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Academic year: 2023

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(C) d I strabo(D)3^^^^ Aristotle


Who introduced regional geography ?

(A) c^^id f^<iT Karl Ritter ^ (B) fcr^TcT-^f -cTT-^eTTT Vidal-de-la-Blache 6.

Which one of the following is the coldest place in India ? (A)^T5T Dras n i^(B) M^d^ltci Pahalgam (C) ^^f^^^rc Srinagar ^(D)^^^^ Gulmarg 5. ^S^f ^ 5f5^^ IT?

Which two elements are present in the core of earth ? (A)^iIctdci cT^rr dtsii Nickel and Copper

(B)ciT^ii crerr cTl^i Copper and Iron (C)I^Rbc^ crerr cft^r Nickel and Iron

(D)'efl^l cT^TT ^cTT vr^t^...Iron and limestone

Who presented the tidal hypothesis regarding the origin of the earth ? (A) ^^T? ^j^i off^r Sir James Jeans (B) cTT^cTRT Laplace

ImmanuelKant(D)v^r^h5T Jeffreys




(Class XI)

Full Marks 70

Multiple choice questions :-

1 - ^a^>iW ^1^^" c^ y4))i Rfc^n^ ^^^rr ? Who coined the term geography ? (A) ^dTt^cTl^i Erasthpsthenese(B) 3T^<^ Aristotle

(C)^rt Strabo(D)^Tcd^fl Ptolemy

2.^l^ic^cii ^t€t f^r^mf^if^rcT ^ ^ <^>|gi ^ft y^i^l ^t^tcTt ^ f^-ejcr ^ i On which of the following hill range is the 'Dodabeta' peak situated ?

(A) cTlc^f^lf^ Nilgiri; (B) ^dI^^fl ^lj6i41 Cardamom hill (C) 3tc^i<HcrfT^ Anaimalai hills (D) d cell atoll ^ Nallamala hills 3.f^FcTfM^IcT ^ cj-^oi ^ft ^T^f ^Tt1f 3TRcT ^ xii<si^ sT^I" % ?

Which one of the following rivers has the largest river basin in India ?

(A) f^t^ The Indus(B) ^^T The ganga

(C) sr^arg^r The Brahmaputra(D) c^^jh The Krishna



Which one of the following is included in biosphere ?

(A)c>cjd ^Pt^ Only plants (B) c^cjct yiufl Only animals (C)^aft ^tcr sf^^ 3^^cr i^ftcr All living and non-living organisms (D)^aft ^flfcid oflcr All living organisms.

Carbon dioxide (B) 3fluiieT Ozone


j^cj<*ijsci 1 A.

Nitrogen Oxygen

Which of the following gas protects us from harmful ultra violet rays of sun ? 1 2. fcb^H ^>|vj^i ^ cTlcbdlcj5 ^fler f^-em" % ? In which states is Loktak Lake ?

(A) c^^ici Kerela(B)3rf^r^r^^ Uttarakhand (C) ^^^i^j^ Manipur(D) ^Ivd^^TT^r Rajasthan 1 3. fd<^foif^RT ^ ^t c^cT ^ ^f^T :^J^f ^ 3TT^ cllcfl

Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean Which one of the following is the smallest ocean ?

(A) 3iicdIcc^> H^i^>Hiaixi Arctic Ocean (B)^rTTcT (C) 3iccniicc^> ^ai^ii^i^ Atlantic Ocean

1 0.

Which one of the following is the most widespread and most productive category of soil?

(A) vdcild> ^j^T Alluvial Soil (B) cbicfl ^^^T Black Soil (C) cTT^f -s^^i Red Soil(D) c^i^d, Laterite Soil

Flood plain luvial fan (D)

Delta Gorge

"cfsr A

(A) (C)

Which of the follo^ing land form is associated with erosion of the river ? cft

Which one of the following Longitudes is the standard meridian for India ? (A) 69 30' ijc^ 6930'East(B)82 30' xjcf 8230'East (C)90 30' xjc^ 9030'East(D)7 5 30' xjcf 7530'East



iGd-n cjft <^xT^ccj|cbtfu| 7f^fT Gravitational force of Moon (C)l^ cjt ^j^cciicb^lui i^h Gravitational force of Sun (D)c^lf^3i^Tci^ ilcrci Coriolis force

Which of the following force is not responsible for the formation of Tides ? Gravitational force of earth

2 1 . vjcii^diici ^ fcT^rf^r ^ fcTU

Which one of the following is the hardest mineral ? Diamond(B) d^-iic^ Basalt

Granite(D)cwi<Jvd Qaaitz

For which of the following objective, National parks and wildlife sanctuary are established ?

(A) c^gTI^^jIcH Entertainment (B) Mieicj^ uftcft ^ fcTCJ For Domestic Animals (C) flic^>ixi ^ fcTQ" For hunting (D) :2FR^^r ^ 1cTtJ For conservation 19. f^c^^e^^^RT ^ ^" c^taf-^rr 3TRcT c|5T ^rgf^ff ^"^T ^T^t ^ ?

Which of the following is not a neighbouring country of India ? (A) <siicicii<i^T Bangladesh ,(B)eii^u^ Thailand

(C) LnRbx^dM Pakistan(D) 3TQ5arrf^R?cTTcT Afghanisthan 20. I^^MJcif^RT ^ ^" cf^lcH ^TT cbci^xidcH

Which of the following winds is called "Snow eater" ? Land breeze (B)^ Loo


1 7. arrecT ^ ^.H^j^l 3tfercf5 cpsrf ^Icfl %- Heaviest rainfall in India:

(A) rl^i^^^l Cherapunji ^(B) ^nf^T^fCTar Mawsynram

(C) "qf^^^ft ^^^; Western ghat(D) cbl^l^i^d cT3 Coromon da] Coast

1 8.


1 5. aTTCcT c^ fcb^H -^l^ ^ gJT^ 3TfEJcf5 3TTcft % ?

Which of the following state of India experiences floods frequently ? Bihar c?(B)3;ra^ Assam

W. Bengal(D) 3-d^y^^T Uttar Pradesh i 6. ^icKniciR^^ci ^ ^ Rbcri uicjcil c^^t 1%aTcrft 3Tercrr


Tropic of Capricorn Equator

(A)cf5cf ^5tt Tropic of Cancer Pole

Which of the following has longest Day & night ?

^tcTT Which river is shown in the given outline Map of Indian.

(A) oi<jii Ganga (B)c^isptt Krishna (C) d<*Tc;i Narmada

(D)f^^ Indus:

fd<Mlc^f^TcT ^ ^ cf5^f "CR^



2 7. f^CJ

Which of the following is the extreme drought affected area ? Kutch region of Guj arat

^t^jt Eastern part of Raj asthan (C) 3H^icicTl cjt xTFd%^rf Aravali hills

(D)3TT^J y^T cj5T 3tidf^cb aTHJT Interior part of Andhra Pradesh


% - Metamorphosed form of limestone : Slate

Gypsum (A) x>H^i<Hx><Hx Marble

(C) ^r^3fracer^: Sandstone (D) f^


Under which type of natural hazards do earthquake come ? (A) cii^H^oTl^i Atmospheric(B) a^rf^Tcj^ Terrestrial

Aquatic \(D) ^^ra^^^cff^r Biological Which one of the following is the highest cloud in the Sky ? (A)"q"^TT3T Cirrus(B)cpsrf ^T Nimbus (C) dl Stratus(D) cbM^-Tl Cumulus

cjt yic^Idc^ 3HIMcil % ?

2 8 2 6

2 5.

2 4.

In which one of the following states is the Simlipal Biosphere reserve situated ? (A) R|I^ Bihar(B) ^n^^u Jharkhand

(C) t^fl^.Hc>ici Chathisgarh (D)3^^^TT Odisha

f?-2JcT % ? Rb^H

2 3.

2 2.



Who presented the "Continental Drift" theoiv

(A) 3TTef^" ^Wh Arthur Holmes (B) ^^t^r: Wegener


: I ,'Hr

(C) chIx^M Morgan(D) ^cd 1^ Bullard

atline Map of India ? (A)^-2 K2tr

(B)slsi^lci Dodabeta

(C)<Hi3^d, xjct^^^: ^ount Everest (P) di^cs^ ^3if^ Mahendragiri 3 5. ^C^1T f

Which mountain peak is shown an the given o

Which of the following gas is responsible for global warming ?

(A)3ficft>-rivjiGi Oxygen . (B) cbi^d-^T^3t ic^Hi^ Carbon-dioxide

^ i

Nitrogen (D)^T^ftjT^r Hydrogen Which of the following is not a natural disaster ?

(A) a^cbcKj Earthquake(B) ^di^fl Tsunami

(G) 3j^F5T^ToT Landslide (D) M^i1^ fcR^^te Nuclear explosion ajdi uScfl ^!A C1IM<71 ^ fcTTJ

Peaty Soil

3 3.



Duration/Time 9



(B) cbicfl


Alluvial soil Laterite soil


Which one of the following soil is most suitable for cotton ? 3^feicJ5

Which of the following soil formation factor is biological ? (A)^j^T ^^Tef Parent Material (B) :^erc?fTc^fcr Landform (C) cjci^-^id Vegetation(D)fcicbl^y c^f 3Tcrfer/ 3T2TcrT 3 1

3 o.

On the given outline Map of India. Which desert is shown (A)^.H6i^i Sahara

(B)3icic^>idii Atacama Thar


2 9.


B C B D B c c C C A A B A D D


35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21



"' C'



19 ^

18 17

16 '

15 14 13 12 11

10 ^

9 8

7 •'"^

6 ^.

5 4 3 2 1



i. -,,' *



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