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Academic year: 2023

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He has served on the board and Executive Council of the World Newspaper Association (WAN). Jacob is the Past President of the Indian Newspaper Association (INS) and was the Past Chairman of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI). The third day was started by Prof Debashis Chatterjee with the topic "Culture of Emotions" and the program was closed by Prof Saji Gopinath with a topic.

The topic was based on Andrew Savitz's theory of 'The Triple Bottom-line' where he says that a truly sustainable company would not need to do charity work or 'give back' to the local community because the company's day-to-day operations they would not deprive the community, but rather enrich it. He spoke about the unique nature of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to the triple bottom line concept. He referred to companies that fell victim to what he called the "tyranny of neighborhoods" and short-term gains.

He also introduced the concept of "Construction Physics: The How Before The Why", which forced the audience to self-examine issues that otherwise go unnoticed by the general public. Prashanth spoke about the importance of the new role offered and the job description for students. He also spoke about the expectations of students regarding the role offered and other aspects of professional life at Deloitte.

The champions from IIM Kozhikode - "The Zamorins" - Sidharth Ramachandran, Ayushi Agarwal, Kripalsinh Rana and Soumya Bhatia - were invited to Mahindra's Mumbai HQ for the final event from 18-20. November 2011.

FLIP National Challenge 2011


Advertising workshop by Lowe Lintas

Unilever Unplugged

At the age of 36, he can proudly be seen as one of the youngest Managing Director of Global MNC in India. He also serves on the Development Advisory Board of HOPE Worldwide (India) and advises the Trust on branding and fundraising mechanism development. His speech left the students intrigued as he spoke of the seemingly impossible goals he had achieved simply by pushing himself and his team to their limits.

Jackson regularly lectures to Chambers of Commerce and other business groups on topics such as: "The Art of the CEO", "Pitching for Profit - Attracting Funders", "Teams and Leaders", "The Entrepreneurial Leap - from Mindset to Profit", "Spirituality in the Workplace" and "The Feminine Advantage - Strategies for Women in the Workplace". Jackson addressed the students on topics such as “The Entrepreneurial Leap”, “How to become a better CEO” and “Leadership”. Development Foundation, Philippines conducted a 2-day workshop on Greenstone digital library software and information management applications at the International Conference on Libraries, Archives and Museums (I-CLAMS) in August at CSB Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

सुदर्शना के, अर्पिता चन्द्रशेखर, कृति एस, महताब के जॉनसन एंड जॉनसन मेडिकल्स एनविडिया टॉप 5. विनय प्रभु, विशाल शिटुट, इम्तियाजुद्दीन अहमद जेपीएमसी 'द डील' टॉप 5. आरिफुद्दीन अहमद अमेज़ॅन »व्हाट इज योर क्लाउड आइडिया" टॉप 5. अनुज गुप्ता , धवल ठक्कर, सौरभ गुप्ता एमडीआई जिंदल स्टील एंड पावर - अभय टॉप 6. शिवहर्ष एस, मोनिका पी, मीरा ए महिंद्रा आईआईएफटी रन्नीति टॉप 5. अर्जुन मोहन, टोनी सेबेस्टियन, निखिल जॉन कुरियन वी-गार्ड बिग आइडिया बी-प्लान नैशनलनी फाइनलिस्ट। राहुल कट्टायिल, अमित सिन्हा, अमित धोटे, अमित जैन, अंकित अग्रवाल नेशनल फाइनलिस्ट एयरटेल इनोवेटिव आइडिएटर्स अनुज गुप्ता, रोहित नेली, स्नेहा माहेश्वरी, सौम्या बारिक, एयरटेल इनोवेटिव आइडिएटर्स नेशनल फाइनलिस्ट तीर्थंकर साहा। आपको प्रोग्राम में दवा लेने की अनुमति देनी होगी और भारत में 150 दिनों तक आवेदन करना होगा।

The company targeted 1,200 entries for the appointment of 20 NSBMs and the duration of the program was for a period of six months from July to December 2011. Numero Uno (The Hunt for the Next CEO...) was the flagship event of Vista 2011, the premier business fest of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. TAS Excelsior was the flagship event of Vista 2011, the premier business festival of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

IIMB Vista Vidheyak was a public policy event sponsored by Shell during Vista 2011, the premier business festival of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Tactix was the Operations Case Study Contest of United Technologies (UTC) held during Prerana 2011, the annual management fest of NITIE Mumbai. Only a life lived for others is worth a life.” Albert Einstein SSG with its mission statement of making a difference to society has been functional in providing managerial, financial as well as organizational assistance to various self-help groups and grassroots community initiatives and organizing several activities at Kozhikode to strengthen development initiatives in the city as well as strengthen the network of socially responsible individuals and companies in society.



Apart from these classes, SSG has also taken the responsibility to help open individual bank accounts for each worker in both the mess at IIMK so as to facilitate the process of the salary receipts and withdrawals through proper and accountable channels. These initiatives by SSG aim to improve the quality of life of the waste workers by empowering them with the right skills, information and resources available.

Aarogya 2011


Bringing GOONJ to Keralam

Collaboration with Juvenile Care

The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode announced the successful completion of the Summer Placement Process for the fifteenth batch of the flagship PGP program involving 343 students. Many of the firms made a record number of offers, the highest in several years, reaffirming the college's status as a leading institution with a global reputation. The companies offered challenging profiles in various verticals that would allow students to understand market realities and apply their business acumen to solve the immediate problems encountered in each of the key sectors.

IIM Kozhikode has re-established itself as the leading marketing destination with more than 30% of the bundled offers from the companies in this vertical. Each of the students was so exceptionally qualified and diligent that it made my job one of the most difficult. Participation from the likes of Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Nomura, Macquarie Capital, American Express, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Edelweiss ensured that there was no.

Strategy and business consulting, one of the most sought-after fields in recent times, has shown an increasing rise with a large number of students taking up roles in this vertical. James Michael David, Head of Training at Outsmart 360, says: “The placement committee took care of everything we needed and most of all they did it with a smile. We had a successful summer internship season and continue the positive trend of the last three years, which is a testament to the talent of the students and the innovative curriculum and pedagogy of IIM Kozhikode,” says Dr.

Anurag Patra, a member of the placement committee says, “Apart from traditional domains like finance, marketing &. The institute's alumni network, which is getting stronger every year, had a big hand in securing participation from few of the best companies in the industry in placement process Alumni from many companies also made it a point to travel with the recruitment team to the institute to ensure a smooth completion of the placement process in the company.

CEOs who have managed to become as large as the organizations they help to lead in the minds of the public debate their existence and necessity in modern organizations. At the end of the day, IIMB emerged victorious and bagged the coveted title of Sangram- 2011. Recently, Atharva hosted Bizzatalon – BizQuiz in association with Backwaters 2011, IIMK's annual management festival.








Later in the evening, they served dishes originating from their respective countries and put on a cultural show to showcase their experiences in India. IIM Kozhikode currently had 14 partner institutions and is accelerating its international engagements based on evidence of the need for greater global exposure of IIMK students and faculty members. European Business School, Germany; ESCP, Paris; Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany; Rouen Business School, France;.

As part of the Business Environment in India coursework, 11 international students visited organizations such as ITC, Tesco, Narayana Hrudayalaya and Cognizant Technology Solutions in Bangalore and Mysore during November. The Business Environment in India course aims to develop an understanding of the external business environment and its implications for managerial decisions. High Octane with its plush ambience and delicious offerings became one of the favorite hangouts on campus in no time.

While Amit started his venture after passing out from IIMK, certain students like Ambrish Awasthi and 'The Brotherhood'. This is mainly because IIMK has managed the public perceptions about the institute well and has created a brand for itself in the minds of the local industry. Deepa Sethi is an Assistant Professor in the field of Humanities and Liberal Arts in Management at IIMK.

A PhD & MPhil from IIT, Bombay, he specializes in the field of qualitative and quantitative marketing research and has previously worked with Drishti Strategic Research Services and Lowe Lintas, Bombay. Deepak Dhayanithy is a Fellow, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, whose work in the retail financial services sector for about 7 years was in decision support. This was during an interesting period of the economic cycle for various consumer credit products - credit cards, installment loans, housing products and mortgages.

Kousik Guhathakurta did his undergraduate studies at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in the department of Manufacturing Engineering and completed his MBA in Finance from the same University. IIMK has made a significant mark in Management Education with a clear vision of Globalizing Indian Thought - ranked in the top four in India, ranked first in South India, first IIM to achieve 30 percent enrollment of women students and the first IIM accredited by AMBA. The participants were impressed not only by the institute's infrastructure and pedagogy, but also by it.


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