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A. Teaching

PhD Scholars:

Susmita Giiha Snehalata Kumari Priyanka Das

Kalyan Chakiabarti (Part-time) Biundaban Misra (Part-time) Paramita Biswas (Part-time) Bhaskar Ghosh (Part-time) Anurupa Chaudhuri








Tanmoy Pramanik Amitava Mukherjee Lopamudra Dasgupta Jayashri Sinha Madhurima Sen Damepaia S.M.Pdah Rajkiimar Gandhi

A S / \ t s j C 3 I K I -111

Staff List:

•F=?=!ASAMCSII-<I ' H i

The outgoing students of this department have joined various research organizations in pursuit of higher research (such as Jadavpur University, Bengal Engineering & Science University at Sibpur, Forest Research Institute at Dehradun, Indian Council of Medical Research at Kolkata, Indian Institute of Science at Bengaluru, Indian School of Mines at Dhanbad, etc.) and also got inducted in the environmental divisions of industries (like Pfizer Company, India Foils Limited, etc.), or serving as analytical chemists in environmental quality control laboratories (like J. B. Envirotech etc.).

Many past students have also joined government sector (like the Uranium Corporation of India, Coal India Ltd.), or have joined the West Bengal Civil Service, West Bengal Police Service, West Bengal School Service, and banking sector Examination results:

M.Sc. Part II 2010 (Session 2008-2010)

Total Students Appeared - 15 in number; All Obtained First Class.

Highest Marks obtained - 78% (780/1000) M.Sc. Part I 2010 (Session 2009-2011)

Total Students Appeared - 19 in number; All Obtained First Class.

Highest Marks obtained - 79.4% (397/500)

2. Seminars held in the Department and Visitors to the Department Name of the Spealier / Visitor

Dr. Antony Gomes

Professor Tapan Saha

Institutional Address Professor, Department of

Physiology, University of Calcutta Senior Scientist,Institute of

Environmental Studies

& Wetland Management, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Topic Eco-toxicology and

Environmental Pollutants Environmental Impact

Assessment of East Kolkata Wetland 3. Research Activities of the Department:

Title of the Project Identification of Source and Cause for Fluoride Pollution in Groundwater

of Purulia district, West Bengal Assessing the Role of Geological Controls on Occurrence of Fluoride in

Groundwater of Bankura district. West Bengal

Project Investigator

Name of Principal & Co-Investigators

• Dr. H. N. Bhattacharya, Principal Investigator

• Dr.Arunabha Majumder, Co-Principal Investigator

• Dr. S. Chakrabarti, Project Investigator

• Dr. H. N. Bhattacharya, Principal Investigator

• Dr. Arunabha Majumder, Co-Principal Investigator

• Dr. S. Chakrabarti,

Funding Agency Fluoride Task Force and Public Health Engineering

Directorate, Govt, of West Bengal

Fluoride Task Force and Public Health

Engineering Directorate, Govt.

of West Bengal

Amount(Rs.) 3,30,000/=


4. List of Publications by the Teachers of the Department:

Sen, R. and Chakrabarti, S. (in press) Environmental Systems Collapse: A Qualitative Critique with an Exemplar Journal of Environmental Systems (in press).

Sen, R. and Chakrabarti, S. (in press) Nanominerals Play a Dominam Role in Arsenic Contamination of Shallow Groundwater Aquifers in the Bengal Basin - A Critical Review. Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences (in press).

Sen, R^and Chakrabarti, S. (in press) Characteristics of the Mineral/Metal Nanoparticles in the Subarnarekha River, Eastern India. Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences.

L {jey J

• F'F=JASArsJCSII-<l '111

5 (a) Seminars, Lectures Delivered by Teachers and Students of ESM course

Dr. S. Chakrabarti, Associate Professor, was invited as the Guest Speaker by the President of the Rotary Ckib ot Kibitn tin Calcutta to speak on the topic "The Story of our Imperiled Environment: The Deadly Menace of fluoride Pc^Uutum in the Groundwater of Purulia, West Bengal" in the Annual Meeting of the Rotary Club held at the Intern itioiril .Club, Kolkata on ] 9th July, 2010. ' '

Department of Mathematics

News from the Department

Till the institution (formerly Presidency College) acquired a new status, the teaching-learning activities of the department had been primarily directed to maintaining and, when possible, improving the quality of undergraduate teaching. A major step in this direction was preparation of a three-year (compatible to six-semester) 16 module undergraduate course with provision for specialized optional courses in the last year/semester.

After the college was rechristened as and upgraded to Presidency University the department has an outline of a four semester postgraduate syllabus containing optional papers in the last two semesters in keeping with our previously held departmental meetings and interaction with experts.

A total of 81 candidates from the department (17 for B.Sc. Final, 33 for Part II and 31 for Part 1) appeared for the • Calcutta University examination this year. Of these 20 (5 from B.Sc. Final, 6 from Part II and 9 from Part I) were placed in the First Class. The Calcutta University topper in Mathematics Honours and the college topper among all subjects for this year (also) was from this department, following the tradition of the previous year.

Three students from the last batch of outgoing students joined the various IITs' and ten of them joined universities of this state.

One of our faculty members Dr. Amar Chandra Patra, Reader, retired from service on 31.01.2010.

The lecture theatre of the department (MUT) was equipped with public address system and LCD projector with a view to encouraging innovative methods of teaching and learning.

Seminar organised by the Department:

Name of the Speaker Date

Dr. Mahua Banerjee 09.12.2010 Dr. Mridul Kami Sen 09.12.2010

Institutional Address IIT, Kanpur

University of Calcutta (retired)


The stairway of Boolean Algebra:

through the eyes of classical logic.

Cyclic group and Cryptography List of Publication:

I. S. Pathak, A. Maiti, and G. R Samanta, (2010) Rich dynamics of an SIR epidemic model, Nonlinear Analysis.

Modelling and Control, vol. 15, p. 71-81.

II. S. Pathak, and A-. Maiti, (2010) Microbial pest control: a mathematical model. Journal of Biological Systems, vol. 18, p. 455-478.

Seminar, Lectures Delivered / Workshop attended by Teachers:

Alakesh Maity attended Workshop and Conference on Modeling Infectious Diseases held at IMSc, Chennai from 13th to 22nd September 2010. He also attended a Workshop and Symposium on Mathematical Ecology held at USER, Kolkata from 7th to 14th December 2010).

Jayanta Sen delivered Invited talk on Logic - from philosophy to computer science through mathematics at the UGC sponsored national level conference at Vivekenada College for Women, Kolkata held on 11 th December, 2010.

Syamal Kumar Basak delivered a lecture in CTE programme on Methodology of Teaching Mathematics for m-service teachers on 24.09.2010 at Ramkrishna Mission Sikshamandir, Belur Math.

• F=r=?ASAMC5ll-<l '111

Staff List:

A. Teaching

1. Debidas Chattoraj, Head 2. Binod Kumar Berry 3. Syamal Kumar Basak

4. Subhasundar Bandyopadhyay 5. GourGopalRay

6. Jayanta Sen 7. Alakesh Maity B. Non-Teaching

1. Netai Chandra Dey, Establishment Attendant.

C. Vacant Position

1. One post of Professor.

2. One post of Assistant Professor.

3. One post of skilled bearer.

Department of Physics

News from the department

The Department of Physics, Presidency University formerly Presidency College has a rich tradition and history.

Looking back, the teaching of Natural Science started in this College as early as 1856. Prasannachandra Ray was the First to pa.ss Graduation in Natural and Physical Sciences in 1865 with a first class. Post graduate course in Natural and Physical Sciences commenced from 1883. The first batch appeared in the examination in 1885. Six of them obtained First Class. In fact, this Department had a rare distinction and was among the few centres of the country in the nineteenth century where Physics was taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Although, after the establishment of the University College of Science of University of Calcutta in the early part of the twentieth century, the post graduate teaching in Physics was shifted from Presidency College to the University faculties of Presidency College were closely involved in postgraduate teaching of the University. The Department became famous for producing the best undergraduates in Physics of the Calcutta University. In 1912, the first batch of students from Presidency College appeared in the M.Sc.

Physics Examination of University of Calcutta. Sisirkumar Mitra topped the merit list. He, in the later part of his life, was made Fellow of the Royal Society in 1958. The Department of Physics is maintaining its tradition of excellence and trying its level best to include additional activities in spite of few awesome problems, which remained unsolved for quite some time.

The Department of Physics has 19teaching posts of which Sposts including 4 posts of Professor are lying vacant.

In spite of this shortage of staff, the department has strived to maintain the quality of the teaching and research activities.

The multifarious activities of the department are summarized in the following categories:

Research Activities:

Both theoretical and experimental researches are being carried out by the departmental faculty. In theoretical Physics research is conducted in High energy physics. Nuclear Physics, Statistical physics. Liquid crystal. Nonlinear dynamics, Astrophysics and Quantum mechanics. Experimental researches on Nanomaterials, Polymers, Electronics, Remote Sensing etc. Fifteen research papers have been published in peer reviewed journals in 2010.

National and International collaborations:

a) Academic exchange programme with Ecole polytechnic, Paris, France.

b) The astrophysics special course in 2nd year PG section is conducted in active colUiboration with Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, India.

c) Dr. Prodyot Kumar Roy is collaborating as co-investigator with Dr. S K Dana, of Indian Institute of Chemical

{JB- j

• F=?^ASAMC3II-<I •!!•

Biology (IICB), Kolkata who is the Principal Investigator of the research project entitled "Chaos synchronization- Exploring Technology Prospect" funded by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) DAB Go\ i ot India Other members of the project are Prof. A. Sen (Principal Collaborator) of Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and E Padmanaban (co-investigator) of IICB, Kolkata.

Students' achievements:

This year 22 out of 28 students secured first class in the B. Sc. (Honours) final examination of the Calciilla University. In M. Sc. final examination 20 out of 34 students obtained first class.

In the national level, many of our undergraduate students qualified in the JAM 2010 (Joint Admission test for Masters Level in lITs) securing top 3 positions. Success rate in JEST (admission test for integrated Ph.D prosiramme of different reputed national institutes) is also very high. Five students have joined different llfs in India. Two ol' our students Nairit Sur and Rickmoy Samanta joined the integrated Ph.D. programme of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIER), Mumbai.

In this academic year three of our undergraduate students, Debmalya Chakrabarty, Sumanta Chakrabarty, Soumyadeep Chaudhuri, were placed among the top 1 % in the National Graduate Physics Examination 2010 coiiducted by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). In fact, Sumanta Chakrabarty secured 15th rank in the said examination.

We are proud to announce that first three candidates in the list of 17 students found eligible for admission to the Integrated Ph.D. programme in Physics 2010 of Indian Institute of Science (lISc), Bangalore are from our department.

They are Somuya Sasmal, Udit Narayan Chowdhury, Arpan Bhattacharya and six more Aritra Gupta, Dcbamalya Chakraborty, Kollol Sen, Sayonee Ray, Rickmoy Samanta and Suman Choudhuri also made their place in the same merit list.

Udit Narayan Chowdhury, Aritra Gupta, Rickmoy Samanta and Kollol Sen from this department were among ihc eleven candidates .selected for the Ph.D. Progamme in Physics for the academic year 2010-11 at Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad. Two of our students were selected for admission to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.

This year two 3rd year B.Sc. students Sumanta Chakraborty and Aritra Kundu were awarded K VPY Scholarship.

The achievements of our postgraduate students are no less praiseworthy. One PG student (passed M.Sc. 2009) has qualified NET (JRF) 2010 and three students have cleared NET (lectureship).

Seven students of this department were successful in GATE and five in JEST programme. One of our students Bannni Chatterjee got admitted to the Ph.D. programme of the University of Cologne, Germany.

We are glad that the collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France is quite satisfactory. On 16th November 2010 Sylvain Ferrari, International Development Coordinator, Vice Presidency for External Relations. Ecole Polytechnique, visited our Department and met the honourable Vice-Chancellor of Presidency University. He also met the students of our department who are aspirant of getting admission to Ecole Polytechnique. The visit was in preparation of the admission test going to be held in February 2010. He also made a presentation to the students about Ecole Polytechnique. In last year the faculties of Ecole Polytechnique conducted admission test for the students of Presidency College in our premises. We are glad that two of our students of Physics Department were selected for admission in 2010 session. The names of the students selected from the Physics Department are: Soumyo Sasmal, Kollol Sen and Rickmoy Samanta. However, only Soumyo decided to join Ecole Polytechnique.

Research Projects in the department:


Hyperspectral remote sensing of

natural and man made features based on UV-Vis-NIR spectral measurements Studies in noncommutative gravity with applications to cosmology and black hole physics

Polymer-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites (Pihnc)-Preparation, Characterisation And Their Potential As Nanodielectrics


Investigator Dr. Barun RayChaudhuri

Dr. Pradip Mukherjee

Dr. Arobindo Nayak

Funding agency DST



Amount Rs.2432475

Rs. 60000

Rs. 996000


• F=?^ASAISIC5II-<I ' n »

Seminars held in tlie department:

Name of the Speaker

On 8.01.2010Dr. Hemanta Mukherjee,

On 8.01.2010Dr. Vijay Narayan (an alumnus of the Department)

Institution President of iPoint

LLCWestminster, CO 80031, USA Did Ph.D. from IISc

At present in UK


Evolution of Technology of Petroleum Exploration and Production over the last 150 years

On 15.01.20lODr. Arabindo Roy

On 3.9. lOProf. Palash Baran Pal, On 24.9.10Prof. Parthasarathi Majumdar

On 27.09.lOProf. Naresh Dadhich, On 3.12.10Prof Siddhartha Sen,

Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics and CITA, University of Toronto, USA.

Theory Group of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) Kolkata Theory Group of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) Kolkata Emeritus Professor, lUCAA, Pune.

Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Trinity College Dublin, UK

Phase Behaviour and Dynamics of an Agitated Monolayer of Granular Rods An Introduction to the Evolution of Universe

Measurement of length A New View of Electromagnetism

Gravity is not like any other force, it is different

Different aspects of turbulence


Other Academic activities:

Ph. D. Supervision:

Subarnarekha Bhaumik, a college teacher has obtained Ph. D. Degree of Calcutta University in 2010 under the supervision of Dr. Barun RayChaudhuri.

Fourth Asian Science Camp 2010

We are delighted to inform that one of our student in 1st year Sri Abhiroop Lahiri was invited at the Fourth Asian Science Camp 2010, Mumbai, India organized by Tata Institute of fundamental research and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science and Education. Only 30 students from all over India have been invited to attend this prestigious meet.

They have got an opportunity to interact with some Nobel Laureates and other world class scientists.

"Wizards of Math " contest

Time Institute and Globsyn Business School have organized a contest called "Wizards of Math" and the preliminary round was held on 23.11.10 in Presidency University campus among the undergraduate 2nd and 3rd year students in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and Physics of this university. Soumangsu Bhusan Chakraborty and Prasenjit Sanyal won in this round and obtained cash award.

Star College Programme:

The Department organized two days' "Workshop on Advanced Experiments-in Physics for the Undergraduate Students" on 15th and 16th January, 2010 for all 3rd Year Physics Honours students and on 15th and 16th February, 2010 for all 2nd Year Physics Honours students. Another programme "Workshop on Exploring Physics for the Undergraduate Students" on 28th September to I st October, 2010 was organized mainly for all 1 sr Year Physics Honours students of the Department. The department has plans for organizing more such workshops in future.

List of publications by the Teachers of this Department: