tools and multimedia images. PPT on project work - Understanding the nuances of the presentation - Body language - Closing and addressing questions - Rubrics for individual evaluation (practice sessions).

Introduction –– Types of values ​​- Personal, social and cultural values ​​- Importance of values ​​in different contexts.


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