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Academic year: 2023

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Programs in Agriculture and Allied Science subjects by AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)- 2021 along with Contact Details of Registrars. Candidates can apply for AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)-2021 “Online” on the website: https://icar.nta.ac.in.

Scheme of Examination

Centre, Date and Shift of Examination As indicated on Admit Card Display of Attempt Paper and Provisional Answer Keys To be announced later.

8 Test would consist of three Sections :-

01 Crop Sciences-I

Genetics & Plant Breeding 1.2 Seed Science & Technology

Economic Botany and Plant Genetic Resources 02 Crop Sciences- II

Plant Pathology 2.2 Nematology

Agricultural Entomology/Entomology 2.4 Sericulture

03 Crop Sciences- III

Plant Biochemistry/Biochemistry 3.2 Plant Physiology/Crop Physiology

Agricultural Biotechnology/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology &


Agricultural Microbiology/Microbiology 04 Horticulture

Vegetable Science/Olericulture 4.2 Fruit Science/Pomology

Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture) 05 Veterinary and Animal Sciences-I

Animal Genetics & Breeding 5.2 Animal Nutrition

Livestock Production Management 5.4 Livestock Products Technology

9 5.5 Poultry Science

Veterinary Parasitology

Veterinary Public Health/Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology 6.3 Veterinary Microbiology

Veterinary Pathology 07 Veterinary and Animal Sciences-III

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology

Veterinary Physiology/Animal Physiology 8.2 Veterinary Biochemistry/Animal Biochemistry

Food Technology 9.3 Dairy Microbiology

Food Safety and Quality Assurance 9.5 Dairy Technology

Dairy Engineering 10 Agricultural Engineering and Technology

Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering /Soil and Water Engineering

Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering 10.4 Renewable Energy Engineering

Irrigation Water Management Engineering/Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

Family Resource Management 11.2 Textiles and Apparel Designing

Human Development and Family Studies/Human Development 11.4 Food Science and Nutrition/Human Nutrition

Home Science Extension and Community Management 12 Fishery Science-I

Fisheries Resource Management

Fish Processing Technology/Fish Post-Harvest Technology 12.3 Fisheries Engineering & Technology

Aquatic Environment Management 13 Fishery Science-II


Fish Health Management/Aquatic Animal Health Management 13.3 Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology

14 Fishery Sciences-III

  • Fish Genetics and Breeding 14.2 Fish Biotechnology
  • Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 15 Natural Resource Management – I
  • Forestry/Agroforestry 15.2 Agricultural Meteorology
  • Agronomy
  • Soil Sciences/Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry 16.3 Agricultural Chemicals
  • Water Science & Technology 17 Agricultural Economics & Agri-Business Management
  • Agricultural Economics 17.2 Agri-business Management
  • Agricultural Extension/ Extension Education/Communication 19 Agricultural Statistics
  • Agricultural Statistics 19.2 Bioinformatics
  • Conditions for the Award of ICAR-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)-2021
  • The fellowship will be admissible to persons of Indian Nationality as defined in the Constitution of India or persons domiciled in India
  • The award of fellowship shall be considered valid only if the candidate actually seeks admission in a particular University, falling which it shall be deemed to have been
  • If a candidate finally awarded ICAR-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.) at the completion of counseling seeks admission in a university and subsequently leaves the degree programme for any reason,
  • The fellowship will take effect from the date the fellow joins the course or the start of academic session for which fellowship has been offered, whichever is later. Students must
  • A fellow will not be allowed to avail any other scholarship/fellowship during the tenure of fellowship of the Council. In case a candidate is already receiving any other
  • If an existing ICAR-JRF/SRF (PhD) holder seeks fresh admission, the entire amount of fellowship received by him/her shall have to be refunded with interest and he/she will not
  • Candidates already pursuing Doctoral Degree Programmes can also apply for fresh admission and compete for ICAR-JRF/SRF provided they have not completed two years as
  • Admission and JRF/SRF (Ph.D.) will be awarded subject to verification of credentials by the University where the candidate seeks admission
  • Candidates qualified for counseling or allotted the seat with/without JRF/SRF (PhD), may seek admission only during the session for which the examination has been conducted
  • The fellowship will be tenable only at the University where Ph.D. programme consists of both course and research work

ICAR-JRF/SRF (Ph.D.) will be awarded on the basis of merit secured in the AICE-JRF/SRF (PhD)-2021 examination leading to admission in Ph.D. Admission and JRF/SRF (Ph.D.) will be granted subject to verification of credentials by the University where the candidate is seeking admission.

13 Note

Reservation Policy


Judgment dated 18th August 2011 and notification of seats in these universities at the time of counselling. The remaining vacant seats under Gen-EWS category will be de-reserved for Unreserved (UR)/OPEN category seats. The certificate format for EWS candidate is given in (Annexure – XVIII). iv) Five percent seats are reserved, horizontally across the categories in various subjects, for Persons with Disabilities (PwBD) candidates suffering from low vision, hearing impairment, mobility impairment or cerebral palsy with appropriate medical certificate with at least 40% disability and found fit by advisory committee/university official.

Reservation for Remote and Under Privileged States/UT (UPS)

  • Provision for Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBD) Candidates

The writer's qualification must be one step lower than the qualification of the candidate taking the exam. The Benchmark Disabled Persons opting for own writer/reader shall submit details of own writer as per proforma in (ANNEXURE–XIII). ix).



General Eligibility Criteria to Appear in AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)-2021

For reference, the list of ICAR accredited universities, colleges and programs for admission through AIEEA-2020 is available in public domain at www.icarexam.net. outside the ICAR AU system) and private agricultural universities/colleges accredited by ICAR whose candidates are eligible to appear for the AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)-2021 examination conducted in Annexure V-B.

Secured Categories/


10 point

9 point scale

8 point scale

7 point scale

6 point scale

5 point scale

4 point

Percent (100

Eligibility Qualifications at Master’s level

To appear in AICE-JRF/SRF(PhD)-2021 in the Subject of specialization, candidates must have completed Master's Degree in one of the subjects given in Table 3.

20 Code

21 Code

22 Code

23 Code

24 Code

25 Code

Age Limit

26 3.4 Instructions for in-service candidates

The in-service candidates will qualify for admission only if they come in the overall merit list of their concerned Subject and produce the Sponsorship Certificate/Declaration by their

At ICAR-IARI, New Delhi under (i) ICAR In-Service Scheme, and (ii) Faculty Upgradation Scheme, the Scientists working in ICAR Institutes and the Faculty Members of SAUs,

The in-service candidates qualifying for admission will arrange for study leave/leave of the kind due from their respective organizations themselves and ICAR will not intervene in this

In case of in-service candidates, admission and fellowship will be granted provided the candidate joins the University other than where he/she is working

In-service candidates must retain the computer generated hard copy of confirmation page of the application along with Sponsorship Certificate, in original, for showing to the



  • Examination Cities for AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)- 2021
  • Applying Online and Submission of Application Form
  • Replica of the Application Form
  • Four Steps to Complete the Application Process
  • Apply for Online Registration using unique Email ID and Mobile No
  • Fill in the Online Application Form and note down the system generated Application No
    • Application Fee Payable by the Candidates of Various Categories
    • Method of Fee Payment
    • Through UPI/Paytm

Final submission of Online Application Form will remain incomplete if Step 2 and Step 3 are not completed. Through Debit/Credit Card – Candidates should check the validity of Debit/Credit Card while accessing the website to submit the Application Form.

30 4.7 Instructions to be followed while Applying

  • Candidates must be careful while entering their e-mail address and phone number in the Application Form, because this email address and phone number may be used by the NTA
  • A candidate can apply for writing the examination in only one Subject
  • The candidate is required to give the option of degree programme (Subject) for admission at the time of filling Online Application Form as his/her merit will be drawn in the Subject
  • The candidate is not required to give any option for Agricultural Universities for admission at the time of filling up Online Application Form. The admission/allotment of seat will be made
  • The reservation category being claimed by the candidate must be filled in correctly
  • Candidates need to select their domicile State Code carefully (Annexure-II)
  • The candidate should refer to the list of Stream in Post-graduate Degree given at Annexure- IV at the time of filling application form
  • In-service candidates must select their appropriate employment status code (Annexure-XX)
  • The candidates are advised to retain
  • If a candidate at any stage is found to have furnished incorrect information or deliberately suppressed any material information, his/her candidature/admission will be
    • Admit Card for AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.)-2021

The admit card is provisionally issued to the candidates, provided they fulfill the eligibility conditions. The candidates are advised to read the instructions on the admit card carefully and follow them during the conduct of the examination. In such cases, candidates will appear in the exam with the already downloaded admit card.

Under no circumstances will the duplicate admit card for AICE-JRF/SRF(PhD)-2021 be issued at the examination centres.


CONDUCT OF THE EXAMINATION 5.1 Important Instruction for the Candidates

Print copy of Admit Card downloaded from NTA website

One passport size photograph (same as uploaded on the Online Application Form) for pasting on the specific space in the attendance sheet at the Centre during the Examination

PwBD certificate issued by the Competent Authority, if claiming the relaxation under PwBD category

  • The candidates shall report at the Examination Centre at the time indicated on their respective Admit Cards
  • Registration desk will close 30 minutes prior to commencement of the examination
  • The candidates are advised to read the instructions on the admit card carefully and follow them during the conduct of the examination
  • The candidate should ensure that the question paper available on the computer is as per the Subject opted by him/her in the application form and as indicated on the Admit Card

The candidate must ensure that the question paper available on the computer matches the subject chosen by him/her in the application form and as indicated in the admit card. If the topic displayed on the computer differs from his/her chosen topic, this must be immediately brought to the attention of the invigilator.

In case, the Subject displayed on the computer is different from the one opted by him/her, the same must be immediately brought to the notice of the Invigilator

Candidates are not allowed to carry any baggage inside the Examination Centre. NTA will not be responsible for any belongings stolen or lost at the premises

Candidate shall appear at their own cost at the Centre on Date and shift as indicated in their Admit Card issued by the NTA. Under no circumstances the choice of cities for centre

No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre Superintendent or the Invigilator concerned, will leave his/her seat or Examination Room/Hall until the full

All calculations/writing work are to be done only in the rough sheet provided at the centre in the examination Room/Hall and on completion of the test candidates must hand over

The candidates must sign and paste the photograph on the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place

The candidates are governed by all Rules and Regulations of the NTA with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall. All cases of Unfairmeans will be dealt with as per rules

  • Prohibited Materials

35 5.3 Unfair Means

Important: For those who are unable to appear on the scheduled date and time of test for any reason, re-test shall not be held by the NTA under any circumstances

36 Chapter-6




  • Display of Question Paper and Provisional Answer key for Challenges
  • NTA process of Error and Scoring related Exception Handling
  • Percentile score and normalization procedure
  • Declaration of Result

In case a subject test is conducted in multiple rounds, the NTA Mark will be calculated corresponding to the raw marks obtained by a candidate. The calculated NTA grade for the raw grades for all shifts/sessions will be merged for further processing to decide on the allotment. iii). In cases where the percentages for multiple shifts are different / unequal, the lower will be the eligibility limit for that category for all candidates (ie all shifts).

In case the candidates get equal marks in the entrance exam, the relative/inter se marks will be determined in the following order:. i) a candidate with less negative grades will be assessed with a higher grade (ii) a candidate with a higher age will be assessed with a higher grade.

In an exam held in two shifts, if the 40% marks correspond to a Percentile score of 78 in Shift 1 and 79 in Shift 2, then all are equal to or above 78 percentiles (Percentile score from 100 to 78) in both shifts will be eligible in the General Category. If the examination is held in more shifts, the same principle will apply. iv). The detailed procedure on NTA score adopted is available on Annexure-X under Normalization Procedure based on Percentile Score.

No Re-checking or Re-evaluation



Special Instructions Regarding COVID-19 8.1 Implementation of GoI Guidelines

Preparation at Centre

Pre-exam Preparation

41 8.4 At time of Entry

During Examination

Candidates may further disinfect the same with disinfectants that will be provided in the examination laboratory/room/hall.

After Examination


  • Common Services Centres/Facilitation Centres
  • Test Practice Centres (TPCs)
  • Query Redressal System
  • Correspondence with NTA
  • Weeding Out Rules
  • Legal Jurisdiction

QRS is web technology based platform which primarily aims to enable submission of queries/complaints by Registered Candidate(s) of ICAR Exam 2021 conveniently (24x7) for prompt and favorable redressal of queries/complaints . Questions will not be received by a person claiming to be a representative, associate or official of the applicant candidate. Further, any legal issues arising out of the examination will be dealt with only when raised within 30 days of the announcement of the result.

The Director (Administration) of the AKT will be the official by whose appointment the AKT can sue or be sued.




49 Code

50 Code

51 Code

52 Code

Stream in Post-Graduate Degree*

College of Post-graduation*

List of Government (Outside ICAR-AU system) and Private Agricultural Universities/Colleges accredited by ICAR whose

NOTE: Candidate should note that for admission to Ph.D programs through entrance examination conducted by ICAR, only candidates who have passed graduation from any publicly funded/Govt. Further, in case any degree from a particular college/university is not considered for admission to an Agricultural University or any particular college/university is deregistered by VCI/UGC or due to any directive of the Court (present or future ), ICAR shall not be responsible for admission of students of that college/university to Universities which are not willing to admit such candidates.

List of ICAR accredited Doctoral degree programmes and Colleges of Dr. RPCAU, Pusa

Mode of Payment of Fee/ Service Provider and Bank Service Charges

59 2. Helplines

9984021340 2 Complaint Management

Replica of AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D) 2021 Application Form

Computer Based Test (CBT)

76 General Instruction Page

77 Navigating through Sections

A question status of "Answered and Marked for Review" for a question indicates that the candidate would like to review the question again. It should be noted that at any time during the examination, the candidate can return to any 'Marked for Review' question by clicking on the relevant question number icon displayed on the question palette in the relevant section. e) Candidate can click on the “>” arrow appearing on the left side of the question panel to collapse the question panel and thereby enlarge the question viewing window. Candidate can click on “<” to revisit the question range. which appears on the right side of the question window. f) Candidate can click to navigate to the bottom and to navigate to the top of the question area without scrolling.

Using the computer mouse, the candidate can scroll up and down the question viewing area to view the entire question. g).

79 (j) Answering a Question

The candidate will have the opportunity to change the previously saved answer to any question at any time throughout the duration of the test. To change the answer to a question that has already been answered, first select the relevant question from the Question Palette, then click on "Clear Answer" to clear the previously entered answer, and then follow the procedure to answer that type of question . All calculations/written work should be done only on the rough sheet provided at the Center in the Hall/Examination Hall and after completion of the test the candidates should hand over the rough sheets to the invigilator on duty in the hall/hall.

National Testing Agency (NTA)

Procedure to be adopted for compilation of NTA scores for multi session Papers (Normalization procedure based on PERCENTILE SCORE)

Highest Raw Score and Percentage Score: All highest raw scores will have a normalized percentage score of 100 for their respective session. Lowest Raw Score and Percentage Score: The percentage score of all the lowest raw scores will depend on the total number of candidates who have taken the examination for their respective session. The percentage marks depend on the total number of candidates who have appeared in the examination for their respective session.

Below is a further explanation of raw score interpretation and percentile score in Session-3 (Day-2 and Shift-1) with 41326 candidates who took the exam.


Affix Passport Size Photograph of the candidate (same as uploaded on the Online Application Form) duly attested by.

Certificate regarding physical limitation to write in an examination

Letter of Undertaking for Using Own Scribe

List of SAUs/DUs/CAU/CUs from where graduated/post-graduated

UP Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwa Vidyalaya, Evam Go Anusandhan Sansthan, Mathura-281 001. 78 College of Agriculture and Technology, Theni (tilknyttet TNAU, University), CAT 79 79 Fakultet for Jordbrugsvidenskab, Sikandhan 'O' (Anses for at være . Universitet), Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 82 Allahabad School of Agriculture (nu Naini Agricultural Institute), Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh).

Note: If any degree from a particular college/university is not considered for admission by an Agricultural University or any particular college/university is derecognized by VCI/UGC, ICAR will not be responsible for the admission of students from those college/university in the Universities not willing to admit such candidates.


regkvafsu@gmail.com Kerala Agricultural University, KAU P.O., Vellanikkara registrar@kau.in Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies,. pstovc@kvasu.ac.in, kishor@kvasu.ac.in Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal. registrar@luvas.edu.in, asstt.registrar@luvas.edu.in Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology registrar@mpuat.ac.in Maharashtra University of Animal and Fisheries Sciences, Futala. arsasrd@nagalanduniversity.ac.in, registrar@nagalanduniversity.ac.in, deansasrd@nagalanduniversity.ac.in, Nanaji Deshmukh University of Veterinary Sciences, South.

యూనివర్శిటీ ఆఫ్ అగ్రికల్చరల్ సైన్సెస్, రాయచూర్ రిజిస్ట్రార్@vajraichur.edu.in యూనివర్సిటీ ఆఫ్ హార్టికల్చరల్ సైన్సెస్, ఉద్యానగిరి, బాగల్‌కోట్-.


This certificate is issued on the basis of the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes Certificate issued to Shri/Smt*


Community recognized by the Government of India as a Backward Class for the purpose of reservation of services as per the orders contained in the Memorandum No Estt. (SCT) of the Departments of Personnel and Training Office, dated 9-08-1993. It is also declared that I do not belong to the persons/sections (Creamy Layer) mentioned in Column 3 of the Annexure to the above mentioned Office Memorandum dated 9-08-1993 which has been amended as per Memorandum No Estt of the Department of Personnel and Training Office. (Res.) dated May 27, 2013. dated September 13, 2017. All candidates for the reserved seats of the OBC must ensure that they do not meet the creamy tier criteria as mentioned on the website.

Either parent is employed in the equivalent rank of Class I officer or both parents equivalent to Class II officer in a public sector, insurance companies, banks, universities or in other organisations.


Employment status of in-service candidates



Table 1: Core Groups for Section-B of AICE-JRF/SRF(Ph.D.) Examination  Core Group  Subjects for examination
Table 2: Minimum OGPA/Marks in the Eligibility Examination required to appear in AICE- AICE-JRF/SRF
Table 3: Eligibility qualifications at Master’s level for Ph.D. admission and award of  JRF/SRF(PhD) in different Subjects/disciplines


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