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Social Sector


125 Education and Block Primary Education Officers at district and block level respectively with following aims:

 To achieve the goal of universalization of Elementary Education.

 To provide Quality Elementary Education.

 To increase access to Elementary Education.

At present up to 31.12.2019 there are 10,721 Primary Schools and 2,049 government middle schools. Out of which 10,716 Primary Schools and 2,039 middle schools are functioning in the state. To overcome the shortage of trained teachers, efforts are being made to make fresh appointments of teachers in the needy schools on a regular basis. An attempt has also been made to cater to the educational needs of specially abled children.

Fig 13.2 Percentage of Children enrollment in the State

Source: ASER, 2019

The improvement in reading level can be observed from the above figure. In 2012 only 39 per cent of children of class III for both Pvt. and Govt. school were able to read class II standard level text, whereas it improved in 2018 where 48 per cent of class III standard children were able to read class II level text.

13.3 To increase enrolment and to reduce the dropout rate and further to enhance the retention rate of the children in these schools, various scholarships and other incentives namely Poverty Stipend Scholarship, Girls Attendance Scholarship, Scholarship for Children of Army Personnel, Scholarship for the students belonging to IRDP families, Middle- Matric scholarship (Medhavi Chhatervariti Yojna), Pre Matric scholarship for Scheduled Castes students on Lahaul-Spiti pattern Scholarship. In addition to the above free Text Books and Uniforms are also being provided for OBC/ IRDP/ SC/ ST and in some cases free Text Books are provided to General Students in non Tribal areas. Free Text books and uniforms to all students are being provided. All these measure have helped to enhanching the enrolment rate in the schools. Following figure shows the situation of selected facilities among government schools.

Fig 13.3 Selected Facilities among Government schools in the State

Source: ASER, 2019

Above figure shows that selected facilities in government schools have improved as over 2018.

State Sponsored Scholarship Schemes

83 98

13 11

31 20

97 94

5 0 2 4

98 99

9 2 6 5

99 93

6 0 6 3

Kitchen shed for cooking mid-day meal

Mid-day meal served in school on day of visit

No facility for drinking


No Toilet

facility No separate provision for girls toilet

No liberary Trends over time % schools with selected

facilities 2010,2014,2016,2018

2010 2014 2016 2018

3351 4451 4549 4748

39 47 47 48

2012 2014 2016 2018

Percentage Children in Std III who can read Std II level text

Govt. Pvt. Govt&Pvt

126 13.4 The following incentives are being provided during the year 2019-20:-

Table 13.2

State Sponsored Schemes for Elementary Education

Sr.No State Sponsored

Scheme Detail of Schemes Benefitted

Students Amount, FY 2019-20 1. Medhavi

Chhatarvriti Yojna Students of 5th standard who secured at least grade B are eligible to appear for scholarship exam. 2 Boys & 2 Girls at each block level are ensured to give ` 800 per annum who score highest marks in the merit list and renewal for 7th& 8th Classes.

1582 ` 12.66 (lakh)

2. 1. Scholarship for IRDP/BPL Children 2.

1st to 5th standard students are given `150 per annum and students from 6th to 8th standard are given `250 per annum per boy and `500 per annum per girl.

87875 `21.10 (lakh)

3 3. Girls Attendance Those girls students of 1st to 5th standard whose attendance is at least 90 per cent are given ` 20 per annum per students.

11301 ` 2.26 (lakh) 4. 4. Poverty Scholarship Those students of 1st to 5th standard whose parents

income does not exceed ` 11,000 per annum are given `40 per annum per students.

18651 ` 7.46 (lakh) 5. 5. Scholarship for

Children of Armed Forces

Those students of 1st to 5th standard whose parents dies during the war or got more than 50 percent disability are given ` 150 per annum

4 ` 600.00

6. 6. Free Text Books The free books for students of all categories from 1st to 8th standard are provided by the Department of Elementary Education through HPBSE.


Students `23.00 (crore) 7. 7. Atal School Vardi Yojana

(i) Free School

Uniform (i) Two sets of uniform is being provided for class

1st to 12th 8,30,945 `40.00

(crore) (ii) School Bags As per the announcement of Hon’ble Chief minister

in his budget speech 2018-19, students of 1st,3rd,6th and 9th have provided free school bags.



8. Sports Activities For carrying sports activities of students from 1st to

8th at Block, District, State and National level. - `3.35 (crore) 9. 8. Construction and

Repair of Elementary and Middle school

For infrastructure facilities - `40.81


10. Atal Adarsh Vidyalyas Yojna (AAVY)

15 more new Atal Adarsh Vidyalyas (AAV) will be notified & proposal for three vidyalyas in Shimla, Hamirpur and Mandi district during 2019-20 has already been submitted.

- `15.00


11. Mid Day Meal Scheme

This scheme was implemented in 2004 for primary school children and in 2008 this scheme was extended up to 8th standard students in the state under centre, state ratio of 90:10

497774 `28.46 (crore) (state share)

127 13.5 Objectives of Pre Primary Quality Education

Learning Outcomes: The State government has provided subject and class wise learning outcomes developed by the NCERT to all elementary school teachers and they have been asked to teach in such a manner that the desired learning outcomes are attained by the students in each competency.

Teacher App: The State government has launched teacher app to make teaching learning more interesting and joyful.

Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat:

13.6 To teach with play way method flash cards, reading cards, charts, worksheets / workbooks, story books, cursive writing worksheet learing, resources at primary level have been provided to enhance the basic skills in language and arithmetic.

Under National Initiative for School Heads' and Teachers' Holistic Advancement (NISHTHA), 354 Key Resource Persons (KPRs) and State Resource Persons (SRPs) have been trained by national resources group from NCERT. All the teachers at elementary level are being trained under NISHTA by the trained KRPs/RRPs. Government of Himachal Pradesh provided Mathematics and English kit to all Primary schools.

Teachers have been trained for the use of these kits.

Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) 13.7 Science and Mathematics (Elementary and Secondary) developed

by NCERT have been provided to selected school.

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalya (KGBVs)

13.8 The State Government has proposed upgradation of six KGBVs of district Chamba and one KGBV of Shimla from class VI to XII as per scheme of Government of India. Project Approval Board (PAB) has approved upgradation of seven KGBVs in the State. Currently 150 girls are residing in girls hostel and 850 girls from class 6th to 12th are in KGBVs.

All these hostels are attached with Government Senior Secondary School.