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1 The House Magazine of WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Volume No 3, June 2019


Academic year: 2024

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The second edition of the company's internal magazine 'Water-World' was inaugurated at the event. The second edition of the company's internal magazine 'WaterWorld' was launched at the event.


To drive this point home, Commander Konde told the inspiring story of the courageous Arunima Sinha, who in 2013 became the world's first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. The indomitable 30-year-old has now become the first female amputee to climb Mount Vinson, Antarctica's highest peak.


Rather than wither under the weight of the tragedy that befell her, Arunima took charge of her life. Possessed by the desire to become a mountaineer, she came in contact with Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest in 1984, to train under him.


Despite being an amputee, Arunima fueled her desire to conquer the world's highest peaks with hard work and a steady focus, making her a hugely inspiring figure. He served in the Indian Navy for about 25 years and settled in Pune after his early retirement.

The Best Teacher


Day 2018


Catch ‘em A YOU nG

They are full of dreams of making a career and are backed by the energy to take on more workload. All they need is a platform to express themselves; at WTE they get the resources to do just that.

I attended the interview and met Surya Sir who gave me a clear description about WITH. My lack of work experience was never a hindrance because of the work culture at WTE.

I am indebted to Prasad Sir, Ashok Sir, Vinod Sir, Surya Sir and Nitin Sir who patiently guided me every step of the way. If you are genuinely interested in what you do and are committed to putting in hard work, then the sky is the limit.

Everyone wants to help or gently nudge them in the right direction. I am sure that in no other workplace can a junior employee gather the courage to step up to the top management.

Working with WTe is reward

I started my mobile company with WTE and from last seven years I have been with family.

Best platform to grow

Amol has come a long way since he took his first baby steps in the company just four years ago. Amol says he is very thankful to the great top management for helping him with his queries over the phone, saving him time and effort in the process. Amol’s seriousness shines through as he gives us a glimpse of the roadmap ahead, “we have already established ourselves in the sugar industry.

Amol reveals a sharp mind ready for more success when he says that it is his dream to see WTE build STPs (sewage treatment plants) in the sea.

Passion-driven to excel

Management stays with you as market challenges hit you, thick and fast. ZLD is an advanced wastewater treatment technology that is perfectly in tune with the times as water scarcity stares us in the face. Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is an engineering approach to water treatment where all water is recovered and pollutants are reduced to solid waste.

Although his stint with WTE is only a year old, he knows he is set for a long run.

Communication is key

Over the past decade, I have worked with many firms and been exposed to different types of work culture. Each place was a unique experience; I have been exposed to different experiences, I have learned and assimilated a lot. In most companies, power is given to the upper levels, decisions are made and it trickles down, which is intended to be strictly respected.

Each of us is aware of the work we do to save water, the most precious resource.

World Water Day

We are using up groundwater at a rate that is higher than the rate at which Mother Nature can replenish it - an alarming situation that will have major implications for future generations. Optimum use of water for cleaning dishes; closing water pipes intermittently while the water is not needed at certain times during the period of use; immediate repair of leaking water pipes etc. We must also show our social responsibility by raising awareness about the responsible use of water, in addition, by getting involved in public activities related to water conservation.

WTe Products


In high-speed contact-type solids clarifiers, coagulants and large amounts of recirculating sediments are thoroughly mixed and held in intimate contact for an extended period of time in the draft tube and cone sections of the solids clarifier. When the impeller is operating in the correct speed range, recirculating sludge is drawn into the lower draft tube around the bottom of the draft tube extension and flows up through the draft tube assembly and is discharged near the top of the cone. After leaving the upper draft tube, the water and recirculated sludge flow downwards under the cone, where one part of the upper flow will flow into the sedimentation zone and eventually rise to the collection channel, while the remaining part of the stream will flow back to the lower draft tube for continued recirculation.

Accumulated mud is transferred to a mud pit in the center of the unit where mud thickening struts concentrate the mud to reduce the total amount of blowout.


  • Filtration
  • SO3H + NaCl SO3Na + HCl
  • Na + HCl H + NaCl
  • Cl + NaOH OH + NaCl
  • HCl + NaOH NaCl + H2O

In order to reduce the lime and magnesium scaling tendency over the RO membrane, they are dosed with Anti-scaling agent to reduce the fouling of the membranes. This will improve membrane life and efficiency. Acid and anti-scaling agent dosing will prevent fouling of the membrane due to a high concentration of salts in the reject by inhibiting the activity of poorly soluble salts such as calcium and silica. Any pressure that exceeds the osmotic pressure reverses the direction of water flow, and water from the concentrated side enters the dilute side. Approx. 70% of the feed water is available as permeate (product) and the rest is rejected from the system.

To reduce the tendency of calcium and magnesium to scale on RO membranes, they are dosed with Anti-scalant to reduce fouling of the membranes. This will improve the life and efficiency of the membrane. The dosage of acid and anti-scalant will prevent the fouling of the membrane due to the high concentration of the salts in the waste by inhibiting the activity of salts with low solubility such as calcium and silica.

Hydrogen Cation Exchange

When the supply of exchangeable ions in the resin is exhausted, the quality of the treated water deteriorates and the resin needs regeneration, i.e. Strongly basic ANION exchange resins are regenerated with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda); the procedures are as follows:.


Strong Basic Anion Exchange

The degasser tower is a packed column (Pall Rings) where water, sprayed from the top of the packing, breaks into fine droplets, increasing the contact area. The cation resin, which is denser, is always at the bottom of the vessel after backwashing. Likewise, the hydrochloric acid entering from the bottom of the vessel flows up through cation resin, regenerates, and flows out of the center collector of the vessel to the drain.

Before the caustic is added, the vessel is filled with water and held under pressure (blocking the flow) to ensure that the caustic does not flow down to the cation resin before it leaves the waste water.


The treated water from the strong acid cation exchanger is fed to the degassing tower to reduce the carbon dioxide content. The air containing the released carbon dioxide is vented and the degassed water (without alkalinity or carbonic acids) is collected in the degassed water tank from where it is pumped to the anion exchanger. The regeneration tube is designed so that the caustic enters at the top of the vessel, flows down through and regenerates the strong base anion resin, and exits at the side of the vessel near the interface between the anion and cation resin.

The mixed bed water is further dosed with Morpholiene to raise the pH to the required level.


During the washing action, the unstable carbon dioxide is therefore broken down into water and carbon dioxide. The mixed bed polishing machine consists of a special vessel into which both strong basic anions and strong acid cation resins are loaded.


Mixed Bed Polisher

  • How is the water and wastewater treatment market evolving in India?
  • What are your views on future opportunities in the area of drinking and waste water sector?
  • What are the factors contributing to winning business in India in your industry?
  • What are the various contracting models adopted by the industry to execute water projects globally?
  • Why Wastewater Treatment In India is no longer optional?
  • What are the barriers for in the water and waste water treatment segment in India?
  • How critical is for the government to encourage adoption of right water management strategies to achieve its ‘Make in India’ and ‘Smart Cities’
  • Is water recycling/reuse one of the most effective way of handling two critical issues facing the industries – water availability and handling

The wastewater treatment sector shines a light of hope at the end of a rather bleak tunnel. Wastewater treatment and recycling is the only solution to navigating the gap between severely depleted water resources and demand. Increase in pollution in the coastal area, so sewage treatment in India is no longer optional.

Yes, wastewater treatment plants in India have become an important part of the landscape - essential to maintaining the health of our people and the country.


Statement of Problem

  • Process involved in sugar manufacturing process

Karkhana can utilize this excess condensate after removing sugar traces for cooling tower makeup, process area washing, equipment cooling.






The production of this range is done according to the guidelines set by the industry, using the best raw materials and advanced machines. Its performance, longevity, strength and precision have been widely praised. Moreover, the reasonable price of the offered product, commendable packaging and timely delivery make us one of the best suppliers of this commendable range of CPUs.


This set of 12 exercises is a complete workout in itself, working every part of the body. According to the FICCI India Risk Survey, 2018, a large part of the workplace hazard pyramid is fire-related accidents. How many of us would know how to use it if a fire broke out.

The highest priority when a fire breaks out is the safe evacuation of everyone from the affected premises.


W TE Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, organized the eye gazing camp for its employees at Chakan Plant.



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