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Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

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4.6.8 Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

The Centre for the study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy is one of the few Centres set up in the country, being fully funded by the UGC with Faculty positions and Non-teaching staff. It was established in May 2007. Based on the recently originated concept the Centres have been established for undertaking comprehensive studies and research into the Social Exclusion as a complex and multidimensional concept having social, cultural, political and economic ramifications. The Centre focuses on exploring the processes that produce Social Exclusion. The studies on historical processes of exclusion and the methodological aspects have been the mainstay of the Centre. This new concept encompasses all forms of discrimination which operate in covert and overt manner on caste, gender, ethnicity, religious and linguistics minorities and other excluded groups such as disabled etc. The Centre, through its research programmes, strives to intervene in policy processes to mitigate the problems of social exclusion and help building the democratic processes. The Centre has the following objectives:-

a. To understand dynamics of discrimination and exclusion.

b. To focus on multidisciplinary approach to analyze the processes of exclusion.

c. To work on theoretical and empirical dimensions of exclusion.

d. To help with the critical inputs into the inclusive policy processes.

Programmes of Study:

The Centre has adopted multi-disciplinary approach. It offers M. Phil. and Ph.D. programmes in the broad areas of research outlined in the objectives.

Prospects for Employment:

a. Academic and research institutions with multidisciplinary orientations.

b. Non- governmental agencies and consultancies in development sector.

c. Avenues in policy spaces.

d. Journalism- Print and Electronic

Entrance Examination:

The entrance test (Written) for admission to these programmes consist of two parts Part A: Consists of Objective type questions

Part B : Consists of essay type questions to examine the aptitude and analytical abilities of the Candidate to pursue research programmes in the centre.

Courses Offered: M.Phil. & Ph.D. Programmes Intake of Students:

Course Subject Intake Minimum Qualifications for admission M.Phil. Social Exclusion

& Inclusive Policy

12 Master’s degree with at least 55% marks in any of the Social Science or Humanities subjects.

Ph.D Social Exclusion

& Inclusive Policy

06 M.A. in Social Sciences or Humanities subjects (with at least 55% marks) or equivalent Grade; OR M.A. in allied subjects(with at least 60% marks) or Equivalent Grade with M.Phil Degree/ UGC JRF/RGNF/MANF or NET qualification for Lectureship / Two years of teaching/research experience in the subject concerned or three publications in the recognized refereed journals in the subject in which admission is sought.

Faculty List according to seniority

Associate Professors : Sreepati Ramudu, Ajailiu Niumai

Assistant Professors : J. Rani Ratna Prabha, V. Srinivasa Rao, Rosina Nasir Director (In-charge) : Prof. G. Omkarnath (upto May 15, 2013)

Prof. Y.A. Sudhakar Reddy(upto Feb 2, 2014)

head : Dr. Sreepati Ramudu

Enrolment details course wise and year wise M.Phil (2013-14)

13SIHL01 Priyanka R S 13SIHL07 Bandi Daniel

13SIHL02 Krishnan Sanjana Gopal 13SIHL08 Sudam Tandi

13SIHL03 Anil Kumar Kathi 13SIHL09 G. Sunitha

13SIHL04 Rahul Bogi 13SIHL10 Deuel Sam

13SIHL05 Priti Laishram 13SIHL11 Aemula Manjula

13SIHL06 Deepak Kumar Swain 13SIHL12 G. Nagesh

13SIHL13 Maruthi.O Ph.D (2013-14)

13SIPH02 Greeshma Gopinath K 13SIPH06 Alok Kumar

13SIPH03 Ainu Borah 13SIPH07 Haritha Surap

13SIPH04 Jadumani Mahanand 13SIPH08 Sridhar G

Degrees awarded M.Phil

Regn. No. Name of the student

Name of the supervisor

title of the Dissertation Date

10SIHL02 Nagurumalle Dr. Sreepathi Ramudu Dalit Women Representation in Panchayat Raj Institutions: A case Study of Nellore District, AP


10SIHL07 D. Ashok Kumar Dr. Sreepathi Ramudu Representative Nature of Dalit Legislators: A Study of the 14th Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh in A.P.



Uppada Raju Prof. G. Krishna Reddy Deceptive Discussion: Analyzing the Notional History of Disability in India


11SIHL04 Alok Kumar Dr. Rosina Nasir An impact of Microfinance Institution on the Santhal women in Dumka District, Jharkhand


11SIHL11 Pedapudi Vijaya Kumar

Dr. Sreepathi Ramudu Untouchability and mid day meal scheme - A comparative study of urban and rural areas in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh


11SIHL12 Seshaiah Chemudugunta

Dr. Sreepathi Ramudu Role of Amebdkar Dharma Porata Samithi(ADPS) in Generating Dalit Consciousness in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh


12SIHL02 Thungdemo N Yanthgan

Dr. Ajailiu Niumai The histroy of ‘Excluded’ Eastern Nagas and measures of inclusion.

16-09-2013 12SIHL04 Greeshma

Gopinath K

Dr. Ajailiu Niumai Tribal Resistance Against the Proposed Hydro Electric Project: A Study of Kadars in Athirappilly


12SIHL12 Rachagorla Balaji Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao Implementation of PESA Act in Andhra Pradesh: A case study of Bhadrachalam Agency area in Khammam district


11SIHL03 Sridhar.G Dr. V.Srinivasa Rao Quality of Education in Andhra Pradesh: A Comparitive Study of Public and Private Schools in Hyderabad City


11SIHL15 Ambala Devendar Dr. V.Srinivasa Rao Impact of Tribal Sub Plan(TSP) on School Education: A Case Study of ITDA in Bhadrachalam


11SIHL09 Faizul Islam Dr. Rosina Nasir Urban Migration Challenges Faced by Women: A Comparative Study of Inter Religious Women


Delivered lectures Prof. Usha R Balakrishnan Iowa University.

1. CARTHA’s Partnering Vision to Help Address Social Integration Challenges of Leprosy Affected Persons.

2. Collaborative Doers for Humanity: Carthans as Innovative Agents for Inspiring Partnerships.

3. Launching Humanity-Centered Aspiration-Exchange:

An Indian-American Woman’s Experience

24th July, 2013

25th July, 2013 29th July, 2013

Sri. Kingshuk Nag Editor of Times of India

Towards an Inclusive Telangana 05th March,


Project Investigator

title of the Project Name of Funding Agency

Budget Rs.

Period Dr. Rosina Nasir Evaluation of Maulana Azad

National Fellowship, Ministry of Minority Affairs

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India,

New Delhi

Rs.8,85,500 March 5, 2013 to June 5, 2013

4.6.9 Centre for Knowledge, Culture & Innovation Studies head : C. Raghava Reddy

Joint faculty : Prof. E. Haribabu, Prof. S.G. Kulkarni, Prof. Prajit K. Basu, Prof. J. Manohar Rao, Dr. C. Raghava Reddy

Names of honorary Professor/ Adjunct Faculty: Dr. Jhumur Lahiri is associated with the centre as Honorary Professor. She is former Scientist – G; Technology Director for the Missile Programme, Advanced Systems Laboratory, DRDO, Hyderabad.

Courses offered:

Semester – I Semester – II

Science Culture and Society Science, Technology and Ethics

Science Technology and Innovations Science and Technology in Modern India Introduction to Philosophy, Technology Culture and Society History and Sociology of Science

Research Methods Thesis related Course

Enrolment details of students:

S. No Admn. No. Name of the Student Sex Category

1 13SKPK01 Sabina Shamim F Gen

2 13SKPK02 Ramisetti V Balaram M Gen

Degrees awarded: NIL

Details of seminars/conferences/workshops organized

National: National Workshop on “Philosophy of Science” co-organized by the CKCIS with the Department of Philosophy, during 18-19 December, 2013.

Number of seminars/conferences/workshops attended by faculty/student categorized as National International

National: 11 International: 1

Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals categorized as National/ International National: - 1 International: 2

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