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Annual Report-2007-2008


Academic year: 2023

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This was done while keeping the quality of the program high, as the Institute continued to maintain its sound placement record, being ranked among the top 5 institutes in the country in 2008. Preparations are underway for the launch of one of the most rich of Postgraduate Diplomas in the country. Management for working leaders. It is proposed to conduct the largest number of programs (18) with a total duration of 20 weeks in 2008-09 and is the flagship QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) center of the All India Council of Technical Education in the field of management education.

IIMK is also one of the few digital library development centers in the world and is a leader in the country. The academic portfolio of IIMK's full-time faculty is one of the richest in the country, with each faculty member engaged in 4-5 academic activities. Spread over about 100 acres of land and situated on two hills in the Kunnamangalam area of ​​the ancient city of Calicut in Kerala, the institute is one of the most scenic, oxygen-rich campuses in the country.

The two-year Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) (equivalent to MBA) is the institute's flagship academic programme. Given the importance of the compulsory, foundational courses offered in the first year, a significant part of the teaching burden was taken over by the Department's permanent faculty. As part of the Social Development Project (SDP) - which is an integral part of the PGP curriculum - students in the graduating group (2006-08) worked closely with various non-profit organisations.

The institute continued to offer merit-based scholarships at the ratio of one scholarship for every 20 students in each year of the program.

The following is the structure of the total financial support issued to the co-participants. In addition to the support described above, Fellows will also receive limited support to attend national and international conferences. Specialization area and number of participants are as follows: Information Technology & Systems: 2; Marketing: 3; Quantitative methods and operations management: 2.

Marketing continued to perform strongly, with no less than 22% of the Class of 2008 marketing profiles. Operations, HR and General Management accounted for eight per cent of the roles accepted in Final Placements 2008. The meeting was attended by the Institute's PGP and e-MEP groups.

Management development programs have been one of the most important components of IIMK's academic portfolio since its inception. Preparation for management and leadership roles” was organized for the benefit of the graduating participants. Development of a Model for Treating a Category A Establishment of the Army as an Independent Budget Center.

Violation of Psychological Contracts – Role of Human Resource Systems, 3rd Conference on Global Competition and Competitiveness of Indian Firms, IIM Lucknow. Feasibility, Features, Functionalities and the Futures, Proceedings of the 2nd Special Library Conference (SLib2008), Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Views: Does agricultural support in developed countries benefit or harm the majority of the poor in developing countries.

Marketing of Coir – The Nonmaterials during the International Seminar on Coir as part of the International Coir Fair in India 2007. Other activities of the Center include Research, Management Development Programmes, and National Seminars and workshops for the benefit of scheduled communities. The meeting of the Sub-Committee on the proposal for Center for Research and Education for Social Transformation (CREST) ​​as a successor institution of Center of Excellence-IIMK was held in the office of the Principal Secretary, Development Department of KS/ST, Trivandrum. on August 22, 2007.

The Government of Kerala has accorded administrative sanction for the conversion of the Center of Excellence incubated by IIM Kozhikode from June 2002 to March 2008 into an independent institution viz. To enhance the quality of education and research work at IIMK, the institute is committed to providing advanced IT facilities to the IIMK user community. The storage capacity of the Network Storage (SAN) has been improved to 6 TB from 2 TB by adding additional Fiber Channel Disks to meet the demand for increased storage space due to the increase in student enrollment.

The Learning Resource Center at IIMK http://intranet.iimk.ac.in/libintra/ . index.htm) continued its activities during the year with value-added services and strengthened its resources and functions to meet the needs of faculty, students, researchers and staff. IIMK now hosts the Greenstone support site for the South Asia region and also maintains an eList to meet the software support and guidance requirements of professionals in the region.

Construction of Phase-III campus buildings, which began during the previous year, to meet the growing requirements of the Institute's academic activities, is progressing in the Academic and Residential Hills at a total contract value of Rs. From the above, the Student Residence 'K' was completed and handed over for occupation during this period. The installation, testing and commissioning of the service lift (elevator) for the existing staff dining block was carried out during the period at a contract value of Rs. 16.52 lakhs. iii) Fencing, footbridge and other protective works in the surrounding area of ​​New (Additional) Rainwater Harvesting Dam.

Protective measures on the periphery of the new (additional) RWH pond and other protective works in the surrounding area involving a contract sum of Rs. 8.89 lakhs were completed during this period. iv) WBM access road from the existing service road to the WTP towards the western side of the field. In recognition of the work done by IIM Kozhikode in the implementation of official languages, the RAJABHASHA Shield was awarded to the Institute at the 12th All India Official Language Conference organized by Bharatiya Bhasha Evam Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi and held at Kovalam on 2 in October. till 04. 2007. The Institute started implementing the provisions of the RTI Act in 2005 itself, immediately after the Act was promulgated by RTI.

In accordance with the instructions of the Government of India, the Institute has appointed one of its faculty members, Prof. Radhakrishna Pillai, as the officer for handling public complaints related to the affairs of the Institute. The Institute has established a Committee, led by a female employee and consisting of female employees as the majority members, to protect the female employees of the Institute against sexual harassment at work, in accordance with the instructions issued by the government in this regard. Saji Gopinath, Associate Professor, attended the XI Annual Conference of the Society of Operations Management at Nasik in December and presented a paper titled “Risk Based Sourcing Strategy for Improving Effectiveness of Humanitarian Supply Chains”.

Sridhar, assistant professor, attended the NICOM 2008 conference organized by the Institute of Management, Nirma University in January and presented a paper entitled "Consumer Involvement and Consumer Decision Making - A Reexamination of the Relationship in Emerging Economy". Shri Abhilash Nair, visiting lecturer, attended the Xth Annual Conference on Money and Finance at the IGIDR, Mumbai in January and presented a paper titled “Impact of Derivative Trading on Volatility of the Underlying: Evidence from Indian Stock Market”. The annual accounts of the Institute for the financial year 2007-2008, duly audited by the Principal Accountant General (Audit), Kerala, are attached to this report.

It is stated that as pointed out by the Statutory Auditors and the Accountant General (Audit), Kerala in their report for the previous year, the annual accounts of the IIMK Employees Contributory Provident Fund Trust and Center of Excellence have been merged with the annual accounts of the institute and the consolidated final bill. The final accounts and the audit report along with the Institute's comments on the audit report were approved by the Board of Governors and the IIMK Society at a meeting on———. 1,259.43 lakh to the Corpus Fund established under the Group Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

The Provident Fund Accounts of the employees of the Institute are maintained separately by the Trust constituted for the purpose. 5 Unutilized allocation at the end of the year 124.78 The creation of a separate Association for Center of Excellence is made on 1 April 2008 under the name "Centre for Research and Education for Social Transformation (CREST) ​​​​Society".


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Post sessions showed increase in knowledge of the participants regarding wearing prosthesis and its use post breast cancer surgery, about management of breast cancer in pregnancy, 94%

Sunitha Center for Development of Digital Libraries CDDL, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode IIMK, IIMK Campus P.O., Calicut – 673570, Kerala, INDIA