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Future scope of the work

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The findings obtained from the present work gives a foot path for the further development and improving the effectiveness of the composite materials and a product. An outline of the scope of future research is drawn and it is given below:

 The oxidation stability of the composite materials can be studied at higher working temperature in order to explore the same for high temperature applications.

 Quality of sintered products may be improved by the deformation process at different compaction pressure in CIP in order to increase the relative density, hardness and conductivity of the composite materials.

 The presence of CNT may be aligned by suitable technique in order to improve the directional properties of the composites.

 Sintering process may be performed under different pressure either uniaxial or isostatic conditions to increase the quality and the characteristics of test materials.

 An attempt may be made to develop and characterise a prototype model of different products e.g. stave, heat transfer tube and others in order to explore the same for futuristic potential industrial applications.


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