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Academic year: 2024

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To contribute to India and the world through excellence in scientific and technical education and research; serve as a valuable resource to industry and society; and remain a source of pride for all Indians. To create new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to foster academic growth by offering cutting-edge.


Academic Calendar


The Institute reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student and ask him/her to discontinue his/her studies at any stage of his/her career on grounds of unsatisfactory academic performance, irregular attendance at classes, unfair means during examinations and/or or any act of indiscipline.



Conduct and Discipline

Change of Branch

Course Structure

Minor Programme

Multiple Exit Options


Grading System

Assessment of Performance

The Head of Department (HOD) of the concerned department will be competent to decide on equivalence of such value addition course. The HOD will forward applications of students through the Academy Dean and after verification issue various certificates to enable him/her to join the course/program instead of Industrial Training. iv). The students can apply to appear in different tests organized by different industries / institutions / organization of repute for selecting student's industrial training with scholarship.

Performance in the various activities in the project will be assessed individually at the end of the semester in which it is carried out according to the curriculum. The Head of Department will appoint a project evaluation board to conduct the final vivavoce examination. Dates for holding the seminar and the viva voce, which will be held within ten days of the end-semester examination, will be announced in the academic calendar.

If the student cannot submit the final project report at the end of the 8th due to the failure to complete the project work. semester for the B. Arch program and does not appear before the assessment committee for the viva voce on the date fixed by the institute as per the academic calendar, may be granted a deadline extension of not more than two months.


The appearance in the final exam of the theory semester as well as the practical course is mandatory for the student. If a student fails due to a compelling reason such as his/her serious illness or a family calamity to appear in the final examination of the semester, but his/her performance and attendance is satisfactory, then he/she will to assign an 'I' grade in the subject. He/she will be allowed to register and appear in the special examination provided he/she approaches the Dean (Academic), through the respective HoD.

The same marks/marks should also be submitted to the concerned Head of Department and the Associate Dean (Examinations). The grades are communicated to the Associate Dean (Examinations) by the following agencies through the Coordinator of EAA and through NSS/NSO Head of NSS/Dean (Student Affairs) for NSS/NSO. For the purpose and learning process of the students, after correction of all class tests, mid-term exams, assignments, etc., the scripts should be shown to the students and completed before the commencement of the final semester examination. ii) Students may inspect their answer book(s) at the end of the semester upon completion of the evaluation process, but the opportunity for inspection will be limited to two days after the evaluation is completed.

To provide additional opportunity for those students who failed (obtained 'F' grade) in one or more theory and/or practical subjects in either the fall and/or spring semester of an academic session. i) Special examinations will be arranged centrally by the examination section and will be conducted in the month of July (before the commencement of the next session) every session. If a candidate has failed a subject, has registered to appear under the regulation in clause 11.5, and for any reason the course is not offered in the current academic session, then the candidate must register for the same subject but is allowed to attend classes for the corresponding subject approved by the relevant department and appear at all assessments for the registered subject.

Withdrawal from the Institute

Institute Medals and Prizes

Issuance of Transcript/ Degree/ Recommendation or any other Certificate

Waiver/Relaxation of Requirements

All students must comply with the rules and regulations of the Residence as may be established from time to time. The decision to grant or condone such leave will be taken by the Dean (Academic) after considering the recommendation of the Head of Department. It will be the responsibility of the student to have his absence from classes condoned by the appropriate authority.

A student must notify the head of the residence in which he/she lives of his/her absence before he/she makes use of any leave. Due courtesy and consideration must be given to the employees of the Institute and of the Residences. Not reporting his/her absence to the Head of Residence before any leave is taken.

All cases involving punishment other than a reprimand will be reported to the Chairman of the Permanent Institute Disciplinary Committee. Secretary The committee will in any case recommend appropriate measures to the chairman of the Senate before imposing the sentence. The invigilator(s) are required to submit a detailed report to the Associate Dean (Examinations) regarding the nature of the malpractice and/or unfair means employed by the student, accompanied by relevant evidence (if any) bearing the signature of the invigilators.

Change of branch must be made solely on the basis of the applicants' mutual merit. For this purpose, the CGPA obtained at the end of the second (spring) semester shall be taken into account. All changes of branch made in accordance with the above rules take effect from the third (autumn) semester for the applicants concerned.

Each committee would consist of all the teachers involved in teaching the subject during the semester. To forward the results of the tests and the final grades obtained by each individual student. to take the subject to the head of department concerned. The student under category (i) is required to re-register for the course(s) of the next batch or next semester as per the provisions of the syllabus of the programme.

However, for students under (ii), registration is permitted after the completion of the penalty period as a backlog subject. But in all such cases the student has to submit the application to the Dean (Academic) through the HOD with the counter signature of the parents/legal guardians. Refund of the fee deposited with the admission agency (eg JoSAA/CSAB) is allowed only if the amount has been remitted to the institute only as per the rules of the institute.

In the case of both 4.1 (a) and (b) above:- In respect of a student for whom an impersonator has appeared.

Tech/Arch./Dual Degree Program


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