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Centre for Integrated Studies (CIS)

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total 7 296.86 Lakhs Awards won by the Faculty with details

S. No. Project Investigator title of the Project Name of the funding agency

4.13 Centre for Integrated Studies (CIS)

Centre for Integrated Studies (CIS) was established to offer a five-year Integrated Master’s Degree Programme in several areas from the academic year 2006-07, for imparting education to the young men and women on completion of 12 years of schooling.

Following Programmes were offered:

1. IMSc. Chemical Sciences 2. IMSc. Mathematical Sciences 3. IMSc. Physics

4. IMSc. Systems Biology 5. IMSc. Health Psychology 6. IMA Humanities 7. IMA Social Sciences

During the academic year 2013-14, total number of students pursuing the above courses was 405.

Subjects offered

The number of subjects were taught during every semester for different Integrated programmes are given below 1. IMSc. Sciences : 46 courses

2. IMA Humanities : 61 courses 3. IMA Social Sciences : 45 courses Infrastructure at CIS

Every classroom of CIS is equipped with complete audio-visual facilities for teaching purpose and a specialized IT lab consisting of 120 Ultra-slim desktop and sophisticated equipment in Physics, Chemistry and Systems Biology Laboratories for the benefit of all the integrated students.

CIS Library

A collection of 9584 books (with copies) are available at CIS Library for all the Integrated students.

1. During the year 2012-13: The total collection with copies of books 3,470 Nos.

2. During the year 2013-14: The total collection with copies of books 3,470 Nos.

3. Books transferred from IGML to CIS 6,114 Nos.

total No. of books 9,584 Nos.


A total of 166 students joined CIS for the Academic year 2013-14, see below for details.

Sl. No. Subject Students Joined

1 I.M.Sc. Chemistry 18

2 I.M.Sc. Mathematical Sciences 10

3 I.M.Sc. Physics 16

4 I.M.Sc. Systems Biology 09

5 I.M.Sc. Health Psychology 14

6 I.M.A. Hindi 07

7 I.M.A. Language Science 13

8 I.M.A. Telugu 15

9 I.M.A. Urdu 05

10 I.M.A. Anthropology 10

11 I.M.A. Economics 13

12 I.M.A. History 11

13 I.M.A. Political Science 13

14 I.M.A. Sociology 12

tOtAL 166 transfer of students:

Following number of students were transferred to respective Schools/Departments after completing the first two years in respect to Sciences and three years in respect to Humanities and Social Sciences.

I.M.Sc. 2011-12 Batch

1 I.M.Sc. Chemistry 18

2 I.M.Sc. Mathematical Sciences 08

3 I.M.Sc. Physics 19

4 I.M.Sc. Systems Biology 16

I.M.A. humanities & Social Sciences 2010-11 Batch

1 Anthropology 04

4 Political Science 18

5 Sociology 12

6 Hindi 12

7 Language Science 21

8 Telugu 15

9 Urdu 3

Student Activities:

Junior Science Club (JSC)

Junior Science Club was formed in August, 2007 under the mentorship of Prof. K.P.N. Murthy, School of Physics.

It is affiliated to the Indian Physics Association, Hyderabad Chapter. JSC aims to promote and develop scientific temper among the students of the University community by organizing various activities related to science.

Various activities like science quiz, poster presentations and debate on different topics by the Integrated students are undertaken every year. Science Fest was conducted during the month January, 2013. The following speakers delivered lectures at CIS:

22-7-2013 Prof. Kankan Bhattacharya, IACS, Kolkata: “Excitement in laser spectroscopy”

14-8-2013 Prof. Vaibhav Vaish, IIT, Delhi: “Perspectives in proactive geometry”

23-8-2013 Prof. Pablo Gastesi, CEU San Pablo University, Spain: “Bend it like Poincare: surfaces and complex numbers”.

19-9-2013 Prof. D. Ramachandra Rao: “MIT Shining light on human health”

3-10-2013 Prof. Satyaki Prasad, NCL, Pune: “There is a jungle inside: Tales of speciation, adaptation wars and cooperation from the genome”.

7-10-2013 Prof. Kumaresan, University of Hyderabad: “Mathematical Modeling using ordinary differential equations”

7-1-2014 Prof. Rami Reddy, San Diego, USA: “Use of CADD in Drug Design”.

14-3-2014 Pi day – Coordinated by Prof. S. Illangovan, School of Mathematics, University of Hyderabad.

24-3-2014 Prof. H.S.Mani, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai: One day workshop on: “Special Theory of Relativity”

26-3-2014 Prof. Kumar, Manipal: “Stress among youth. How to combat overstress emotions”.

Vigyanotsav -2014

The third edition of VIGYANOTSAV was celebrated on 22nd and 28th February, 2014 at the University of Hyderabad.

This program was jointly organized by the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, School of Life Sciences and Junior Science Club (Centre for Integrated Studies). Over 10 schools from the twin cities and 3 colleges participated. Quizzes, elocutions, and Science-Fiction-Writing Competitions were conducted on 22nd February, 2014. The Science Day was celebrated on 28th February. Dr.S.Shivaji of Dr.L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad was the chief guest and spoke on Antartica’s Microbial Biodiversity. The students participated in the demonstration of some sixty odd experiments on basic scientific phenomena. The experiments were put up by Agastya Foundations, Bangalore: they trained of students in handling the experiments and demonstrating them during Science Day. The students were taken on a tour to the School of Engineering Science and Technology, Centre for Integrated Studies and Centre for Nanotechnology. The Students had great fun with Transmission and Scanning electron microscopes.


Students of the Centre for Integrated Studies (CIS) organized a Student Research Symposium called COHERENCE 2013 on 26th October 2013 at the C.V. Raman Auditorium. The senior group of students from Sciences and Social Sciences who did their internship during summer vacation showcased their findings and results of their studies in this symposium. The presentations and research reports are indicative of the academic potential of the young minds from the CIS.

Science Conclave at IIIt, Allahabad:

Science Conclave was organized by IIIT, Allahabad during 8-12-2013 to 14-12-2013. Four IMSc students of 2011

The academic programme of the Science Conclave comprises interdisciplinary platform discussions, lectures presented by the Nobel Laureates, addresses to questions relating to basic science research and application- oriented themes. This unique conference format contributes to the generation of new ideas, encourages personal contacts, INSPIRES scientific endeavors over and beyond the norm, and enables the critical examination of scientific questions from a new point of view and orientation.

Participation in 1st NIUS Workshop on Introductory Computational Science

The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai has conducted 1st NIUS Workshop on Introductory Computational Science from September 29 to October 2, 2013. Mr. S. Mahaboob Hussain, Teacher, and Mr. Teja Teppala, IMSC Physics student, Centre for Integrated were selected to participate in the above workshop. The workshop induced basic concepts of numerical techniques and their implementation in the context of physics problems. The workshop also conducted lectures on various tools of computational science and extended sessions of hands-on programming and problem-solving on computers and training in FORTRAN programming to enable participants to implement the techniques. The following topics were covered:

- Interpolation, extrapolation and linear regression - Roots of polynomial equations

- Numerical methods of differential and integral calculus - Elementary matrix operations


(S-Sociology, H-History, A-Anthropology, P-Political Science and E-Economics).

Dr. C. Nagalakhmi, Department of Sociology, is the coordinator. IMA students visited A.P. Archaeological Museum at Gun foundry, Hyderabad and Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum on 21.9.2013. The above visit was very much useful to the students who are studying particularly about human past. Visits to museums would have helped the students to get the direct exposure to archaeological excavations, artifacts, prehistoric past life ways and the material culture of the past societies which were displayed in different galleries of the above museums.

19.02.2014: Conducted “SQuAD quiz program” under “SHAPE” your thought program at CIS - Inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad.

24.03.2014: Conducted University level quiz competition under “SHAPE” your thought program- coordinated by Dr. C. Nagalakshmi, Dept.of.Sociology, University of Hyderabad.


Nominated 10 INSPIRE students of Integrated Students to attend DST sponsored National Science Camp (Vijyoshi) during 7-9 December, 2013 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore organized by Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yogana (KVPY). The aim of the program was to attract young minds for scientific research careers. The entire expenditure was borne by KVPY, IISc. Bangalore.

NSS (National Social Service) Program:

A brief report on NSS activities during the year 2013 organized under the supervision of Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao, Programme Coordinator, Centre for SSEIP

a. New Year Campus Walk with Vice-Chancellor on 1st January, 2013

b. Cricket Tournament between Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff from 2nd to 3rd Feb,13 c. Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Lions Club on 8th March, 2013

d. Voice 4 Girls Programme from May 27th to June 12,2013

e. Blood Donation camp in collaboration with Lions Club on 14th August, 2013 f. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon on 25th August 2013

g. NSS Foundation Day Lecture on 24th Sept 2013 h. XV University Convocation on 1st October, 2013 Visually Challenged Students Activities:

The Visually Challenged Students were shifted and accommodated at a spacious air-conditioned room – Ground floor Room No. G-111 by duly providing 13 desktops, Braille Printer, Samsung printer and scanner. They are also provided with aid tools.

Centre for Integrated Studies and CELS conducted two days National seminar cum workshop on “Inclusive Education: English Language Classroom Disabilities” on 23rd and 24th January, 2014. Dr.Shree Deepa

Educational trips

1. A team of 28 students from I.M.A. Social Science went for an educational tour as a part of their field work to Machnoor village, near Zaheerabad during 27th to30th March, 2014 under the guidance of Dr.Alok Pandey, Dept.of.Anthropology

2. A team of 26 students from I.M.A. IV semester went for an educational tour to A.P. Archaeological museum on 22nd March, 2014 under the guidance of Dr. Rashmi Batchu, Dept.of.History.

Dr. Sankara Sarma K V S S R S – Jr.Programmer, M.Sc (Mathematics), M.Tech (Information Technology), Ph.D.

(Computer Science & Systems Engineering) from Andhra University awarded in 2012, awarded on February 10, 2014.

Title: “A Methodology for Secure communication Using Pell’s Equation”

Area: Public Key Cryptography, Data Security and Algorithms

• Paper presented in International Conference at ITNG – 2013 (Information Technology New Generation), Los vegas, USA

• KVSSRSS Sarma, M.K.Rao and P.S. Avadhani “A Model on Dynamic Threshold Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme using pell’s Equation with Jacobi symbol” proc. Of International Conference on Information Technology New Generation (ITNG-2013) Los Vegas USA, 15-17th April, 2013. (IEEE Computer Society)

International journals:

1. KVSSRSS Sarma with M K Rao and P.S. A vadhani “An Identity Based Encryption Scheme based on Pell’s Equation with Jacobi symbol” International journal of Research in Engineering and Science (IJRES) ISSN (Online): 364, ISSN (Print): 2320-9356 www.ijres.org Volume 1 Issue 1 || May, 2013 || PP. 17-20.

2. KVSSRSS Sarma with M K Rao and P.S. A vadhani “A Model on Dynamic Threshold Proxy Digital Signature Scheme by Using Pell’s Equation with Jacobi Symbol for Multimedia Authentication “International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJESI) ISSN (Online): 2319 – 6734, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 6726, Volume 2 Issue 1 ||

January, 2013; pp.18-22.

In document University of Hyderabad (Page 151-155)