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The main aim of this thesis is to study the chemical looping combustion behavior of Indian coals under the CO2 atmosphere. Further, the effective utilization of Indian coals in the in-situ gasification based CLC technology has not been reported. The metal oxides used in the CLC process should be low cost as a fraction of them is carried away along with the ash residue. With the above research gap, the following objectives are framed,

(i) Laboratory scale experimental studies on the CLC based in-situ gasification of solid fuels with and without co-feed conditions in a fixed bed reactor using Indian coals, (ii) Extraction and utilization of metals as the oxygen carriers from discarded e-waste

and testing their performance during the CLC operation,

(iii) Impact of utilization of high ash Indian coal with the extracted metal oxides from e- waste on the cost of electricity in the CLC based thermal power plants.

The scope of the present work is as follows,

(i) Two types of Indian coals, namely, high ash coal (33% ash) and low ash coal (3%

ash) are used in the CLC operation. A biomass, rice straw, is used as a co-feed along with coals to improve the combustion efficiency of the CLC process.

(ii) Assessment of the process parameters using Fe2O3 as the oxygen carrier with CO2 as the gasification agent. Evaluation of CO2 yield, syngas conversion, char conversion, metal oxidation

(iii) Metal extraction from a printed circuit board (PCB) by a series of thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis, gasification and combustion.


(iv) Utilization of the extracted metal oxides (a mixture of CuO, Fe2O3, Ni) in the CLC operation with solid fuel feedstock.

(v) Thermogravimetric analysis of the CLC behavior of the solid fuels with Fe2O3 and e-waste based metal oxides. Estimation of the kinetic parameters for the CLC based reaction using various models proposed in the literature.

(vi) Estimation of net thermal efficiency, levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of CLC integrated combined cycle power plants using different metal oxides (pure Fe2O3, CuO and oxidized e-waste) by Aspen plus software.


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