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7. Which was the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia ?

(a) Sumerian Civilization(b) Babylonian Civilization (cK--; ' ^Civilization(d) 1^1 .Civilization

(d) Mesopotamia

(d) ^

6. Under these, which is the oldest civilization ?

(a) Egypt(b) china(c) Indus Valley

(d)^ . 5. Which was the first known language of Mesopotamia ?

(a) Aramaik(b) Sumerian(c) Akkadi

<UflM)cMTH<ill c}t LJ^cfl ^TTcT 3TPSTT (a) 3P3T3Tr^cf5(b) ^<^f^.^ci(c)

(d) Martin Luther

• f<


4. Who wrote the book "On the origin of species" ? (a) Charles Darwin (b) Karl Mark(c) Clive

(b) (c) (a)

3. Who could make weapons ?

(a) Hominid(b) Monkey(c) Chimpanzee

(b) (c)


(d) Hominoids


2. According to evidence, it is known that Hominids emerged -

(a) in Asia (b) in Europe(c) in Africa(d) in none of these

(a) 5 0

(c) 1 0

(b) I ^million years ago


(d)None of these

^TcTT % -

(b) 5.6 f^rf^^^^ cpsf (d) ^dctl ^

^f^err 50 % I

2 3Tcf5f cm % 1 c^ fcTtl ^^T^ Tcid^ey

^ ohd ^^ c|5t c^icil 1. We get first evidence of Hominids

(a) 50 million years ago (c) 10 million years ago 1.^raft

2.^^>ci 3.wefci^D 4.yoilcj 3"d tL


History (Optional) Arts

Time:Full Marks : 100

Pass Marks : General Instructions :

1.Answer all questions.

2.Total number of questions is 50.

3.Each question is of 2 marks.

4.Four options are given for each question. Choose the correct option and indicate

it by blackening the appropriate circle [•]• in the answer sheet.


(d) Spec^es - (b) 3TTCTRT (c) old^rtlfd(d)^,..


17. The meaning of yayawar (nomadic) is - (a) Ghumakkad(b)._L,^..- (c)Tribe

ef 9

. The founder of Islam religion Hajrat Mohammad Saheb, with which tribe of Arab belonged to ?

(a) Baddu(b) Mangol(c) Hun(d) Phimishiyan (d) First

(d) M6c (b) Eighth(c) Nineth

cb^M ci5lct-^Y ^id

(b) 3t icjcfl(c)

(a) Seventh

(a) ^iidcfl

15. The Oldest full Kuran, is of which century ? oTTcTT en ?

14. After the rise of Islam, what word was used for calling Irani Muslims ?

(a) Asraf(b) Mawali(c) Mahachi(d) Ulema

(c) (d) (a) (b)

12.In third century, with whom, Roman Emperors had to fight continuously in middle Europe ? (a) Uncultured foreigners (b) Italyan (c) Greek (d) African

MSdl 2TT ?

(a) 1cj^^ft g1g[x> (b) ^ciicicfl(c) ^rr^ft (d)

13.Which language was used in Ashoka's inscriptions ?

(a) Kashmiri(b) Sanskrit(c) Arameik(d) Arab

10.The main language of Roman empire was -

(a) English(b) Latin (c) Sanskrit

(a) 3t*4lofl(b) elf^d(c) ^H^i-<>d

11.In which century AD King Constantine became Christian ?

(a) third(b) first(c) fourth (d) fifth

(d) Arabi

8.On which river's bank the civilization of Mesopotamia developed ? uph*r<ue - T' j)^^^

(a)bpKvif^4 (b) -^'.: . ::Tl^>^/* (c)Nile(d) L ^:. _ ••pi:- -1-3- dYe^lyl^iQ^eli cjY ^a-eldl fcbel oTcff ^> fcbdl-^ mc^T^TcT ^j 9 (a) c;oieii (b) M^eid(c) cflci(d) ^oic^i-cbeid 9.Which ancient empire was expanded . ^-c r.:~ ' 1 among three continents ?

(a) Roman empire(b) British empire (c) Greek empire(d) Nomadic empire (a) ^^Yar -^Hi<fcncrd4(b)firf^sT

•*-^ ^ ^

(a) (d) (c)

eft ?



26.In which country, was Padua University ?

(a) England (b) Jermany (c) France (d) Italy mi3n fcr^rtf^^^iieiei fn>^r ^^t ~^ en ?

(a) ^d^u^ (b) vdc^cfl (c) n^RT (d) ^ccfl

27.Of which city Petrarch was the permanent inhabitant ? (a) Padua (b) Velona (c) Florance (d) Sisaly

^5^icr5 fcr>^ d^i^. cm ^eneff f^iciie.^l en ?

(a) m^3n (b) clcfldi (c)n^f^^r (d) fe^eicfl

Co r\ ^ ^m Vi t^t> pi e- 28.In which year Turkey got victory over ^ ;:J .:::;..•

(a) 1200AD (b)1300AD (c) 1453AD (d) 1553AD

^^f cl ^b^j cpsf rt^e<j>dd(fdert ne fcpjfer yi^

(a) 1200 to (b) 1300 ^0 (c) 14-5 3 ^o (d) 1 5 5 3

(b) {a) (d)



25. Who wrote the book "The Civilization of the Renepon" ?

(a) Leopold Von ranke(b) Jacob Burckhardt (c) Martin Luther(d) Petrarch

24. Who were called Serf?

(a) Jagir (b) Pope(c) Bhoodas (d) Fort

^TO fcbel cb6l vjiidl en ?

(a) ^riiofle (b)

(d) Menar bhawan


(d) Vishop (d) fcT


(b) (c) (a)

22.What was called the house of feuds ?

(a) Fika(b^ight (c)/i>^e

•^iuicil c^ ^rz cfen cD6ciicii err ?

(a) ^tc^r (b) ^i^d, (c)"^f

23.What is fief?

(a) Fende (b) Peasant (c) Jagir

(d) Hildegard

21. Which historian worked at first on feudalism ?

(a) Mark Slock(b) E. H. Kaar(c) Sholmen


(d) 1940 (c) 1921

(a) 1920 (b) 1930

(d) Ali (d)

(d) yusuf (d)e^nn5


(c) Chyangsin


20. When Mangolia become Republic ?

(a) 1920 (b) 1930(c) 1921

(b) Arab Khan

en -


19. Whoseson was Ogodeyee ?

(a) Genghi/^ Khan

(b) Jochi





18. What was the primary name of Genghi" Khan ?

(c) Chyang

en ?



(a) 1 8cft (c) 1

(b) 1 (d) 2 i

37. In which century Industrial Revolution occurred ?

(a) Latter half of 18th century(b) 19th century (c) 17th century(d) 21st century 36. Of whom is given the credit of revolution in metallurgy ?

(a)John WickJJUnson(b) Abraham Darbi

(b)Henry Court(d) James Watt

(d) Jermany

(c) (d) (b)


(b) ^^oR^ (c)

(b) France (c) England

35. ^t re-:^-

(a) Belgium

(a) ^lfevTT^r3T

34. In which country Industrial revolution occurred at first ? (a) Belgian! (b) France (c) England (d) Jermany

(a) (b) (c)


33. Which scholar used the word Industrial Revolution at first in English ? (a) Paul Mantoux(b) E^ic Hobsbawn

(c) Arnold Toynbee(d) T.S. Ashtan

(d) 1450

(d) 1450 (c)1380

(a) 1236(b)1422

32. When was invented ft^_T _. :. ?

(a) 1236 (b) 1422(c) 1380

31. The name of Brazilian culture was -

(a) Arawak Culture(b) Aztec culture (c) Maya culture(d) Tupinamba culture

e^ -

(a) 1490(b) 1492(c) 1494(d) 1495

30. Where did live people of Aravaki Lukayo ?

(a) in Brazil (b) in Mexico(c) in Caribbean islands (d) in Peru 3-1 ^ldId^l cddol<dl do clloi d^6l -^^cl ^f ?

(a) ^TTutTcT ^JT(b) dRld-Ti-ldol <n (c) doTud>dGi 5t//~ (d) 29. ^olumbus got the right of possession of Spain on Bahama island and Quba

(a) 1490 (b) 1492 ^(c)1494(d) 1495


(b) in southern Mesopotamia

(d) in Egypt

(d) 1960 (d) 1960

(a) 1930 (b) 1942(c) 1946 (a) 1930 (b) 1942(c) 1946

46. Where was Ur city ?

(a) in northern Mesopotamia

(c) in Bab>lon

Ur d<>R ch6T ^TT ?

(a) 3d ^\ t^T^lcTlcilf^idl ^"(b) ^f (c)

45. In which year ladies of Japan casted their vote at first ?

(d) 1914-1918 (d) 1914-1918

(d) 1644 AD (d) 1 6 44 ^

(c) 1911-1912 (c) 1911-1912

(c) 1600 AD (c) 160 0 ^ (a) 13 68 #0 (b) 145 5

43.When did take place Meiji restoration ?

(a) 1794-1858(b) 1867-1868

d^o^l i^tTi^^lMcTii clocT ^ ?

(a) 1794-1858 . (b) 1867-1868

44.Manchu dynasty founded in china -

(a) 1368 AD(b) 1455 AD

(d) All above

(d) 3M^4d

(d) Okinawa


(c) Shikoku (c

42. Whostrule was in Japan ? •

(a) Shogun(b) Daimyo

vjiimi^i -^ fcr^^c^i ^ii^icTi err ?

(a) ^ft^jcT(b)%aFefl"

(c) Maryland

(b) ^c^

(a) Newyork


41. In which colony of America, wine and sugar industry were established ? 39.In which year the sign of gold was found in California ?

(a) 1840 (b) 1701(c) 1751(d) 1660 (a) 1840 (b) 1701(c) 1751(d) 1660

40.Who was that President of America, who said "native people are unlucky race" ? (a) Washington(b) Abraham ^ : .^^- Ci^e^

(c) Thomas Jefferson(d) Buchanan (a) cnf^i<jic<^i(b) 3

(c) effa^^T Cxlcb^d(d)

(a) (b) (c)

(d) 3M^l<4d

38. What was the reason of the establishment of colonies by Europeans ? (a)availability of raw-materials

(b)consumption of prepared materials (c)expansion of Christianity

(d)all above these



(d) in Japan

(c) in France

(a) (b)

50. Where is located laneashire ?

(a) in Srilanka(b) in England


(b) in Asia

(d) in South Africa

49. Where is located Mangoli ?

(a) in Australia (c) in Europe

(c) in South Africa (d) in Arab peninsula 48. Where is Makka ?

(a) in England(b) in Egypt

(a) ^l^u^ ^(b)f^P^J

(c) in Iraq (d) in Europe (b) t^T^r ^(c) ^^\d^ i^(d)


47. Where was Mesopotamia ?

(a) in Afghanistan (b) in Egypt


B B D C B C D B c c c B D A B


C C C D c B c C D A C C D A C A A A A C B C A C B A D A D B A A C B

50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37


35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26


24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1





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