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Bid Document for Appointment of Contractor/Agency/Firm


Academic year: 2024

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Unless the subject or context of use is repugnant, the following expressions used shall bear the meaning respectively assigned to them, namely:. a) The expression “Owner” and/or “Institute” appearing in the tender document shall mean NIT Patna. The detailed scope and important guidelines for Catering Services can be found in CHAPTER-IV. l) The contractor must be responsible for the quality cleaning of bed and bath linen according to industry standards.


Curtains must be dry cleaned every three months and blankets must also be dry cleaned monthly during the winter by the contractor at no extra cost. r) Toiletries must be in a bag daily (shampoo + oil + soap) etc. provided, daily stock may be based on room usage ie. one bag per person per day event. A liquid hand wash, good quality shoe polish/polish, shoe brush and pair of disposable slippers are also reserved as common in each room. s) Kitchen items and accessories, except available in the Guest House, will be arranged by the contractor as per the requirement at no extra cost. Note: The contractor must maintain records for various departments (as in CHAPTER-IV) which will be subject to scrutiny by the Designated Officer of the Guest House, NIT Patna.

Minor emergency repair work will be attended to by the contractor at no additional cost, unless and otherwise requiring replacement of fixtures and fittings.


If at any time or during surprise check it is found that persons staying in the guest house without written permission, the contractor will be directly responsible and financial penalty of Rs 20,000/- per day will be imposed on the contractor for the damage and the same will be in be recorded in the complaint priority register. k) The NIT Patna shall not be responsible for any injury, accident, disability or loss of life to the contractor or to any of his personal persons which may occur during daily or custodial duties. Any compensation or expense for the treatment of such injury, accident or loss of life is the sole responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall be solely responsible for complying with and complying with all legal requirements in respect of food items prepared and sold by him to the guest house, NIT Patna, including in respect of raw materials and ingredients incorporated therein, and shall be solely responsible be for any breach of the provisions of any applicable law relating to the preparation, storage, serving and sale of food, including the provisions of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, the Essential Commodities Act, the Weights and Measures Act and all rules, regulations and order thereunder, including safety and health of all consumers/residents under the said contract.

Expenses for external telephones used by the contractor and his men are borne by the contractor.


The contractor must make its own arrangements in respect of health insurance, accident and disability cover and household treatments of all persons employed by them in terms of their payroll and submit proof thereof. l) Compliance with policy regulation viz. Payment of Minimum Wages Act, Employers' Liability Act, Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act, Workers' Compensation Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Employees' State Insurance Act, Provident Fund Act, various provisions Act and labor license of State and Central Government, as on the date existing or revised/changed in future shall be the full responsibility of the contractor. In this regard, the contractor shall at all times indemnify NIT Patna against all claims and shall maintain and make necessary books, logs, register, verification, returns, receipts, computerized database etc., as required by law and as per government rules. it is available for inspection/verification to the concerned government officer/labour enforcer/regional provident fund commissioner, as and when required. A copy of all such compliance, statements, payments made to the statutory authorities, etc., including registration number, shall be provided to the NIT authority for verification and record. m).

The Contractor shall indemnify the Institute from and against any claim for infection, food poisoning or illness arising from any bad, stale or damaged food or material provided as a meal throughout the contract period. n).








Nothing prevents the NIT Patna from even informing the contractor about any such issue, or any errant personnel employed by the contractor, warranting urgent action, in the interest of work and do away with the fact thereof. Any staff deployed by the Service Provider, refusing to work or creating indiscipline, will have to be replaced immediately with the permission of the Prof - in - Control (Guest House). NITP reserves the right to ask the Service Provider to immediately terminate the services of any of the Service Provider's employees on the grounds of non-performance of duties or if found guilty of misconduct.

NITP shall in no way be held responsible or liable for any loss, caused by negligence or any other harmful action on the part of the employee of the Service Provider.




In the event of unforeseen or special circumstances, the decision of the Prof-in-Charge Guest Houses, as far as the imposition of a fine is concerned, is final. If the work in any area is found unsatisfactory and below the expected standard, including horticultural work, electrical or plumbing/maintenance etc., the Prof – In – Charge – Guest House has the right to have the same done by another agency.



Decision of the Prof – In – Control – Guest House will be final in this regard. l) Contract Period: Bids shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 180 days from the date of opening of the price bids. Companies must include a Compliance List (or Checklist) with the technical offers and mention how they plan to perform the services, fast response time, customer support, quality and grievance redressal mechanism etc., enforce same business day business to trade. The service escalation matrix will be mentioned for 36 degrees of better services. o) Tender service fees with GST@ 18% must be enclosed separately in an envelope and attached along with the Technical Bid Document.

It is mandatory to attach the said fees, unless the agency/organization is otherwise entitled to an exemption from bidding to government institutions/offices etc., as evidenced by the authorization/certificate issued by the relevant state/central government authority granting such exemptions. . p) The recruitment of staff by the contracting agency/company/organisation will be solely at their discretion, as per normal norms and qualifications and they will not be entitled in any manner to any work or employment or tenure or any status of post in NIT Patna.




The Service provided must hold at least 3 complete sets of extra linen (standard) in reserve per room. Basic standard: Maintain in good condition at all times - office areas, service areas, public areas, utility areas, emergency exits, stairs, terraces, elevators, parking areas and external areas. Prestige Standard: High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times, including maintaining higher gloss levels of the floor – VIP suites, conference room, banquet area, dining areas, pantries, reception areas, lobbies and VIP floors etc.

Hygiene standard: Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory - Toilets, kitchens, cafeterias, pantries, sales points, waste bins, hidden surfaces, hinges, the underside of workstations, etc.

Types of Cleaning

Go-green initiatives should be part of the service provider's mission with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.


Daily Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning

List of Cleaning Agents to be used


The Service Provider should suggest all modern kitchen utensils in sufficient quantities so as to maintain the provisions to keep the cooked food in hygienic condition. The Service Provider must ensure that only freshly prepared food is supplied and leftovers are disposed of daily. The Service Provider shall ensure proper storage of dry food and shall be kept at least one foot above the ground and proper hygienic conditions shall be maintained in the store and kitchen area.

The Service Provider shall provide various items of the following brand or its equivalent quality as specified below:-.


Excess food should be thrown away and not used at the next meal. In the event that the menu cannot be followed for any reason, the service provider will have to inform the guest and prior permission must be obtained from the responsible or designated officials of the Guest House before changing the set menu. The Service Provider shall issue separate invoices for the supply of hot lunch/packed lunches ordered by various departments of the NITP which shall be paid by them upon receipt of the invoices based on the approved rates plus service taxes, if applicable.

Note: The contractor must also occasionally serve super special menus (as required by the competent authority) during several institutional events.


Payment Criteria

I have carefully read and understood all the terms and conditions of the tender and hereby express my acceptance of the same. Note: The above declaration, duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory of the firm/company, should be attached to the technical bid document. Format to be filled by the Tendering Agency for housekeeping, reception, room services, dining hall of Alakhnanda Bhawan.

The change in prices quoted by the contractor must not deviate by more than 10% from the institute's rate, i.e. the price quoted by the contractor must be within ±10% of the price for the above mentioned items. No technical assessment will be carried out in the absence of any of the above documents. The stamp paper should be purchased in the name of the guaranteeing bank.

Statement of Details of Expenditure for justification of service charge


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