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School of Social Sciences

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Schools and Departments

total 7 296.86 Lakhs Awards won by the Faculty with details

M. Phil. Degrees Awarded During the 2013-14 Phil

4.6 School of Social Sciences

the School consists of the following Departments and Centres:

1. Department of History 2. Department of Political Science 3. Department of Sociology 4. Department of Anthropology 5. Centre for Regional Studies 6. Centre for Folk Culture Studies

7. UGC Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora 8. Centre for Knowledge, Culture & Innovation Studies 9. Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy 10. Centre for Human Rights

11. Centre for Ambedkar Studies

12. Centre for Gandhian Economic Thought 13. Centre for Women’s Studies

Dean : Prof. Aloka Parasher Sen

The School offers the following programs through the above Departments/Centres, in Social Sciences program and the student strength during the year was as follows:

I M A, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D - 600 students

the following activities were organised at School Level:

1. The School welcomed Prof. Shereen Ratnagar, First occupant of University Chair Professorship from July – November 2013. A bi-weekly Workshop for Research Scholars was conducted by Prof. Shereen Ratnagar during the Monsoon Semester.

2. The School had an interactive conversation with Prof. Andre Beteille, Chancellor, NEHU and Emeritus Professor (Sociology), University of Delhi, on 21stAugust 2013 for research scholars and faculty of the School.

3. The School in collaboration with New Zealand India Research Institute organised an International Conference on “Society, Religion and Modernity in India” between November 28-29, 2013.

4. The School organised an interaction and Q&A session with Ms. Aruna Roy, Honorary Doctorate Awardee and Raman Magsaysay Awardee on 10th January 2014 for faculty and research Scholars.

5. The School organised an Interaction and Lecture Discussion by Prof. Rajeev Bhargava, Director Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi on “Beyond Toleration: Civility and Principled Distance in Asokan Edicts” on 22nd January 2014. The School also co-organized with the School of Humanities a Lecture by him on

“The Difficulty of Reconciliation” on 23rd January, 2014.

6. The School organised a half day Symposium with Scholars from Pavia University, Italy – Prof. Marica Milanesi, Department of Humanities on the title “A Long Journey to India. Building a New Knowledge of India in Sixteenth Century Europe” and Prof Simonetta Casci, Department of History on the title “Rituals and social integration of the Afaqis in the Bahmani and Qutb Shahi Sultanates” on 28th January 2014.

4.6.1 Department of history

The Department had the following teaching staff during the year:

Professors : Alok Parasher Sen, R L Hangloo, (on deputation), Atlury Murali (on Deputation), Rila Mukherjee (on Deputation), K P Rao, Rekha Pande, Sanjay Subodh

Associate Professors : R. Swarupa Rani, Anindita Mukhopadhyay, V J Varghese Assistant Professors : M.N. Rajesh, V. Rajagopal, Rashmi

The Department offered M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes and the student strength during the year as follows:

M.A. = 87

M.Phil. = 19

Ph.D. = 35

total = 141

01 Ph.D. and 14 M.Phil., degrees were awarded during the period of report.

Distinguished Scholars who visited the department and delivered lectures:

1) Dr.V. Santha Kumari, visited the department on 05.08.2013 anddelivered a lecture on “Social change and the role of ChristianMissionary and Hindu theistic societies the 19th Century in India”.

2) Prof.Ranjan Chakraborthy, visited the department on 06.08.2013 and delivered a lecture on “Environmentalissues in colonial and pastcolonial.

3) Dr. Idesbald Goddris, visited the department on 12.08.2013 anddelivered a lecture on “Belgium and India in past and present.

4) Dr.M.SS.Pandian, visited the department on 04.10.2013, anddelivered a lecture on “Two Critics of Nationalism:

Priyar and Tagore”.

5) Prof. Michael Asher, visited the department on 11.10.2013, anddelivered a lecture on “Traveler’s Accounts of Mughal India”.

6) Prof. Micheal Asher, visited the department on 17.10.2013, anddelivered a lecture on “Crossing the Kalapani”.

7) Prof. Himadri Banerjee, visited the department on 29th 10.2013, anddelivered a lecture on “Evolution of Sikh studies Age of Hew Mcleod(1969 – 2001)”.

8) Prof. Ashok Aklujkar, visited the department on 03.01.2014, anddelivered a lecture on “Historical and text critical discussion”.

9) Prof. Ganapathi Subbiah, visited the department on 17.02.2014, anddelivered a lecture on “The past that has no Future: Reflections onTeaching of Early India History”.

10) Prof. Ganapathi Subbiah, visited the department on 24.02.2014,and delivered a lecture on “Inner and Outer World: A Historians lookat the Bhakati Traition”.

11) Prof. K L Tuteja, visited the department on 10.03.2014, anddelivered a lecture on “Nation and Community in Colonial India”.

12) Prof. Surendra Rao, visited the department on 11.03.2014, anddelivered a lecture on “Nationalismwe sought to create and had toContend with”.

13) Prof. Shubhra Chakravarthy, visited the department on 13.03.2014,and delivered a lecture on “From contoobabu to Dwarakanath Emergenceof the New Commercial Elites in Bengal 1757 – 1850”.

14) Prof. B P Sahu, visited the department on 14.03.2014, anddelivered a lecture on “Writing the Regions”.

4.6.2 Department of Political Science

The Department had the following teaching staff during the year:

Professors : Rajen Harshe (on EOL), Shantha Sinha (on Sabbatical leave) Prakash C.Sarangi (on Deputation), P.Eashvaraiah (Retired from the service on 30.06.2013), I.Ramabrahmam, Arun Kumar Patnaik, G.Sudarshanam, Md.Moazzam Ali, Jyotirmaya Sharma, K.C.Suri, Vasanthi Srinivasan, Sanjay Palshikar, Prithvi Ram Mudiam, Manjari Katju

Associate Professors : B. Chandrasekhara Rao, K.Y. Ratnam, H Kham Khan Suan

Assistant Professors : R. Ramdas, Biju B.L., Shaji S., Aparna DevareE.Venkatesu, K.K.Kailash

head : Prof. G. Sudarshanam

Enrolment details Course wise and year wise

I.M.A : 22

M.A : 52

M.Phil : 19

Ph.D : 12

10 M.Phil, and 03 Ph.D degrees were awarded during the year.

List of Distinguished Scholars who have delivered lectures

1. Prof. Sudipta Kaviraj, Political Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi is a specialist in intellectual history and Indian Politics visited the Department of Political Science, university of Hyderbad and spoke on the topic of Marxism and Postcolonial Thinking on 2nd August2013.

2. Dr.Sumi Madhok, Lecturer in Translation Gender Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science, London visited the Department and delivered a talk on Rethinking Agency: Developmentalism, Gender and Rights on 7th August 2013.

3. Dr. Rahul Tripathi, Department of Political Science, Goa University, Goa visited the Department and delivered a talk on Positioning India in Contemporary Global Political Economy on 16th August 2013.

4. Prof.Pradipta Chaudhary Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi delivered a talk on Why Some Nations are Rich and Others are Poor? On 8th October 2013

5. Prof.Dr.Gisela Muller-Brandeck-Bocquet Professor of European Studies and International Relations, Institute for Political Science and Sociology, University of Wurzburg, Wurzburg, Germany delivered a talk on The European Union at Crossroads: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives on 29th October 2013

6. Mr.Philipp Gieg Adjunct faculty at Chair Professor of European Studies and International Relations, Institute for Political Science and Sociology, University of Wurzburg, Wurzburg, Germany delivered a talk on Prospects and Inconsistencies: The EU’s Policy towards Africa on 30th October 2013

7. Stephen P.Cohen Senior Fellow, Indian Project in the Foreign Policy Programm, Brookings Institutions, Washington D.C delivered a talk on Middle East and South Asian Peace Process : Comparisons and Lessons on 6th January 2014

8. Professor Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice Chancellor, Jain University, Bengaluru delivered a talk on Election Studies in India: Achievements and Challenges 6th January, 2014

Following Seminars organized by the Department:

1. Organized a Two Day National Seminar on ‘Democratic Decentralisation in India- Two Decades of Constitutional Amendments: Experiences Issues and Challenges’ during 25-26th April 2013 Dr.E.Venkatesu was the Seminar coordinator seminar held at Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad.

2. Organized a Two Day National Seminar on ‘Democracy, Development and Tribes in India: Reality & Rhetoric’

during 12-13th August 2013 sponsored by ICSSR, Delhi & University of Hyderabad, Dr. R.Ramdas was the coordinator of the seminar held at Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad.

3. International Workshop on “Indian Political Parties: Crafting Democracy?”, jointly organized by the Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad, and School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Melbourne, 22-24 November 2013.

4. National Workshop on Election Studies in India in collaboration with Lokniti: A Programme for Comparative Democracy, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi on 6-7 January, 2014.

Number of Research projects granted in the year and their value Project/principal


title of the Project Funding Agency Budget Period Prof. I. Ramabrahmam Production on Course ware

e-Content Development for Post –Graduate Subjects

‘Public Adminis-tration(e-PG- Pathshala)

University Grants Commission

112.00 (Rs.in Lakhs)

Dr.Biju BL Co-director

Spaces of Political Protest:

Competition, Co-operation and Conflicts between Political Parties and non-Party organizations in Kerala, India”

ICSSR Sponsored Research Project

20 Lakhs 2013 - 2015

Dr. E.Venkatesu Tracker Poll-1 CSDS-Lokniti

(CNN-IBN & The Hindu)

4, 32,500/- June 2013

Dr. E.Venkatesu Tracker Poll-2 CSDS-Lokniti 3,89,468 July 2013

Dr. E.Venkatesu Tracker Poll-3 CSDS-Lokniti 3,59,444 January

2014 Dr. E.Venkatesu State of the Farmers in India CSDS-Lokniti 1, 50,000/- December

2013 Dr. E.Venkatesu State of Democracy in South


CSDS–Lokniti 2,21,500 February


4.6.3 Department of Sociology

The Department had the following teaching staff during the year:

Professors : E. Haribabu, Sasheej Hegde, Sujata Patel, Vinod K. Jairath, K. Laxmi Narayan, Aparna Rayaprol, N. Purendra Prasad.

Associate Professors : C. Raghava Reddy, Nagaraju Gundimeda, Pushpesh Kumar.

Assistant Professors : V. Janardhan, Satyapriya Rout, N. Annavaram, Hoineilhing Sitlhou, C. Naga Lakshmi.

head : Prof. K. Laxmi Narayan

Courses Offered : I.M.A., M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D.

Enrolment Details – Course wise

The Department offered IMA, M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes and thestudents’ strength during the year 2013- 2014 & 2012-13 were as follows .

2013-14 2012-13

I.M.A. VII Sem. = 06 12 M.A. = 55 36

M.Phil. = 10 12

Ph.D. = 04 10

Total = 75 70

Degrees Awarded during the Year 1.4.2013 to 31.3.2014 M.Phil = 05 Ph.D. = 01

List of Distinguished Scholars

The following distinguished scholars from reputed Indian & foreign universities and research institutions visited the Department and delivered lectures during the year 2013-14.

Sl. No. Name of the Scholar title of the Lecture Date of visit

2 Prof. Ravinder Kaur

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology

New Delhi

Missing Girls in India: Causes and Consequences of Female Adverse Sex Ratios in India


3 Prof. Vishal Tondon History of Liberal Arts

Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad

Gender, Sexuality and Community In India: A Survey through Contemporary Art


4 Prof. Shereen Ratnagar UOH Chair Professor

Formerly, Centre for Historical Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi

Tribes in India – Then and Now 10.09.2013

5 Prof. Kalpana Kannabiran Director,

Council for Social Development Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Section 377: Heterosexism, Homophobia and Anti-homophobic Inquiry & Rape Laws, Feminine Modesty and Feminist Response


6 Prof. Trasey Skelton

National University of Singapore Singapore

Comparative Urbanism Research in Asia: Conundrums, Communication and Collaboration with Special Reference on Hyderabad


7 Prof.Chris Fuller Emeritus Professor Dept. of Anthropology

London School of Economics & Political Science, London

Occupation, Race and Hierarchy:

Colonial Theories of Caste and Society in India, 1871-1947


8 Prof. Frederic Vandenberghe

Institute of Social and Political Studies UERJ, Rio-de-Janero, Brazil

What is Philosophical about Social Theory?


9 Dr. Irfan Ahamad Associate Professor Political Anthropology

Institute for Religion and Critical Enquiry, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic UniversityMelbourne

Theorizing Religion and

Democracy: The Transformation of India’s Jamat-e-Islami


10 Prof. Helmuth Berking Institute of Sociology

Technical University, Darmstadt Germany

Mombasa: Through an Urban Lens 20.01.2014

11 Prof. Sonia Sikka, Dept. of Philosophy University of Ottawa, Canada

Teaching “Religion” and

“Philosophy” in India

27.02.2014 12 Mrs. Michele Friedner

Massachussetts Institute of Technology Anthropology Prgram, USA

New Disability Mobilities and Accessibilities in Urban India


13 Dr. Kiran Mirchandani

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University of Toronto, Canada

On Phone Clones: Transnational Service Work and the Global Economy


14 Bandana Purkayastha Professor and Head Department of Sociology University of Connecticut, USA

Intersectionality in the Era of Transnationalism


Attended/ Presented Papers in the International Seminar/Conference/Chaired Session/Visiting Professor and Other Activities

Sasheej hegde

Panelist and Chair at International Conference on ‘Society, Religion and Modernity in India’, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad and New Zealand India Research Institute, New Zealand, Hyderabad, 28-29 November 2013

Sujata Patel

1. Special Lecture on ‘Geopolitics of Travelling Theory’, at the Third World SSH Net Thinkshop, The Global Social Science World, beyond Western Universalism, at the University of Applied Social Sciences, Zwickau, Germany, September 27-28, 2013.

2. Special Lecture on ‘Post-colonialism and Social Theory’, Latin American Institute, Free University, Berlin, 30 September, 2013.

Aparna Rayaprol

1. Expert Reviewer: United States of India Educational Foundation (USIEF) Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships Review Board.

2. Invited Paper “Cultural Reproduction and the Reconstruction of Identities in the Diasporas”, at the International Conference on ‘Society, Religion and Modernity in India’, at the School of Social Sciences, organized jointly with the India Institute, New Zealand, Nov 28-29, 2013.

In document University of Hyderabad (Page 121-126)