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Online handwritten bangla character recognition


Academic year: 2023

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tablet. As soon as the stylus is left, our system stops sampling and recognize the stroke just written. The recognized stroke number along with other relevant information is then stored, in an array. After writing the whole character, user ha§ 1.~wait for 500 m;'\;$eoo,nd~.Wtfuijnthis t.me period ,1 no input' ,)me to the system,.1 ,mtry to recognize whole character using the rule base table (vie last paragrar' . Section 2.3.3).

Some cha '~cteris\

if' L;


Using a .ry simplE' .' format, templates may be stored in a file.

User can lad new set of templates, by just giving the corresponding file. Fo' 'lat of template tik given at Appendix C.


When user completes writing, the recognized characters will appear in the text box,whereusercan makenecessarycorrections.



A clear button is provided for removing all inputs and outputs from the screen so that user can start afresh.





Figure B.2: Snapshot of our system in action





...b bh c ch



<f>o ctIl ctIl ct dd dd dd dd dd dd 0..






O. 356399


~54711B 0.416660 ;;;;,

~.333767 ~

0 500936 :;;i:



03471)) Z',

~)J1689 ~ 0"'9909 0.5529'55 0471529 O'Je7e8

~ 321540 0.520019 0,52S'517 0.'96963 0.54119&

0 52Q4()2 0.559035 0,354239 o 319335 0.3111209 01623",




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