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Academic year: 2023

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Code No. 1032

CLASS : 11th

(Eleventh) Series : 11-M/2019 o'b BzH

o'b BzH o'b BzH

o'b BzH

gzikph gzikph gzikph gzikph


(Only for Fresh/School Candidates)

;wK : 3 xzN/ ] [ e[b nze : 80

feqgnk iKu eo bU fe fJ; gq;B-gZso ftZu SZg/ gzfBnk dh

;zf]nk 7 ns/ gqFB 9 jB.

gqFB-gZso ftZu ;Gs'I T{^go fdZs/ j'J/ e'v BzHe'v BzHe'v BzHe'v BzH ~ ftfdnkoEh T[^so-g[;fsek d/ w[Z] gzB/ s/ fb]B.

feqgnk gqFB dk T[^so fb]Dk F[o{ eoB s'I gfjbK gqFB dk eqwKe io{o fb]'.

nkgDh T[^so-g[;fsek ftZu ]kbh gzBk/gzB/ Bk SZv'.

T[^so-g[;fsek d/ fJbktk e'Jh j'o FhN BjhI fwb/rh. fJ; bJh Y[et/I jh fb]' ns/ fbf]nk T[^so Bk eZN'.

gqhfynkoEh nkgDk o'b BzH gqFB-gZso s/ }o{o fbyD.

• •

feqgnk gqFBK dk T[^so d/D s'I gfjbK fJj t/y b' fe gqFB-gZso g{ok ns/ mhe j?. gohfynk d/ pknd fJ; ;zpzX ftu e'Jh th gohfynk d/ pknd fJ; ;zpzX ftu e'Jh th gohfynk d/ pknd fJ; ;zpzX ftu e'Jh th gohfynk d/ pknd fJ; ;zpzX ftu e'Jh th dkntk BjhI wzfBnk ikJ/rk.

dkntk BjhI wzfBnk ikJ/rk.

dkntk BjhI wzfBnk ikJ/rk.

dkntk BjhI wzfBnk ikJ/rk.


BBBB'N l ;ko/ gqFB eoB/ }o{oh jB.'N l ;ko/ gqFB eoB/ }o{oh jB.'N l ;ko/ gqFB eoB/ }o{oh jB.'N l ;ko/ gqFB eoB/ }o{oh jB.

Gkr Gkr Gkr Gkr – TTTT

1. j/m fby/ ekft-N'fNnK ftZu'A fe;/ fJfJZZZZeeeefJfJ dh gq;zr ;fjs ftnkfynk

eo' l 7

(T) nbc nZbk uzp/ dh p{Nh, w[oFd wB ftZu bkJh j{.

B\h n;pks dk gkDh fwb/, ;[jo ozr/ joikJh j{.

nzdo p{Nh w[;e wukfJnk iK c[ZbD gonkJh j{.

iht/ w[oFd ekwb pkj{, i? fJj p{Nh bkJh j{.

(n) tkT[ tofsnk eh s/o/ Bkb wksk, g{oB nkydk d; yK ;ko w?~.

s/o/ j'Idh d/ B?D fpwho j'J/, Bio nKtdk J/ nk}ko w?~.

wksk nkydh d[Zy Bk c'b p/Nk, fgnk g[Zs p?okr r[pko w?~.

ekd:ko p[o/ d[Zy g[ZsoK d/, frnk dod ftS'V/ dk wko w?~.


2. j/m fbfynK eftsktK ftZu'I fe;/ fJZefJZefJZefJZe dk ;ko fby' l 7 (T) J/ B/sqo w/foj jfo s[w

(n) fpg ;[dkwk dkbdh

3. j/m fby/ gqFBK d/ T[^so fby' l

(T) @xo' rJ/ cozrh d/ wkoB/ ~# eftsk dk ekft ;[ji eh

`< 3

(n) w[ohd ns/ w[oFd d/ nkg;h ;zpzXK T[go B'N fby' l (j'ek fco/ d/dK fgzv ftZu eftsk d/ nXko s/) 3 (J) ebQ s/ Bkod dk nkg; ftZu eh MrVk ;h< 2

(;) gqshe fe; ~ nkyd/ jB< 2

(j) j/m fby/ pj[-ftebgh gqFB dk mhe T[^so u[D' l

(i) r[o{ okw dk; ih dh pkDh r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp ftZu

fezB/ okrK ftZu doi `< 1

(T) shj (n) fJZesh (J) thj (;) nmQkoK

4. j/m fbfynk ejkDhnK ftZu'I fe;/ fJZefJZefJZefJZe dk ;ko fby' l 7 (T) F/oBhnK

(n) roiK wko/


5. (T) wzr' ejkDh dk ftFk-t;s{ eh `< 3 (n) Bzd{ fejV/ fJbke/ dk ofjD tkbk ;h s/ T[jdh wK p'bh

fejVh ;h< 3

(J) r[Zio F/m e"D ;h < ns/ T[j eh ezw eodh ;h< 3 (;) jVskbK s/ w[ikjfonK pko/ f;tuoB d/ eh ftuko ;B< 2 (j) fJzdo d/ g[Zso ezw eoB d/ :'r j[zd/ j'J/ th ezw feT[I BjhI

;B eod/< (ejkDh fJs-Gotk;/) 2 (e) pkr dk wkbe bkb{ Fkj pko{ ~ rkbK feT[I eZY fojk

;h< 2

6. j/m fby/ pj[-ftebgh gqFBK d/ F[ZX T[^so fby' l

(i) ejkDh d[ZX dhnK BfjoK d/ b/ye dk BK eh ` < 1 (T) ofFw (n) r[od/t f;zx o[gkDh (J) okw ;o{g nDyh (;) e[btzs f;zx ftoe (ii) @d;"IXk f;zx# fe; ejkDh dk gkso `< 1

(T) wzr' (n) yzG

(J) F/oBhnK (;) r'Jh

(iii) @pbftzdo e"o# fe; ejkDh dk gkso `< 1

(T) yzG (n) wzr'

(J) r'Jh (;) F/oBhnK


Gkr Gkr Gkr Gkr – nnnn

7. (T) nbzeko eh `< fJ; dhnK fezBhnK fe;wK jB< 3 (n) d'fjok Szd eh `< fJ; d/ bZSD d;'I. 3 (J) s[e fe; ~ nkyd/ jB< gfoGkFk fdT[. 2 (;) :fs fe; ~ nkyd/ jB< gfoGkFk fby'. 2 (j) T[gwk nbzeko dh gfoGkFk dZ;'. 2 (e) pj[-ftebgh gqFBK d/ mhe T[^so u[D' l

(i) r[o{ dhnK fezBhnK wksoktK frDhnK iKdhnk jB< 1 (T) fJZe (n) d'

(J) fszB (;) uko

(ii) p?Is Szd dhnk fezBhnk wksoktK j[zdhnk jB< 1

(T) 40 (n) 30

(J) 35 (;) 39

(iii) o{ge nbzeko fezB/ gqeko d/ jB< 1 (T) fszB (n) d'

(J) uko (;) gzi


8. j/m fby/ gq;BK d/ T[^so fby' l

(T) Bktb eh `< fJ; d/ sZst d;'. 7 iK

iK iK iK

feZ;k eh `< fJ; dh gfoGk;k s/ sZstK pko/ ikDekoh fdT[.

(n) ;b'e eh `< fJ; dh gfoGkFk dZ;'. 2 (J) fBZeh ejkDh dh gfoGk;k dZ;'. 2

9. j/m fby/ pj[-ftebgh gqFBK d/ mhe T[^so u[D' l

(i) #gftZso gkgh# Bktb d/ b/ye dk BK d;' l 1 (T) BkBe f;zx

(n) GkJh tho f;zx (J) ;zs f;zx ;/y'I (;) nzfwqsk gqhsw

(ii) @b'jk e[ZN# BkNe fe; BkNeko dk fbfynk j'fJnk `< 1 (T) ;zs f;zx ;/y'I

(n) pbtzs rkorh (J) niw/o n"by (;) eg{o f;zx x[zwD


(iii) ;ZsktkoK d/ BK T[s/ ouh Szdk dh bVh ~ eh nkyd/

jB< 1

(T) nZmtkoK (n) tko (J) ;stkoK (;) feZ;k

(iv) @d[ZX dk SZgV# ejkDh ;zrqfj fe; b/ye dk fbfynk j'fJnk

`< 1

(T) eosko f;zx d[Zrb (n) BkBe f;zx (J) ;zs'y f;zx Xho (;) e[btzs f;zx ftoe



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