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Development of microencapsulation technology for papaya (Caricapapaya l.) leaf extract to enhance stability of bioactive compounds

In document 61st Convocation (Page 109-113)

The present investigation was undertaken to explore the effect of different extraction methods, microencapsulation and storage techniques on different quality parameters of papaya leaf extract. The extraction methods include blanching, microwave-assisted extraction (MAE), ultrasound-assisted extraction (probe and bath sonication and combination of ultrasound and microwave extraction methods. Different biochemical characteristics were analysed, namely TPC, TFC, % RSA, Tchl, carotenoids and TSS contents. The highest values of these parameters were obtained with the combination of ultrasound and microwave methods, followed by the probe sonication, microwave and bath sonication methods. The extract obtained through the best method was taken forward to prepare the feed emulsion for microencapsulation. Microencapsulation of papaya leaf extract with different wall materials (Maltodextrin, gum arabic and gelatin) was carried out by spray-freeze-drying (SFD) and freeze-drying (FD) techniques. in SFD, the effect of different ratios of core and wall material (PL: MD, PL: MD+GA, PL:

MD+GA+Ge), the concentration of wall materials (15%, 20%) and flow rate (15 mL/min, 25 mL/min) were studied on the stability of bioactive compounds, such as TPC, TFC, % RSA and EE. The optimized value of core: wall material, wall material concentration and the flow rate were PL: MD+GA+Ge, 20% and 15 mL/min, respectively. The optimized values of TPC, TFC, %RSA and EE were 121.24 mg GAE/g, 43.47 mg QE/g, 91.11%

and 90.62%, respectively. in FD, different core and wall materials (PL: MD, PL: MD+GA, PL: MD+GA+Ge) and the concentration of wall materials (1:1, 1:1.5) were studied. The optimized conditions for this method were PL:MD+GA+Ge, at wall material proportion of 1:1. The optimized values of TPC, TFC, % RSA and EE were 93.24 mg GAE/g, 32.43 mg QE/g, 88.24% and 85.36%, respectively.Storage stability of microencapsulated powder obtained by SFD and FD methods was studied in three different packaging materials: ALP, amber glass bottles and

LDPE at ambient and refrigerated storage conditions for 12 weeks. Higher retention of bioactive compounds was found in the samples stored in the amber glass, followed by ALP and LDPE. During the refrigerated storage of SFD powder for 0 to 12 weeks, TPC retained in amber glass, ALP and LDPE were 80.39%, 75.35% and 55.18%, respectively. Thus it can be inferred that the microencapsulated papaya leaf extract powders obtained by SFD and FD can be best preserved in amber glass bottles under refrigerated conditions, with the maximum stability of the bioactive compounds.

List of Contributing Students and Chairperson of their Advisory Committee

NoS. Name of the

student Roll

No. Degree MTech/


Title of the Thesis Chairperson 1 Khushbu

Kumari 10387 Ph.D. Development of a sensor-based system for detection of adulteration in selected dairy product

Dr. Subir Kumar Chakraborty 2 Manish

Debnath 10397 Ph.D. Sustainability of ground water use in

central Punjab under changing climate Dr. Arjamadutta Sarangi

3 Shekh Mukhtar Mansuri

10566 Ph.D. Non-destructive detection of fungal spoilage in maize by reflectance spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging

Dr. Subir Kumar Chakraborty 4 Priyanka

Sakare 10567 Ph.D. Development of lac dye based intelligent packaging indicators for real- time freshness monitoring of paneer and mushroom

Dr. Saroj Kumar Giri

5 Pramod

Shivaji Shelake 10944 Ph.D. Dynamics of ozone in bulk storage system for onion (Allium cepa L.) And its effect on shelf-life

Dr. Debabandya Mohapatra 6 Anjali

Sudhakar 10946 Ph.D. Development of dielectric property- based adulteration detection system for mustard oil

Dr. Subir Kumar Chakraborty 7 Bhukya

Jithender 10947 Ph.D. Development of hydrodynamic cavitation system for enhancing shelf life of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) juice

Dr. Debabandya Mohapatra

8 Nishanth M

Stanly 10950 Ph.D Energy studies on power machinery

system for selected farm operations Dr. indra Mani 9 Konga

Upendar 10956 Ph.D. Development of a camera based real

time weedicide applicator Dr. Kamal Nayan Agrawal

10 Vikas Pagare 10958 Ph.D. Studies on machine and seedlings parameters for transplanting of bare root onion seedlings

Dr. M Din

11 Prashant Singh 10960 Ph.D. Decision Support System for irrigation scheduling of rice and wheat in the Sultanpur district, Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Arjamadutta Sarangi

12 Abhinav

Dubey 11166 Ph.D. Development of polypropylene reinforced insecticide incorporated jute bags for safe pulse storage

Dr. indra Mani

13 Puramshetti

Lavanya 11169 Ph.D. Development of microencapsulation technology for papaya (Carica papaya L.) Leaf extract to enhance stability of bioactive compounds

Dr. Saroj Kumar Giri

14 Sawant Sanket

Ramnath 11172 Ph.D. Development of ohmic assisted oil extraction technology for enzymatically hydrolyzed black cumin seed

Dr. P K Sharma

15 Mohit

Kumar 11177 Ph.D Design and development of cumin

harvester for small farmers Dr. P K Sahoo 16 Arudra

Srinivasrao 11184 Ph.D Design and development of precision

swinging lance sprayer Dr. Tapan Kumar Khura

17 Jagjeet Singh 11185 Ph.D. investigations on spray characteristics and recycling of spray liquid for tunnel sprayer

Dr. M Din

18 Sheeja P.S. 11191 Ph.D. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to seawater intrusion in coastal aquifer of malabar region in Kerala

Dr. D K Singh

19 Atish Sagar 11192 Ph.D. Modeling of water and nutrient movement for greenhouse chrysanthemum

Dr. Murtaza Hasan 20 Jyotirmay

Mohapatra 11365 Ph.D. An investigation into the performance of material coated metering plates for a dc motor operated pneumatic planter

Dr. Prem Shanker Tiwari

21 Gopal

Carpenter 11402 Ph.D Design and development of a canopy volume based variable rate sprayer for mango orchards

Dr. indra Mani

22 Waghaye Abhishek Mitaram

11418 Ph.D. Hydro-meteorological mapping and modelling of hydrological processes for managing surface and groundwater resources

Dr. D K Singh

23 P. Kanthavel 11420 Ph.D. Spatio-temporal multivariate drought

analysis in upper tapti river sub-basin Dr. Chandra Kant Saxena 24 Harerimana

Leonce 11644 Ph.D Studies on design and development of

solar powered multi-crop thresher Dr. indra Mani 25 Juhi Ranjan 21392 M.Tech Studies on prolonged safe storage of

potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Pusa farm sun fridge

Dr. Sangeeta Chopra

26 Yashaswani

S N 21393 M.Tech Development of process protocol for

infrared drying of apple slices Dr. Arun Kumar T V

27 Karishma

Kumari 21394 M.Tech Development of sensor-based device for

estimation of crop disease severity Dr. Roaf Ahmad Parray

28 Rohit

Anand 21395 M.Tech Development of sensor-based site- specific sprayer for disease control in vegetable crops

Dr. Roaf Ahmad Parray

29 Shailendra

Toppo 21397 M.Tech Design and development of smart trap

for insect control in agricultural crops Dr. Satish D Lande 30 Uday Kiran M 21398 M.Tech Studies on ergonomic evaluation of

battery-assisted weeder Dr. S.P Singh 31 Pooja Sakthi

Rama S 21399 M.Tech Sensor based irrigation scheduling for enhancing water and nitrogen use efficiency in drip fertigated leafy vegetable

Dr. D K Singh

32 Akshay Kumar 21400 M.Tech Spatiotemporal variation in groundwater development and appropriate management strategies for NCT Delhi

Dr. D K Singh

33 Gauri Umeshrao Bhagole

21401 M.Tech Runoff and soil loss at high rainfall

intensity using mini rainfall simulator Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra 34 Resham

Chawla 21402 M.Tech Study on transpiration efficiency and water use efficiency of wheat under controlled environment

Dr. D K Singh

35 Santosh

Kumar Ray 21403 M.Tech Sensor-based fertigation scheduling for

greenhouse tomato Dr. Murtaza Hasan

36 Abhishel Paul 60061 M.Tech Water footprints of major vegetable

crops in eastern gangetic plains of india Dr. Santosh Sambhaji Mali 37 Goutam

Guruprasad Jena

70001 M.Tech Studies on the effect of deficit irrigation strategies on water use efficiency, yield, and quality of pomegranate (cv.

Bhagwa) in shallow basaltic soil

Dr. Dhananjay Dhondiram Nangare 38 Dharmendra

Kumar 70002 M.Tech Water production functions for stress tolerant rootstocks of eggplant (Solanum melongena L. Z

Dr. G.C. Wakchaure

In document 61st Convocation (Page 109-113)