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Annual Report 2013-14 - KIRAN


Academic year: 2023

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The institute has also provided technological support to farmers in the north-eastern hill region of India. To keep pace with such changes, the institute has already started research towards the development of climate-resistant technologies.




Pusa Mustard 27, Pusa Mustard 26, Pusa Mustard 28 and Pusa Mustard 25 outperformed the control cultivars and toria genotypes under Umiam conditions. Pusa Mustard 27, Pusa Mustard 26, Pusa Mustard 28 and Pusa Mustard 25 were superior to the control varieties and toria genotypes.



The institute has strong linkages with other ICAR institutes and universities in the region and outside the region, as well as with international organizations such as IRRI, ICRISAT, ILRI and IWMI. To cooperate with state departments for the development of agriculture in the region and the testing and promotion of improved systems of agriculture and land use.


Non- recurring

Puri, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, CAU, and Dr S.V.Ngachan, Director visited Tripura Center on 24th July 2013 and Mushroom House and Instrument Room was inaugurated by Hon;ble DG. Dr. S.V.Ngachan, Director of ICAR (RC) for NEH Region, discussed the scope and importance of tuber crops with Hon'ble Secretary (DARE) & DG, ICAR, Dr. p.



In the "Green Super Rice Trial", none of the genotypes outperformed the check Shahsarang, but the genotype "Weed Tolerant Rice 1". In the International Observational Nursery, we evaluated 287 lines and selected 16 perspective lines (Yield >6t/ha) for further evaluation.

Collection of chow-chow germplasm

Ten exotic cultivars and six hybrids were evaluated for growth, flowering, yield and vase life characteristics of gerbera under low cost polyhouse. Among the exotic cultivars and hybrids, Alesmera showed significant maximum flower stem length (58.14 cm) and flower stem diameter (6.98 mm).

Varietal trials

  • Tomato: Under tomato determinate IET trial, out of nine genotype the highest yield was recorded
  • Brinjal: Under Brinjal long AVT-II trials, the highest yield was recorded from the entry 10/
  • Dolichos bean: Out of 11 genotypes, the highest yield was recorded from entry 10/DOLPVAR-
  • Colocasia: Under IET, eleven genotypes of colocasia were evaluated for their physical
  • Sweet Potato: Nine sweet potato entries were evaluated for yield and other parameters. The entry

Twenty-eight hybrids and six exotic cultivars were evaluated for growth, flowering, yield and vase life characteristics of gerbera under fan and road polyhouse conditions. Significantly maximum flower diameter (10.95 cm) and longest field life (25.0 days) were recorded in hybrid RCGH 117.

Hybrid trials

  • Cabbage: Out of nine genotype in IET and AVT-II trials, the highest yield was recorded from the
  • Ash gourd: Out of seven ash gourd hybrids under AVT-II, the highest yield was recorded from the

Colocasia: Under IET eleven genotypes of colocasia were evaluated for their physical colocasia was evaluated for their physical parameters viz. plant height (cm), petiole length (cm), number of side shoots per plant, number of cormels per plant, cormel yield (t/ha), total yield (t/ha) as well as quality parameters such as dry matter, total sugar, starch and calcium oxalate.

Resistant trials

  • Tomato: Under AVT-I trials, out of seven entry the highest yield (34.0t/ha) and lowest witling (12%)
  • Brinjal: Under IET trials, out of nine genotype the highest yield (39.6t/ha) and lowest wilting (5%)

Genotype x Environment interaction on quality of turmeric

Genotype x Environment interaction on quality of ginger

However, October planting resulted in the highest wheat yield (11.0 q/ha). The crop can be grown even during the rainy season for a high yield of biomass (24.0 q/ha), which will serve as green fodder for livestock (Fig 11). The yield of turmeric was the maximum (13.8 t/ha) in the combined application of lime (broadcast before planting) + NPK + FYM when compared to the control and the application of other fertilizers, singly or jointly under alder trees (Table 1). In 2013-14 the performance of groundnut (variety ICGS-76) was evaluated against three fruit tree species Assam Lemon, Guava and Peach (Table-2).

Soil moisture and temperature had strong correlations with the rate of soil respiration and the total CO2 concentration in the soil. Various plant parameters (physiological parameters, yield and yield attributing characters) and soil parameters (soluble Al, exchangeable acidity, available P, pH, available N, P and K, enzyme activity, microbial biomass, etc.) were recorded at the active growth stage ( 45 DAS) as well as at the harvest stage of the crop. The field performance of the developed pneumatic planter (Fig. 2) was carried out according to RNAM (1985) test codes.

The COCs were classified as grade I (3-5 layers of cumulus cells), grade II (1-2 layers of cumulus), grade III (partially exposed/uneven cytoplasm), and grade IV (exposed/degenerated). The overall average recovery The number of oocytes (Fig. 4) per ovary during winter, summer and monsoon seasons was found to be 6.24, 3.78 and 3.56 respectively. Artificial insemination (AI) delivery models were developed in a participatory manner for the dissemination of superior germplasm to the traditional smallholder pig production system. The information system is designed in such a way that AI is implemented in different models at the farmer's door upon request; 1) Direct connection with farmers and 2) Connection with trained young people (skilled AI contacts). The results showed that 78.20 percent of the farrowing process started in the early morning (3 a.m. to 7 a.m.) and the remaining 22.6% started in the middle of the night and during the day.

The body weight gain of crossbred pigs was significantly higher (p<0.01) at 3-12 months compared to local pigs.

Lactobacilli isolates; Lane N: NTC) Use of Lactobacillus isolate as probiotics in kids

In addition, based on various physicochemical, microbiological and sensory quality parameters, it was found that 10% beet pulp embedded in beet root was the most suitable in the development of functional chicken nuggets. A total of 38 Emu birds that were introduced to the institute's farm were evaluated for their performance during the growing period. The performance of Emu in terms of growth rate, feed consumption and FCR was found to be optimum under the climatic conditions of Meghalaya (Table 5).

In the month of December 2013, four cases of pig abortion (Figure 16) were recorded in the village of Umran under Ribhoi district with the mortality of 15 piglets. PCR amplification of the REV envelope (env) gene was also performed and three samples, one from turkey and two from poultry, were positive for the env gene (Figure 7). Formation of formazan crystals indicates cell stimulation (Figure 9). The second dilution showed the greatest inhibition (Figure 10).

Babesia gibsoni organisms isolated from this area and sequenced in the current study were found to be very closely related, with 99.7% to 100% identity observed at the 18S nucleotide sequence level -rRNA gene. Close relationship and clustering in the phylogenetic tree indicated little or no difference between these organisms at the level of the nucleotide sequence of the specific gene of interest.


Symptoms of the disease were characterized by the appearance of water-soaked lesions on the stems and branches of the plants (Figure 1), usually accompanied by white foaming. Sclerotia were randomly collected from damaged parts of infected plants growing in the commercial plots of the Gori research farm (Table 1). Validation of the scale was performed by eight raters (four inexperienced and four experienced) who rated the severity of 100 bunches of bananas showing cigar end rot disease symptoms, with and without the use of the scale.

Experienced raters were more precise and accurate than inexperienced raters, and the improvements in rating from using the scale were more significant for inexperienced raters (Table 2). The main purpose of the scale is to support non-destructive, repeated measurement studies, without interfering with disease progression. Furthermore, they were unaware of the possibility of disease transmission from poultry to humans.

Healthcare: It was found that 91.11% of farmers did not vaccinate their birds against diseases. For reference for the participants, a training manual on “Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Program for Mushroom Farming” was distributed among the participants.


Fig 2 Selection RCT 1

The first two main axes of differentiation (PC1 and PC2) explained 36.65% of the total variation. The sensitivity test of all microorganisms to antibiotics showed that the majority of isolates were resistant to cefotaxime, ceftazidin, cefamandole and ceftriaxone and sensitive to imipenem, meropenem, gatifloxacin and norfloxacin respectively. A phenotypic test using the VRE Alert Kit detected vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) in twenty Enterococcus spp.

The distribution of farmers' income according to their annual education through goat farming was that half (50%) of farmers had earned more than €8500/year from goat farming. The temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH of the culture tank are maintained throughout the experiment. Studies on molecular taxonomy, genetic diversity and phylogeny of the genus Puntius (Cyprinidae) found in Manipur.

In shifting cultivated area under the mid-hills of Manipur, there was an increase in SOC with age of the fallow after land clearing (cutting and burning of forest) and exhaustive harvesting, the magnitude was 3.4, 20.6 and 35, 4% in young (5) - 10 years), middle-aged (18-20 years) and old (28-35 years) secondary forest, respectively. Shifting from fallow conserved more SOC during the regeneration of forest vegetation and the majority of the SOC is in active or labile pools of shorter residence time.


Water (showing incidence of fungal attack and less germination) and B: Neem leaf powder (showing higher

In mature oil palm male flower was found to be infected with Trichothecium and Fusarium complex and further studies are being conducted to exploit the potential of disease infection in stem and root under Mizoram conditions. It has 98 percent full-length gene sequence identity with species of Chilocorus renipustulatus and 89 percent identity with Chilocorus bipustulatus and unverified Chilocorus spp. It was first reported in the world and that Mallada boninensis in Mizoram and give the first report in exchange on all stages of the spiral whitefly (Fig. 30).

To eliminate the carrier state, 2 injections of oxytetracycline (long-acting) @ 10 ml/100 kg body weight were administered at an interval of 1 week. Success Story 1: Strawberry Cultivation Improves Livelihood of Jumia in Saiha District of Mizoram under NAIP. Zongaiha (35) from Ni-awhtlang village has been cultivating maize since the project began.

It will increase the crop intensity and also the income of the farmers of Mizoram. It was shown that no rapeseed-mustard cultivation is done with variety M 27 in the 20 ha area covering 60 farmers under lowland rice fallow in Kolasib and Champhai districts of Mizoram (Fig. 38).


A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of fertility rate, biofertilizer and micronutrients on growth, yield traits and yield of French bean cv. The maximum growth, reproductive characteristics and grain yield (Table 7) were recorded on the mulched beds, which was significantly higher than on the beds without mulch. Similarly, the application of paper residue up to 1.0 t/ha had significantly higher values ​​of all maize growth traits, except yield and grain yield traits.

A field study was conducted to study the effect of bio clippings, paper mill waste and INM on growth and yield of baby maize in the 2013-14 rabi season after paddy. Correspondingly, the use of paper mill waste is increasing. Table 6 Effect of fertility levels, biofertilizers and micronutrients on growth, yield characteristics and yield of French beans. Application of 100% RDF (IN) +25% (ON) recorded significantly higher growth, yield characteristics and yield of baby corn compared to other treatments.

Response of paper mill waste and IM on growth and yield of peas after paddy. The tomato hybrid Shaktiman was evaluated for the effect of training, namely single stem and double stem.


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