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AQAR Report - ADP College


Academic year: 2023

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IQAC Quality Initiatives During the Year to Promote Quality Culture Item/Title of Quality Initiative Author. Has IQAC received funds from any funding agency to support its activities during the year. The closing ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee will be appropriately marked with the active participation of alumni.

The faculty's central library also has a server where library data is stored. 1.4.2 – How the obtained feedback is analyzed and used for the overall development of the institution. 71 percent of students said teachers covered about 85-100 percent of the curriculum.

57 percent of the students answered that the execution of assignments was discussed by the teachers. The Career Guidance and Guidance Cell of the university of applied sciences organized a number of career guidance sessions. As such, every faculty member of the college is a mentor and every student is mentored.

Program name Program code Semester/year Last date of the last exam at the end of the semester/year.

RESEARCH, INNOVATIONS AND EXTENSION 3.1 – Resource Mobilization for Research

D.P. College

3.3.4 – Books and chapters in edited volumes/published books and papers in proceedings of national/international conferences per teacher during the year. 3.3.5 - Bibliometrics of publications in the last academic year based on the average citation index in Scopus/. Web of Science or PubMed/Indian Citation Index Title. 3.3.6 – h-Index of institutional publications during the year. based on Scopus/Web of science) Title.

3.4.1 – Number of extension and outreach programs conducted in collaboration with industry, local communities and NGOs through NSS/NCC/Red Cross/Youth Red Cross (YRC) etc. during the year Title of the activities Organizing Unit/Agency / . 3.4.2 – Awards and recognition received for extension activities from the Government and other recognized bodies during the year. Name of the activity Price/Recognition Awarding bodies Number of students benefited No data entered/not relevant.

3.5.1 - Number of joint activities for research, faculty exchange, student exchange during the year Type of activity Participant Source of financial support Duration.


Name of the e-content development facility Provide the link of the videos and media center and recording facility. 4.4.1 – Expenses for maintenance of physical facilities and academic support, excluding salary component, during the year. A state-of-the-art computer hub with audiovisual and video live streaming facility was established under RUSA Grant.

It is a hybrid library and contains knowledge resources that are mainly related to science, humanities and social sciences. Students and professors who intend to engage in physical exercise in the gymnasium must join the gymnasium club by paying a nominal membership fee. The general hours of the college gym are from 6 am to 7 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Gymnasium information can be found at http://www.adpcollege.ac.in/gymnasim.php There is an indoor stadium in ADP College with capacity for 200 people to sit in the gallery. There is a plan to use two rooms as guesthouses, so that guests of the university can be accommodated in the university building itself. Since its establishment, Biotech Hub has provided the necessary laboratory facilities to the students and faculty of the host institute as well as the nearby colleges and schools.

Information about this is available at http://www.adpcollege.ac.in/bio.php The Language Laboratory of the English Department consists of 10 (ten) computers. It has been operating since 2012 and is used to teach Linguistics to Advanced English students and Spoken English to general students.


Organised art competition at Marigaon on 14 November 2019 CRITERION VI – GOVERNANCE, LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT

The following two practices are noteworthy. i) The Governing Body of ADP College has two representatives of the teachers, who are part of the decision-making. The Academic Committee, consisting of the HoD of all departments, takes decisions on academic matters, class routine, examination routine, etc. The Rector of ADP College never decides anything himself. ii) The IQAC of ADP College.

Examination and assessment Regular sessional examinations are held in the college to test students. Human Resource Management IQAC has encouraged faculty members to enhance quality in all spheres. Admission of students We have emphasized merit in the admission process, which is completely transparent.

6.3.1 – Teachers are given financial support to participate in conferences/workshops and for membership dues of professional organizations during the year. 6.3.2 – Number of professional development/administrative training programs organized by the College for teaching and non-teaching staff during the year.


An interaction takes place at the beginning of the session to let them know about the rules and. The History and Hindi departments have made it a regular practice to visit and inform the parents of major students at home. Free health camp organized by IQAC, NCC, Medical Cell and Students Union of ADP College, in partnership with the Government of Assam, 16 Dec 2019 2.

The college made a computer hub and a digital department was established in the central library in 2018. A new wide entrance gate was built in 2019 so that there can be smooth exit in case of emergency. A startup AGROHERB was launched in 2019 for the production and sale of vermicompost and mushrooms on a commercial basis.

6.5.5 – Details of internal quality assurance system .. a) Submission of data to AISHE portal Yes . b) Participation in NIRF Yes .. c) ISO certification No . d)NBA or any other quality audit no.

INSTITUTIONAL VALUES AND BEST PRACTICES 7.1 – Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities

  • Solar energy is harnessed by solar plates
  • Organic manure is used for plantation and maintained by the gardeners of the institution. Vermicompost is used in plants
  • Trees and flowers have been planted in the campus. The staff and students have planted tree sapling during tree plantation programmes, World environment
  • Use of air conditioner has been limited to only the Auditorium, Computer Hub and Principal’s Chamber
  • Paper consumption has been minimised by making all internal communications online so that forest destruction is minimised. Official communications are

1. The use of plastic and tobacco is prohibited inside the campus, an information program on the harmfulness of plastic use and tobacco is organized and the entire campus. Use of air conditioners has been restricted to Auditorium, Computer Huband Principal's Chamber only. Paper consumption has been minimized by making all internal communication online, so that forest destruction is minimized.

Online teaching-learning process was initiated by maintaining a free online accessible database on the college website. The faculties of all the 20 departments had developed and shared e-learning content (audio, video, ppt, pdf files etc.) to the college's online database which can be viewed and downloaded by the students. 7.3.1 – Provide the details of the institution's achievements in one area characteristic of its vision, priority and objective in no more than 500 words.

Academic excellence has always been the first priority of this college and faculty members are encouraged to achieve greater heights in academic and extra-curricular fields. Programs, Workshops at national or state level, Seminars attended by them as Resource Persons are quite long. A comprehensive list of faculty members who have acted as Resource Persons has been prepared and uploaded on the college website.

Students are eager to be a part of this college and faculty members work hard and give their best. To meet the national and international standards, faculty members keep themselves involved in innovative research and.

8.Future Plans of Actions for Next Academic Year

To hold training for students on preparation for competitive examinations 2


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